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What It’s like to be a Hello Kitty Stan in Taiwan?

You Get Many Chances to Collect Hello Kitty cross-over items!

Taiwanese people buy a lot of daily items on convenience stores such as  Seven-Eleven & Family Mart stores, and drug stores like Watsons. Since the competition is so fierce between these stores, they usually do a lot of campaigns all the time. One of the most popular campaigns by all the stores all the like is the points collection & money-off voucher campaign in  exchange for co-branded merchandise with major popular brands. And the most welcomed co-branded merchandise is usually items of anime brands, such as Hello Kitty & Friends, Peanuts Snoopy, Doraemon and many others. 

Just last week on Sept. 23, Watsons Taiwan launched the “Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends” series reward points collecting campaigns! Hello Kitty Stans will have to buy the whole set for their home this time!  

A friend of mine, an avid Hello Kitty collector, never missed any “limited edition” items. What’s more, when it comes to Hello Kitty co-branded products by convenience stores or drug stores, such as reward points earning campaign, a stan like her goes on a shopping spree every time a campaign goes on.

Recently Watsons Taiwan launched the “Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends” series reward points collecting campaign, aiming at homey fans, who like to collect super practical Hello Kitty household items for their home or dorm.

Watsons’ “Good to have you!” point-earning campaign this time, presenting, a series of Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends-themed daily household items,  allowing fans to be surrounded by super cute Kitty small items while staying at home or in the dormitory. For every NTD 200 (around USD 8) spent, fans receive 1 point, and for every 5 or 8 points, you can pay minimal extra money to redeem a Hello Kitty product.

Launched on Sept. 24th the first series of 5 limited items, including the simple black illustration design Hello Kitty electric cooker, and the stew pot, which can keep cold and heat preservation, as well as stew, boil, simmer and braise. There’s also a trash bin that is specially designed to separate general garbage from recycled garbage, a perfect item of practicality.

Fans must also grab the fine Hello Kitty mugs that come in beautiful matte white and lake green colors . Paired with two classic metal plates, Hello Kitty and Teddy Friends, the mugs become the must-get items for stans. Finally the soft and warm cushion that is made of comfortable-touch and warm rose velvet, matched with a sponge cushion, adding a soft and warm temperament.

In addition to these 5 collectibles, Watsons launched 8 joint series products, whether it is a healing color U-shaped pillow, indoor slippers, or a must-have portable cosmetic bag for girls and the air-cushion massage comb, you see super cute Hello Kitty and the healing figure of her Teddy Friends all over.

At the same time, Watsons also specially launched the exclusive “Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends compact-size Kleenex, Cleansing Soft Wipes, Toilet Paper, and the cloth-textured “Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends Tissue Paper holder which will be available in Oct.

Our thoughts: the Hello Kitty co-branded merchandise gets finer each time! All of the Hello Kitty x Watsons items this time look practical and cute! I think I’m going to get some of them this time! *The cooker, the mug, the stew pot, the cushion, the slippers… ALL of them!

So many goodies ! We are able to get some for our fans~! Whoever is interested, please feel free to send us a message on our fans page! The campaigns goes on until Dec. 2, the early-birds get to eat the worms! ^^~


Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Hello Kitty & Gudetama Style!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in many East Asian communities. In China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, it’s a reunion time for families, just like Thanksgiving, while in Vietnam, it’s more like a children’s day.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival. It traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival in China after Chinese New Year. Chinese people celebrate it by gathering for dinners and lighting paper lanterns.

How the Chinese Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by people living in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and these Chinese communities all around the world. However, some traditional rituals are in common while some vary.

The common customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival include family members eating dinner together, just like a Thanksgiving dinner, sharing mooncakes, worshiping the moon with gifts, displaying lanterns, and regional activities.

In Hong Kong, a unique annual fire dragon show is held in the Tai Hang neighborhood during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In Taiwan, in addition to the common customs, people go barbecuing outside of house with friends and family or in parks and it could last for a month. People also eat pomelo to celebrate.

This year in Taiwan, you see Hello Kitty and Gudetama mooncakes available to cater to the fans!

