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Hello Kitty Collapsible Lunch Bento Box & Tableware helps you protect the earth in your way!

Published on July 25, 2019, by in Ordering Assistance.

Since its launch last year, the dr. Si x Hello Kitty eco-friendly portable and collapsible Silicone tableware has successfully captured the hearts of many Hello Kitty fans!!

Easy-to-use collapsible design, made of safe and premium materials, lightweight in adorable HELLO KITTY design makes the efforts of protecting the earth easier !

Light enough to carry anywhere, fits for picnic, company, school, camping, hiking, road-trips, travel, etc.

Hello Kitty Sukura pink folding design,saves space and easy to carry.Great lunch-box for picnics,food storage.

Perfect for indoor food storage,outdoor activity,such as work,camping, hiking,travel and more.

Folding container is ideal for frequent use and easy storage when not in use.

Whether for office, class, picnic, travel, baby care, food take-out, dr. Si x Hello Kitty’s eco-friendly collapsible tableware can meet your needs!

Foldable design, easy to store, easy to carry

dr.Si uses non-toxic medical grade silicone material, and makes use of its flexible and high temperature resistance characteristics. It has launched a series of eco-friendly lunch boxes and portable cups with foldable design. With a light pressure, the volume immediately becomes half of the original. Easy to store, taking out food is super convenient!

As a Taiwanese brand, dr.Si hopes to use the most abundant “Si (Si)”, which is currently the most abundant in the earth, to effectively and actively replace petrochemical materials. It is committed to the development of medical grade platinum caskets, focusing on the design and development of each product.

The strontium contained in the ore is the most abundant natural element in the earth’s crust except for oxygen. The temperature of material used by dr.Si is usually endurable around -40~250°C, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and low in chemical activity.


The bottom has an intimate heat-insulating ring, making carry hot food super easy; the bowl adopts a reinforced ring design, easy to fold without collapse. After using it, the height can be compressed from 7cm to 2.5cm, and it is light and easy to store!

*Can be placed in the microwave oven

* Opening is rimmed with steel reinforcement ring design, good folding but not easy to collapse

* Made with 100% first-grade & food grade silicone, lighter than glass lunch box

*Border leakproof design is perfect to prevent soup from spilling

*Resistant to ice heat -40°C ~ 250°C

*100% Designed and Made in Taiwan in TOP quality

Lunch Box

1200ml / 41 oz BIG capacity, made in Platinum silicone that’s heat-resistant safe, light and easy to carry, is a good companion for hiking, camping and picnic!

Length: 205 mm / 8”

Width: 133 mm / 5.23”

Height: 80 mm / 3.15”

Folding height: 30 mm / 1.18”

Weight: 334.5±2g / 0.75 lbs

Capacity: 1200 ml / 41 Oz

Tighting collar

Width: 153mm / 6”

Length: 100mm / 3.9”

-German LFGB & US FDA-certified

-French food container inspection standard safety certification.

-Passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system

-ISO4001:2015 environmental management certification

BPA Free certification

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2019 Complete Guide to the 9 Must-Visit Snoopy Attractions in Japan

Tokyo Snoopy Museum

The charm of “Peanuts Snoopy” comics swept everywhere throughout the world; the exquisite Snoopy has an extensive number of fans. With the opening of Japan’s first Snoopy Hotel in Kobe, it has indeed pulled in numerous dialogs. Actually, there are a few Snoopy attractions in Japan, including eateries, bistros, inn, museums and shops. In this article we list the most recent and complete “Snoopy attractions in Japan” quick guide. As a Snoopy fan, it’s your journey!

1.Tokyo – Snoopy Museum

Tokyo Snoopy Museum

Situated in Roppongi, the “Tokyo Snoopy Museum” is the first “Peanuts Snoopy ” theme museum in Asia. The museum changed the contents of the exhibition every six months, from the viewpoint of comic characters that fans did not discover before. Likewise, about a hundred Snoopy items are changed at the same interval, in blend with the Snoopy-themed eatery, enabling fans to discover new appeal of Snoopy at whatever point they go. It’s a site that Snoopy fans must not miss out!!

Be that as it may, the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo is not a permanent museum. Because of the land development, the museum was shut down on September 2018. It will be moved to Osaka in April, 2019 and Nagoya in June, 2019!

