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Cellphone Cases: Protective Casings, Classy Status Symbols

Published on January 22, 2014, by in For You, Must-Reads.

imageNowadays, cellphones are now considered to be more than just simple communication devices. In addition to their common calling with receiving and sending SMS capabilities, modern mobile phone models have been designed to mimic the features of typical computers. From audio track listening, photo and other files sharing, video watching to actual Internet surfing, people can actually turn to their cellphones to accomplish varied activities. And with the multitude of tasks that can be completed using this miniature PC, isn’t it sensible enough that you do your part in ensuring its safety at all times?  One of the best ways to do this is by making use of a high quality cellphone case.

Benefits of  Using A High Quality Cellphone Case

Aside from enhancing aesthetic value, more pertinent benefits are achieved when you use a cellphone case for your mobile device.

  • Inner Damage Protection – With a case for the phone, dirt and dust particles  would be hindered from getting into the inner portion of the unit. Additionally, the severity of damage brought about by accidental dropping  incidents are greatly minimized. It cannot be denied that no matter how careful you are in holding and using the  cellphone, there will be chancesd when it drops or slips from your hand.  During these unavoidable accidents, the  cellphone case serves as the shield capable of protecting the phone’s hardware and software components.


  • Scratch Barrier – Due to constant usage,  cellphones are bound to develop some scratches on its outer surface. The  appearance of very obvious scratches are reduced if the unit has a case.  Besides protecting the body of the device, cellphone cases are also created to protect the phone screen from possible damage especially when the owner is prone to putting the unit inside their pocket or  in their bags after usage.


Mobile Phones Before – Why Cases Were Not Popular Before

imageA glimpse back into the days when cellphones  were  looked upon as a luxury item,  cellphone case use was not well-known just the same.  This is probably brought by the fact that during those times, mobile phones are not created with touchscreens.  They were not manufactured with sensitive sensors, too.  The old panache of  mobile phones, during those days look like boxes without the ultra-delicate components modern cellphones have. Since there are no elements that may seriously get damaged when dropped to the ground, the need for  cellphone cases were not greatly emphasized.

Cellphone Cases – A Necessity and Fashion Expression Combined

This has obviously changed today with using cellphone cases regarded as a necessity. With this happening, the competition in the market became intense.  Varied styles of  phone cases sprouted here and there.  The fierce competition urged most manufacturers to become increasingly imaginative in delivering beautiful designs for the buying public.



imageHello Kitty 2-Pocket Drawstring Pouch for iPhone5C 5S / Galaxy 4 Note 3 Smartphone Bag Sanrio Leopard


And because wide range of cellphone case designs are now available, more than just a necessity, mobile phone cases have evolved into becoming an easy way to express one’s fashion statement.  In addition to checking its protection features, costumers also include its style and design as basis of their final choice.

image image image

One clear illustration of a fashionable case for mobile units is the Hello Kitty cellphone case.

More than Just Keeping Cellphones Safe

Aside from the design, cellphone case that comes with added storage spaces for keeping credit and ATM cards as well as ID cards are taken into consideration by smart costumers.  Some even go for designs that come with spaces for carrying coins and folded bills.  Also referred to as cellphone wallet cases or mobile phone pouch, these cases were styled for the purpose of keeping these items secure and the phone unit safe in case it is dropped.





Stylish, Multi-Purpose & Secure Featured Cellphone Cases

imageWith the proliferation of different designs of cellphone cases, one that thinks in advance of the security of items kept inside the case takes another step ahead in the industry. No one can tell when or even warn that you are the next victim of a pickpocketer, right? Thanks to the imaginative prowess of mobile phone case designers! Cases designed with a front pocket helps diminish the chances of being helpless victims of pickpockets out there. The thief would find it difficult to get the contents of the pouch because of the front pocket and the cushion that divides its inner and outer portion.

Be Chic and Classy with Beautiful Cellphone Cases

With the creation of cute and classy cellphone case designs, showing off chic fashion statement has become less of a burden. They are not anymore looked upon as mere protective casings. On top of everything, they are now accepted as credible symbols for expressing one’s flair for style and class. So, if you want to keep your mobile phone secure and safe while at the same time craving to let someone notice your chic personality choose the best Hello Kitty cellphone cases available.

imageKeroppi Die-cut Cosmetic Smartphone Bag Pouch Case Sanrio

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