The cakes are made in Hello Kitty’s headshape as well as Gudetama’s round face. To open the bag, see their head on your hands and to devour your favorite character entirely is both a visually surprising and shocking experience.

Don’t you feel like trying for yourself!? : )

These are only available in Taiwan. If you would like us to get for you, please send us a message on our facebook page!

Festival Facts

  • Name in Chinese: 中秋節 / 中秋节 Zhōngqiūjié /jong-chyoh-jyeah/ ‘middle autumn festival’
  • 2020 date: Thursday, October 1st. See the Mid-Autumn Festival Dates.
  • How it began: moon worship, over 3,000 years
  • Must-eat food: mooncake
  • Popular activities: admiring the full moon, eating mooncakes, traveling
  • Greetings: The simplest is “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” (中秋快乐 ‘Mid-Autumn happy’).

Hello Kitty / My Melody / Little Twin Stars & Snoopy Holiday Greeting Cards Available NOW!

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Half-dissected cute Sanrio characters! MegaHouse “KAITAI FANTASY サンリオキ ャラクターズ” box play series

Half-dissected cute Sanrio characters! MegaHouse "KAITAI FANTASY

The secret under the cute appearance! ?

Japanese toy manufacturer MegaHouse unveiled the “KAITAI FANTASY サンリオキャラクターズ” series, disintegrating well-known Sanrio characters and delving into their inner secrets.

KAITAI is taken from the Japanese pronunciation of “disintegration”. The
“KAITAI FANTASY” series embodies the internal bones and organs (?) of cute Hello Kitty, Melody, Pudding Dog characters, etc.
You see they are even cute, am I right or not?

Half-dissected cute Sanrio characters! MegaHouse "KAITAI FANTASY
Half-dissected cute Sanrio characters! MegaHouse "KAITAI FANTASY

This product is mainly composed of a base, bones, organs (for fixation) and half of the frontal appearance. Players can enjoy the fun of combining characters step by step. In addition, the organ parts are still designed
with the characteristics of each character (for example, Pom Pom Purin is a pudding).

Half-dissected cute Sanrio characters! MegaHouse "KAITAI FANTASY
Half-dissected cute Sanrio characters! MegaHouse "KAITAI FANTASY

“KAITAI FANTASY サンリオキャラクターズ ” has previously launched the first series, including two Hello Kitty and two My Melody; the second series that will be released in late August is Cinnamoroll, Pom Pom Purin, Kuromi, & Melody models are sold in blind boxes, and the reference price is 850

Half-dissected cute Sanrio characters! MegaHouse "KAITAI FANTASY
Half-dissected cute Sanrio characters! MegaHouse "KAITAI FANTASY

Pre-Sale is available NOW!


5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet & Pet Lovers

Time to consider holiday gifts for your pet and pet lover friends!

Autumn time is around the corner! And as autumn comes, as a result, winter is also near! It’s wise to start planning and getting holiday gifts early this year. For one thing, shipping, especially international shipping is severely affected by the break-out of COVID-19. We have some great holiday gift ideas for your canine family member!

Pet lovers never need a reason to purchase something unique for their little four-legged companions. Along these lines, in case you’re considering getting something great for your dog or cat, we have a bunch of ideas to choose from. These ideas are also great in case you’re searching for presents for friends and family members who have pets in their household. Any special occasion is the perfect time or, even better, you don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to surprise your loved ones. Let’s get started!

1. Customized Framed Portraits

Get a customized framed poster that the recipient will cherish as a memento. You’ll place orders by uploading a great pet picture to creators’ website. Expert digital artists convert the image into a one-of-a-kind illustration that perks up any mantle or wall. You make sure that the art matches the featured animal’s personality by choosing from a selection of frames. You can even have the pet’s name inscribed in one of several stylish fonts. These commissioned portraits truly capture the expressions of the dogs and cats depicted. For a little extra fun, you have the option of ordering a phone case imprinted with the illustration, or downloading it digitally.