If you don’t mind, stay tuned for the re-opening of Snoopy Museum up to that point!

2.Tokyo – PEANUTS Cafe

Peanuts Snoopy Cafe

The “PEANUTS Cafe” in Nakameguro is the most exquisite Snoopy Cafe. From the outside, it looks like a beautiful and elegant white beauty standing in the corner of the street, making people unable to associate it with the cute Peanut Snoopy comics.

Including the high caliber and style of the adulthood, the first and second floors are in totally unique structures. The PEANUTS Cafe takes clients absolutely by pre-booking. Guests must make an arrangement online before going, as to guarantee fans can appreciate the relaxation time with the characters. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Japanese. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Japanese. The official website now also offers English and Chinese appointments, but remember to go according to the appointment time. And please don’t “ No Show”.

Address:2-16-7, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0042, Japan

Business hours: 10 am to 10 pm

3.Tokyo Station, First Avenue, Snoopy boutique

“Tokyo Anime Street” (Tokyo キャラクターストリート), located in Tokyo Station, is part of Tokyo Station, and is a super good shopping street where you don’t wanna come out when you walk in. It is a collection of cute cartoon characters. Among them, there’s a Snoopy boutique!

Tokyo First Avenue Snoopy Shop

In this Snoopy boutique there are more than 60 kinds of products limited by Tokyo Station, including snacks, stationery, dolls, postcards, bags, mugs, etc., from wear to practical items, all can be found here. It keep you fans dazzled and just want to bring everything home.



Yokohama Snoopy Diner

In the shopping center MARINE and WALK YOKOHAMA in Yokohama Miratomirai 21 habour, the recently designed Snoopy -themed eatery “PEANUTS DINNER” was opened in mid-December 2017. Guests can appreciate the excellent view of Yokohama Harbor day and night while in the meantime enjoying a relaxing supper in the dazzling eatery loaded with Snoopy elements.

“PEANUTS DINNER” is unique in relation to other Snoopy-themed eateries in Tokyo. Since it is situated in Yokohama harbor, the design idea took inspirations from the seascape eatery on the west shore of the United States. The sun radiates through the extensive glass windows and watching out through the windows, Yokohama Harbor and ocean views can be seen day and night. As far as appearance, the compositions of Peanut Snoopy are utilized as designs to remind fans: “Snoopy Restaurant is here!”. An extensive white light box at the entrance is built with charming Snoopy and PEANUTS DINNER illustrations and the adorable design has turned into the most loved attractions for fans.

Yokohama Snoopy Diner

Address: 3, 1st, 1st, Shinkan, Naka-ku, Yokohama City MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA 2F

Opening hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Meal time: 90 minutes

Access: JR Sakuragicho Station, 20 minutes on foot

5.Kobe – Snoopy Hotel

Japan’s first “PEANUTS HOTEL” (ピーナッツホテル) announced its decision to settle in Kobe at the beginning of 2018. It was finally open on August 1st at fans’ expectations. The museum has a total of 18 theme rooms.

Snoopy Hotel

The reason why the first Snoopy Hotel chose to open in Kobe was because the street atmosphere was similar to Santa Rosa, California, where the studio of Peanut Snoopy was located. Snoopy Hotel is a 6-story building in an exotic setting. The rooms are concentrated on the 4th to 6th floors. Each floor has a different theme, namely “IMAGE” (4th floor) and “HAPPY” (5th floor), “LOVE” (6th floor). There are 18 rooms in the building. In order to allow passengers to immerse themselves in the world of “Peanut Snoopy”, 18 rooms used different concept, design and became 18 themes. Each room type is so cute and charming and makes don’t wanna leave once they stay.

Address: 1-22-26 Nakayamate-dori Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0004 Japan

Official website: https://www.peanutshotel.jp/

Transportation: JR Sannomiya Station Central Exit 10-15 minutes walk

Kobe Subway Sannomiya Station East Exit 8 10 minutes walk

6.Kyoto – Snoopy Tea House, Snoopy Chaya Kyoto Nishiki

The Snoopy Tea House Chaya in Kyoto is located in the Jin Market, which is known as the Kyoto Kitchen. It is converted into a two-story building using the old house. The first floor sells candies and and special vegetable ice cream to-go, as well as Kyoto-limited Snoopy merchandises. The second floor offers an in-house dining spot, including Snoopy Japanese cuisine bento made with Kyoto’s seasonal vegetables and ingredients, such as honey beans made with vegetables and Snoopy marshmallows, as well as a variety of desserts and beverages. Snoopy fans can eat well and enjoy taking many pictures here!