2. Hello Kitty Bandanas for Cats and Dogs

Ready to dress your pet and make him look cute and stylish? Buy him cute bandanas with the classic Hello Kitty motif. Crafted out of soft fabric, the bandanas are triangular in shape for a perfect fit and fitted with an adjustable belt. Suitable for any sized dog or cat, these collar accessories ensure that your friend looks chic and dapper when he steps out for a walk or formal family occasion. A selection of colors and designs are available that are sure to charm a pet’s human parents.

3. High-Protein Vegan Dog Treats 

If you’re looking for the best dog treats for your furball, consider getting foods that contain koji.  A  filamentous fungus, Koji is now being recognized as one of the best high-protein treats for dogowners must to add to their friend’s diet. These treats are made using familiar ingredients like pumpkin, oats, peanut butter, and flax, a recipe for tasty and balanced nutrition. No harmful fillers, additives, or preservatives are found in these treats. Nor will you have to worry about unknown meat sources, since they’re entirely free of animal products. Dogs love the exceptional umami flavor and the prebiotics ensure healthy digestion. 

4. Organic Grooming Products

Pet owners who are concerned about using artificial grooming products for their furry friends could consider opting for organic brands that contain hemp CBD oils. Natural shampoos, conditioners, and deodorizers are typically free of parabens, sulfates, and coloring agents, which makes them a safe choice for sensitive skin. Invest in these products that can clean without drying out your dog’s skin and will leave their coat shining with health. You can safely get these grooming essentials for dogs of all sizes and skin types.

5. Canvas Tote Bags

Planning a picnic with your dog or cat? Or, maybe, just a trip to the vet? You’ll want a handy canvas tote bag that can carry all the supplies you’ll need. Toss in some water, a few treats, and any other items needed for the trip. These bags are perfect for a couple of chew toys to keep your little friend busy and amused. Comfortable to carry and washable for easy maintenance, the totes are also ideal for keeping small-sized dogs and cats safe. And, don’t forget the customization. Get the bags printed with the pet’s likeness, making it a useful keepsake gift. 

A little research will show you that pets and their owners are surprisingly easy to shop for. Buy items that pet parents can use for their furry friends, and they’ll love you for the thought. 

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Super cute Snoopy-Themed Convenience Superstore is open in Taiwan! 7-ELEVEN Taiwan cross-over collaboration with Snoopy created another high!

Even though worldwide traveling is still restricted for the majority of countries, in our blog we will try our best to bring you first-hand information of characters you like, such as new items released and new attractions. So please stay-tuned in A Cute Shop blog. 

This year is definitely the happiest year for Snoopy fans. It coincides with the 70th birthday of Peanuts SNOOPY. The global joint brands and activities continue. The leading convenience chain store  7-ELEVEN co-branded with Peanuts SNOOPY to launch the world’s first “Snoopy Co-branded Duplex Superstore”, which was built in a dual-store for the first time. In addition to the full presence of Snoopy figures in the store, there is also a global exclusive and limited-edition items that can be collected.

This 7-ELEVEN IP co-branded store is located in a store near Huashan1914 Creative Park. The Snoopy-themed store launched on its 70th birthday. “Co-branded store” is built in the form of a main and sub-store. The two stores can be reached within a 1-minute walk. The store style is a mixtures of American retro industrial styles fused with colorful colors. You can also see retro PEANUTS cartoons on the store walls. Fans reminisce about classic Snoopy style.

In addition to the store design, CITY CAFE coffee cups, fresh tea cups and oden bowls also launched new exclusive designs. Each cup has a different Snoopy; the CITY CAFE extra large coffee cup set is in the design of Snoopy pilot. The bottom background is specially hollowed out. Upon rotating, it can be changed according to the mood to fly in the day or night sky.

Best yet, you can also snap up the world’s exclusive Snoopy merchandise, from home tableware, out-door gadgets, bed and bedding utensils to fluffy dolls, etc., in addition to fluffy dolls. All are in exclusive Snoopy design specially created for the joint store, such as cute beverage bags, special-shaped ceramic snack trays, baking trays, etc., each really one of a kind.

In addition, both the main and sub stores have their own characteristics. The main  store-Shaoxing store makes fans scream frantically from the door. As soon as you walk in, you can see the cute Snoopy figure of about 175 cm height greeting you on the entrance. And on the other side, Snoopy is driving a yellow school bus with various Snoopy items surrounded. On the  ceiling you can also see the three-dimensional  Snoopy and Stock all over and you just can’t stop taking pictures.

The sub-store has designed a Snoopy graffiti wall at the entrance of 2.7 meters high and 6 meters long. The super-popular characters Snoopy, Stock and Charlie Brown are together. The most special feature of the sub-store is the B1 rest. The area, with Snoopy’s big head seats and the surrounding display wall, has 60 seats, which is the largest number of rest seats in 7-ELEVEN.


25% of people tend to procrastinate! Which of the four procrastinator types are you?

Action is better than sidestep, completion is better than perfection

This topic has something to do with 25% of people in the world. This ratio sounds a bit high. Most people think they are the 25%, which is the topic of this article – procrastination.

There are indeed very few people who procrastinate everything, but those who never procrastinate are also rare. I also often suffer from procrastination. For example, my mother asked me to book some train tickets for her. Now it is very convenient to book tickets on the mobile app. It is actually hands-on and takes only two or three minutes to complete. I have to wait for her to remind me many times, and even go crazy, before I take action.

Sometimes I often wonder why such a small matter will be delayed. After reading the book “End Procrastination Now”, I realized that the procrastination I commit is called simple procrastination, and there are other types besides it. There are many types of procrastination. Let’s understand what procrastination really is.

“End Procrastination Now” is a masterpiece in this field. Author William. Knaus is a pioneer in cognitive therapy in the United States and a recognized authority in the treatment of procrastination. He has more than 30 years of professional experience and served as the dean of the Ellis Institute of Psychological and Behavioral Therapy. He also provides consulting services to the US military.

Although “End Procrastination Now” is not long in length, it provides a three-pronged approach for cognition, emotion, and behavior to effectively solve procrastination. The process and steps can even be directly imitated and copied in practice. I believe that after mastering it, it can effectively prevent procrastination from appearing on you again and again, which is very powerful.

What is procrastination?

The Latin origin of the word procrastination means : “to be added forward as tomorrow”.

Procrastination refers to the failure of self-regulation, the bad behavior of pushing important things and time-limited things to other times. Severe procrastination may even have strong feelings of self-blame and guilt, and will constantly deny and belittle oneself, and be accompanied by anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

The famous French philosopher Jules Beyol said: “The goal of most people is to live as inactive as possible.” The book “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” mentioned elephants and elephant riders: elephants represent sensibility and are primitive humans’ spirit; Elephant riders represent human reasoning, and reasoning should drive sensibility forward. But sometimes they stay there. Why? Because both of them are lazy and don’t have enough clear instructions. They will auto-pilot, by doing things in the way they are most familiar with and accustomed to. We often use insignificant but happy things to replace our brains, such as flipping through Facebook, playing online games, and watching TV drama over and over again, which is just like auto-piloting.

Twenty-five percent of people in the world have procrastination behaviors, but simple small procrastination may not be true procrastination, just like we have compulsive behaviors, repeatedly confirming whether we have locked doors and washing hands repeatedly, but we don’t have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Procrastination can only be regarded as procrastination when it causes you to feel frustration, makes you have a low evaluation of yourself, and makes you feel painful. Procrastination is not a simple escape, but a collection of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Procrastination can be roughly divided into four categories:

1. Deadline delays ─ For example, you have to submit a report next Wednesday, and you have not completed your report before going to bed on Tuesday night. This kind of delay has a deadline.

2. Procrastination in personal affairs ─ this type of procrastination is that, there is no clear deadline for things to be done, so there will be endless delays. For example, if you want to study for an MBA, you have set a lot of prerequisites for yourself.  And you tell yourself, maybe I don’t read the book first, and maybe I will talk to a few people who have studied MBA..etc. By the time you decide to get your MBA degree, I am afraid that you are already too old.

3. Simple delay ─ For example, my mother asked me to book a train ticket for her, and I could do this fast and easily. This is a simple task with no need to remember, but we just keep delaying. This is simply procrastination.