Address: 480 Nakauoyamachi, Nishikikoji Yanagibaba Nishiiru, Nakagyo-ku

Business hours:

Tea House 10:30-17:30 in the morning

Takeout 10:00-17:30

Merchandise shopping  10:00-18:00

7.Mie-ken Ise-Shi Snoopy Tea House Chaya

Snoopy Chaya

The Snoopy Tea House Chaya in Ise, is located on the side of the Ise Shrine to showcase the culture of Japanese hospitality. The nostalgic wooden wall and the cute display of the characters of Peanut Snoopy in kimono can be seen here. The signature menu that’s only offered here is a place you can’t miss when visiting the Ise Shrine.

Address: 64 Ujiimazaikechō, Ise-shi, Mie-ken 516-0024

8.Kyushu Oita-ken Snoopy Tea House Chaya

Snoopy Chaya

Yufuyuan is a popular tourist area in Oita ken. When you come here to enjoy the lake and mountains, you must definitely go to the Snoopy Tea House. It was immediately a hot topic after the opening of the Snoopy Tea House, because it is the world’s first Snoopy tea house and the first in Japan. The tea house covers an area of about 1,423 square feet with a total of 50 seats. Unlike the coffee branches across Asia, in addition to the indispensable size of the Snoopy doll decoration, the Snoopy Tea House displays a deep and harmonious feeling from the inside out, and introduces Japanese-style drinks and desserts and selling cute groceries at the same time.

Snoopy Chaya

The Snoopy Tea House uses Matcha as the main material and introduces a series of “Forest” menu, such as Snoopy Matcha, which is made up of Snoopy Matcha Sundae, Matcha au-lait of green and white, cookies, ice cream and and Matcha biscuits, etc. There are also Japanese traditional candies, light meals; another window that sells matcha fern cake to-go.

Address: 1524-27 Yufu-shi, Ōita-ken 879-5102

Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm

9.Hokkaido Otaru Snoopy Tea House Chaya

With the super popularity of peanut cartoons, the Snoopy craze from the Kyushu hits all the way north, now officially stationed in Hokkaido. The Snoopy Tea House Chaya officially opened in Ogakil. The Snoopy Tea House combines the lovely atmosphere of Peanut Snoopy with the romantic style of the Taisho era. It shows a new look that is seamlessly blended with the ocean. Snoopy Tea House, from meals to snacks, is made with local ingredients, and there is also menu of ice cream to-go and other items to choose from. So if you visit the Hokkaido Otaru area, not only enjoy the Otaru Canal, don’t miss out the lovely local landmark of Snoopy Tea House!

Address:  6-4 Sakaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0027, Japan

Opening hours: Tea House 10:30~17:00

Takeaway 9:30~17:00

Store 9:30~17:30

Planning a spring travel in Japan? Why not try a Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train ride?

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Thinking Spring Travel in Japan? Why Not Try A Hello Kitty Shinkansen Bullet Train Ride

Published on February 25, 2019, by in For You, Store News.

It’s Spring, It’s Travel Time! If you plan to take a trip to Japan, Don’t Miss the cutest Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train ride!

Hello Kitty Bullet Train

Spring is here and it’s time for travel! If you are considering a trip to Japan and you have some time to move around beside Tokyo, why not taking a Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train exploring a area between Osaka and Hakata area?

The Hello Kitty Shinkansen – the cutest bullet train to grace our train tracks thus far – started its service on June 30, 2018. This Kodama train on the Sanyo Shinkansen with the special livery makes one round trip a day between Shin-Osaka and Hakata stations. It is the slowest category of shinkansen and stops at all the stations along the way, including popular destinations like Himeji and Hiroshima.

Check this video to see that it looks like inside the Hello Kitty Shinkansen!

Explore the interior of Hello Kitty Shinkansen here!