4. Complex procrastination comes from more complex mental activities, and may also be related to mental illness, childhood experience, perfectionism, etc. It is a more serious procrastination situation.

How do we deal with procrastination?

Remove the label “I am procrastinating”

Many people like to label themselves as patients with procrastination, so as to find a safe shelter for their procrastination behavior.

“Anyway, I just love procrastination.” “I am a severe patient with procrastination” By self-labeling this way, the behavior of procrastination seems reasonable. Rationalizing procrastination is not conducive to solving the problem of procrastination. You need to tell yourself “I have no procrastination” and then take action to solve the problem.

This is a very interesting method: don’t claim that you have procrastination, and don’t tell others that you are a procrastinator.

Overcome fear and  practice the philosophy of immediate action

After tearing off the label of procrastination, you must overcome the fear of failure and pursue the philosophy of immediate action.

There is an entrepreneur who has a bad company operation. One time after he listened to Jack Welch (CEO of GE) speech, he became very excited, so he consulted Welch. “Sir, I like you very much. You are so successful; can you give me some suggestions? My company is in a mess.”

Welch told him: “When you get home, take out a piece of paper and write down the six things to do tomorrow. When you go to work, you will finish these six things one by one. One day is enough.”

The entrepreneur was dubious: “That’s enough?” He went back and wrote down six things to do the next day with the mentality of a try, and strictly implemented them on the second day. He went on doing his work on like this; he found that the efficiency had increased significantly.

In fact, there are not so many important things to do every day. For a company the size of Google, their management approach is to list a hundred things that the company needs to do, and then use this form to guide the work, reviewing who has done what work every day.

The most fundamental psychological motivation of procrastination is perfectionism. People who are perfectionists do not try to be perfect in everything, but they cares too much about how their image is in the minds of others, and are especially worried that they don’t do thing well even if they have tried their best. We often hear such arguments: “I didn’t have enough time; it only took me a day or two to complete this.”

This is like setting up an artificial barrier for oneself. It may be “insufficient time” and “unfavorable environment”. There is excuse for not doing well, and the representative ability is superb to maintain their image. In fact, not so many people in the world care about you, only you care about your performance.

I particularly like one of Facebook’s mottos: “Done is better than perfect.”

When you can work hard to finish, you have already overcome procrastination, which is better than procrastinating for perfection. In fact, when you pursue perfection, the final result is often more imperfect, but you have found enough psychological comfort for yourself.

PLAN EARLY & STAY ORGANIZED! 2021 Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Disney, Snoopy and more planners available NOW!




Finally we are entering the second half of the year! Just some great news to inform you!

2021 cute planners of your favorite characters, such as Hello Kitty, Disney, Peanuts Snoopy and many others are starting to stock our warehouse. This year we’ve prepared useful bonus gifts along with your purchase of planners! STOCK IS LIMITED. GET YOURS NOW BEFORE IT RUNS OUT! 


It’s Summer Time! Check Out the list of kawaii portable mini fans to get by Sanrio Japan & Disney Store !

The weather has been very hot lately, and I sweated lot just walking a bit outside. I really needed a small electric fan to keep me cool! To welcome the summer, Sanrio Japan store launched a series of hand-held small fans, inspired by the roles of the stars such as Hello Kitty, Melody, and Kiki & Lala…etc, with pink and cooling colors, and cute shapes for fans like me! I really want to have it!

Sanrio’s hand-held small fan series come in a total of six characters. In addition to being hand-held, it also comes with a strap that can be hung for easy portability. The Hello Kitty fan is made into her head shape, with white cat ears and a signature pink bow, and the handle is also pink.

The Melody model is light pink overall, and the fan is Melody’s head, with dangling rabbit ears and a light blue bow.

The Pom Pom Purin fan is overall in bright yellow color, and the fan is Pom Pom Purin’s head. With his brown hat and dog ears, it looks summery

The Kiki & Lala fan is made into a yellow star shape. The lovely Kiki and Lala stick their heads from above. The color of the handle and fan blades are pink and light blue.