Hello Kitty Bullet Train Bento

There is also a cute, special lunch box called “The Hello Kitty Shinkansen Lunch Box (1,500yen)”!
The main course in this lunch box is sukiyaki, and the container is made of earthenware.
However, you only can get these at the Awajiya store in Kobe Station, Shin-Kobe Station or Nishi-Akashi Station, and sometimes they are sold out.
Therefore, if you really would like to get this special lunch, please make a reservation for it in the morning 3 days before you plan to ride the Shinkansen. **

*The JAPAN RAIL PASS is the most economical means of travelling throughout Japan by rail, offered by the six companies comprising the JR Group. Only tourists from abroad can use this pass on JR lines and the Shinkansen, EXCEPT for the Nozomi and Mizuho trains.

** Please check the website of Awajiya for the Hello Kitty Shinkansen Lunch Box (however, it’s only in Japanese for now).

Hello Kitty Shinkansen
“Kodama 730” departing from Hakata on 6:40 and arriving at Shin-Osaka on 11:13 and “Kodama 741” departing from Shin-Osaka on 11:29 and arriving at Hakata on 15:38 are the Hello Kitty Shinkansens.
Please purchase tickets from the website, ticket-vending machines, or the JR ticket counter.
The 2nd car decorated with Hello Kitty is for Unreserved seats.

※Please check for the detailed information about the Hello Kitty Shinkansen on the official website. https://www.jr-hellokittyshinkansen

Do you know there’re NINE MUST-VISIT Snoopy attractions in Japan?

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YUMMY! Holidays Special! So Adorable! Hello Kitty x Baker Brothers Boxed Cookies & Candies Premier Taiwan Wellcome Supermarket! Check Inside for FREE GIVEAWAY!


In this winter time, you need Hello Kitty’s cute little things to warm up the cozy holiday feeling. Wellcome Supermarket chain in Taiwan teamed up with Sanrio to launch an exclusive series of Kitty packaged snacks, including mini cookies, egg rolls, candy… with Kitty patterns, and different Hello Kitty style iron boxes. The cute Hello Kitty tint boxes make them good collection items for the fans!. Kitty jump on snack biscuits to accompany us till the end of 2018!




This exclusive series of Kitty packaged snacks introduced by Wellcome Supermarket include the exclusively imported Baker Brothers egg rolls, biscuits, Kitty shaped macaroons, wafer rolls. Whether it is eaten alone or with tea or coffee, you feel the fullness of bliss! Come feel the fine texture of the tint box, printed with Hello Kitty face, and the colorful design is a perfect storage box to be placed at home or on the office table.  What a perfect healing power and full of daily fortunes!

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Best Day Ever! It’s Hello Kitty’s 44th Birthday and You Get The FREE Hello Kitty Pen

Published on November 2, 2018, by in For You, Store News.


Nov. 1st is the most lovely day ever.
Why? Because it’s Hello Kitty & Mimmy’s birthday !
To celebrate Hello Kitty’s  44th birthday! We’ve prepared a special gift for Hello Kitty’s friends!

Now you get a Hello Kitty / My Melody Uni Ball Signo pen  from Japan with your order (of amount $15.00 & above).

The special freebie with purchase is offered during Nov. 1 ~ Nov. 4th (Fri. ~ Sun.) ONLY! ONE pen for every order.

The MORE orders, the MORE pens!


FREE GIVE-AWAY GOING ON NOW ! Pocket Organiser with 2019 Hello Kitty Inserts+Pen+Clips Set

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Are you a hand-writing lover?

Do you wish for a pocket organiser with Hello Kitty refill pages for 2019?

Here’s an exclusive chance you win yourself a FREE GIVEAWAY!! We are giving away a pocket organiser with 2019 Hello Kitty Inserts+Pen+Clips Set NOW!!


Here’s our gift :

1 Person Will Win


1 6-Rings Pocket Organiser + Hello Kitty Inserts + Hello Kitty mini ballpoint pen + 4 clips (value $65.00)

Hello Kitty helps you stay organized when you use this charming 2019 pocket organiser + refills + matching Hello Kitty mini ballpoint pen + 4 metal clips set!

The refills are in Hello Kitty-themed and include monthly weekly schedules, memo pages, address directory; this handy planner will help you stay organized. The refillable pages can be removed, repositioned and reinserted. Refill is 6-hole punched to fit three-ring or 6-ring binders. The ballpoint pen can be used on the binder and the novelty solid clips help you to keeping schoolwork, papers, receipts, letters & bills organised!

Long usage and next year with refillable content pages.

The activity is running now through Nov. 5th 5pm New York time.
And the more you share to your friends, the more entries you’re entitled to! Don’t Miss out this chance to win!

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Blog / Video Reviews Wanted! Win yourself THREE years of FREE Sanrio inserts for your Louis Vuitton PM agenda or pocket organizer!


Blog / Video Reviews Wanted!

Win yourself THREE years of FREE Sanrio inserts for your Louis Vuitton PM agenda or pocket organizer!

We’re inviting YOU, our dear fans to make a review for the 2019 Hello Kitty / Little Twin Stars / Snoopy refill pages for pocket organizer!!

If you bought your refills from us before or this year or you have not bought the item from us and you’d like to get it and do a review article / video and share to your fans, you’re welcome to join!


How to request for the refill pages for review? The qualifications are rule is really simple!

For bloggers: You have been writing blog articles consistently for the past year and have published at least 12 articles.

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Blog mention: Produce one blog article of at least 600 words, with our refills being reviewed, as main or part of the article content and our store website mentioned.

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Why You Should Not Stick to One Safety Standard When Buying Motorcycle Helmets Online

Published on September 5, 2018, by in FAQ, For You, Must-Reads.


A helmet is as important as your motorcycle, especially for protection against injury in the event of an accident. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, buying the right helmet is necessary for your safety on the road. With the establishment of the far-reaching trade agreements and robust e-commerce infrastructure, it is possible to buy an excellent anime helmet online and have it shipped to your doorstep. However, it is critical to consider the level of protection that your chosen helmet offers.

While helmet standards differ from one jurisdiction to another, thorough motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison of the various standards will help you determine the right fit for your needs. For instance, if you’re a fast rider in a high-traffic highway, it essential to opt for a helmet that meets first-rate impact protection, to defend against fatal injuries in the event of a crush.

Top-rate helmet safety standards

Below is a comprehensive list of motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison and their specifications:

AS/NZS 1698: The standard for protective helmets in both Australia and New Zealand

UN/ECE 22.05: The standard for safety helmets in Europe

Snell M2010: The safety standard for helmets in the USA

Snell 2005: The helmet certification for safety in the USA

USA DOT 571.218 standard No. 218: The safety certification for helmets safety in the USA

JIS T 8133: The safety standard for helmets in Japan

Motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison

Although there is no conclusive comparison of these standards from both the national and international level, the specifications of each standard affect the overall performance of helmets in the prevention of head injury for Powered Two Wheelers.

The top reason for considering the helmets with the best performance in the mitigation of the risk severe head injury during an injury is at the heart of road safety, your protection and your loved ones while riding. Motorcycle accidents claim the lives of thousands of lives year to year, up to 4, 976 riders died in crashes in 2016, for example.

Furthermore, the available data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) suggests that there’s a higher prevalence of motorcycle accidents than other motor vehicles. In turn, manufacturers have adopted more effective safety standards in the manufacture and testing of helmets.

However, you’re not limited to selecting helmets with standards from your country of residence. You’ll find the performance levels of helmets certified by standards of a foreign country are reliable and even better than local standards.

For example, the ECE 22.05 standard in Europe has more comprehensive testing requirements than the American DOT standard. Therefore, if you need a helmet with greater impact protection, choose a helmet from a country with the superior performance level. For instance, the JIS standard or the AS/NZS 1698 standard with low sever impact levels of 11.5 and 84.4, respectively.  As such, you’ll have made a worthwhile investment for your safety while riding in a high-risk environment in which severe energy impact may put you at risk of a concussion or skull injury.


Bottom Line

With careful consideration of motorcycle helmets, international safety standards comparison, buying the right match for the kind of riding you engage ensure your safety. Besides, with anime cute helmets, you’re buying both safety and style. However, this does not warrant less caution while riding because you are aware of motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison and safety levels.

The traffic rules still apply, and you won’t be excused for risky riding behavior just because you have cute, standard anime helmet for protection.



The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standards & Comparisons

Published on September 5, 2018, by in For You, Must-Reads.


The only reason we buy and wear motorcycle helmets is for safety. But safety standards for motorcycle helmets are inconsistent. Will the cute anime helmet you bought for your daughter withstand the impact of a lay-down on a concrete road? What about the helmet your brother wears for off-roading and dirt-biking? In a motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison, some helmets don’t provide the safety you need.