The Cinnamoroll fan is white, with his signature big ears, a cinnamon roll on the head, and the handle is light blue.

The Kuromi fan is light black, and the handle is pink and light purple, coupled with her devil ear shape super Q~.

Not only the Sanrio family alone, Disney Japan store also released their small fan series. The latest two models are the three-eyed Aliens of Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh. These two fan designs are inspired by the appearance of the characters. The three-eyed Aliens model is fluorescent green with blue, and also makes alien ears and tentacles. The Pooh model is orange fan with red handle, which has a cute three-dimensional bear ears.

In addition to the handheld, this fan also has a strap, and the fan surface can be turned to another angle to make it cooler. Disney fans are priced at 4,290 yen (approximately US$40)

If you don’t wanna wait, also check out this super cute Hello Kitty pink mini USB portable dual fan with power bank function already available in our store! A 10% DISCOUNT is available NOW!


Either you become a paranoid, or don’t work hard at all. A little bit of hard work is the same as the result of no hard work.

Believe it or not, in this era, either you choose to become a paranoid, use all of your energy and work very very hard; otherwise, don’t work hard at all. Because a little bit of hard work is the same as the result of no hard work. In the end, I am just moved by myself. All is in vain.

When I saw this figure, I was taken aback: In 2007, American consumers bobought a total of 5 million songs. In 2016, this number was 8.7 million, and the number of songs bought increased a lot. However, most songs have only been sold less than ten times, and some have only been sold once or twice.But talking about the statistics of songs that are sold more than one hundredtimes, the data for this past decade basically stay the same, about  350,000songs, almost no change at all. Going a step further, songs that are sold over 10,000 times are less than one hundred, and the singers are always those people, with little change.

Some thing similar also happened in the film industry, book industry, and cultural industry. The overall trend is certain: a few products occupy a large market, and the winner-take-all phenomenon is gradually becoming apparent. In other words, in this world, although there are many types of products, once they are not selling well, they are destined to sink into the tide and are not known.

In a refined sentence: “Either you become outstanding, or you are out of the game, there is no middle ground.”
The cost of launching a new song is very low, but it is very difficult to make it a household name. Unless it becomes popular in every corner like “Hip-Hop in China”, or you will have to endure the fate of writing a song but no one cares about it.

A passage in “The Great Destiny of Mankind” occurred to me: “There will be only two kinds of people in this world in the future, one is a normal person who is busy and inactive, and the other is a god-man who changes the world; the later is minority.

In any case, the data of this era has already indicated one thing for sure: this is a winner-take-all era. Although we have many products more than ever before, the attention is still on the minority, and it will always remain the minority.

It turned out that we thought it was the 80/20 rule, but now it is even less optimistic. It is likely to become 2% and 98%.

This also explains a phenomenon: why rich people are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer.

But if you understand the concept of winner-take-all, you can understand that as information becomes more open, resources will be more and more in the hands of a few people, and it will be more and more solidified.

This is the well-known Matthew effect: “Everything, we must double it to make him redundant; if not, we must take away everything he has.”
In other words, rich people get richer and the poor become poorer.

In the face of this era, the only thing we can do is to believe that the individual has never solidified and that the individual can be changed through mad efforts. Believe that in this era, either you choose to become a paranoid, use all of your life and energy to work hard; or otherwise, don’t work hard at all.

Because a little bit of hard work is the same as the result of no hard work. At the end, I cannot move anyone except for myself. It is all in vain.

This world will always be so cruel.

You might ask, how to deal with the uncertainty of the future? Are we hopeless?

What I want to say is that, what is more terrible than class rigidity is IQ solidification. Talents with a solidified IQ are truly hopeless. Those who do not study, those who are unwilling to progress, those who know nothing, and those who only make decisions based on experience and intuition are destined to have no hope.

In the general environment of social class determination, fortunately, the individual is never determined and subject to change with effort.

There are too many people around us, seemingly obscure, but quietly working hard. Then suddenly one day, he became a super individual, turned his work into a hit, and turned himself into sunshine. But such a person is always a minority, although lonely, but shining light.

Wish whoever reads this article, will become such a person.

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