Motorcycle Helmets International Safety Standards Comparison

…The subject of motorcycle helmet safety standards is highly complex, so it’s no wonder the general riding public is confused.Web Bike World

U.S. motorcycle helmets may have a specific shell construction or thickness to allow it to pass the Department of Transportation (DOT)  penetration test. The Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) may have different standards.

Some manufacturers include a DOT/ECE Standards sticker, which means the helmet meets both safety standards, even though the ECE has tougher requirements. Some declare the ECE label can only be applied to helmets sold in European countries, so how can a helmet have an ECE/DOT label in France? It’s because there are global/international inconsistencies in manufacturing, distribution, and sales of motorcycle helmets. Monitoring is minimal.

Other countries with motorcycle safety standards include:

  • Australia – AS 1698-2006
  • Brazil – NBR 7471
  • Canada – CSA CAN3-D230-M85
  • India – IS 4151
  • Japan – SG/JIS
  • Korea – KS G 7001
  • Malaysia – SIRIM
  • New Zealand – NZ 5430
  • Singapore – PSB
  • Taiwan – CNS (compatible to JIS)
  • Thailand – TIS

Obviously, safety standards vary from country to country. For now, your own research is needed to determine if a motorcycle helmet meets or beats your country’s standards.

Non-Government, Independent Safety Standards

In the U.S., we also have Snell Memorial Foundation safety requirements for motorcycle helmets. Where the DOT sets minimum safety standards for helmets, Snell criteria generally meets higher impact standards. “DOT certification is done on the honor system,” says Snell. “The helmet’s manufacturer determines whether his helmets satisfy DOT and then claims the qualification for himself. There is not even a reporting requirement.” Much of the U.S. government’s focus has been to restrict “beanie” helmets, which are pointedly substandard and usually worn by helmet-law protestors.

The United Kingdom also has independent motorcycle helmets safety standards organizations:

  • ACU Gold
  • BSI (British Standards Institution)

Need for a ‘Harmonized Standard’

African motorcycle helmets must withstand extreme heat and humidity. They need a safe ventilation system that can prevent riders themselves from overheating. In the Northeast U.S. and Canada, where temperatures can dip into below-freezing, helmets should have better insulation and the potential for warmth.

The need for harmonized, international safety standards should address climate and situational needs. Obviously, professional motorcycle competitors in controlled environments have helmet safety standards that differ from a desert dirt biker’s helmet.

Buying Style – and Safety – is Your Goal

Here’s the bottom line: Always abide by the laws of your federal and state government. It’s okay to buy a motorcycle helmet online if its safety standards meet or are higher than your country’s standards.

With some of the artistic options available, it’s also okay to express yourself! Just know that your Thor helmet with Viking horns will capture the attention of traffic police more than a “standard” motorcycle helmet. As long as your motorcycle helmet meets safety standards, you are free to travel the country in style! 3553895687_939d97fcd6_o


How Bad Do You Want A Better Life? Good Planning Tips & Life Hacks

Published on September 1, 2018, by in For You, Store News.

HKplanner2019How Bad You Want A Better Life? Good Planning Tips & Life Hacks

You want to discover more success in whatever you are striving for. Check below some fine planning advice and life hackers from Day Designer. These strategies will assist you increase your productivity and efficiency, to not only get more done in less time, but additionally to clear the way for time spent doing whatever matters most to you! 24UltimatePlanningTipsAndLifeHacks_-_Day_Designer_-_Copyright_-_Do_Not_Distribute_-_02-18b-791x1024We know it isn’t enough to only own a planner. You need to develop an easy routine for using it and relying upon it, a pattern that you’ll fall in love with, if you are not already at the point! Get started by identifying your favorite methods and execute them this week. Next week, choose a few more, and build on your progress!

And if this is NOT ENOUGH to get you started, head over here to get a planner in YOUR FAVORITE anime star! Check out the JUST-ARRIVED 2019 Weekly Planners of Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Mickey & Minnie and Winnie the Pooh packed and ready to go to your door now! What’s more, we’ll include ONE bonus cute stickers sheet so that you can build your personal planner in your unique and cute style!

_sE_3523363334 _sE_6796343732Head over to get your favorite planner and get your bonus gift now!

Welcome to A Cute Shop where cuteness is a style~