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Customer Reviews for A Cute Shop Products


A great evening filled with fantastic celebrations with kids laughing and running around, having a blast and a constant expression on everyone’s face “Wow! That is a great birthday party, who organized it? What theme is it? Who planned it?”

The one and only answer to all those questions is “Hello Kitty”. You daughter will love the Hello Kitty theme and fall in love with the cute little decorative items and the panorama of grand scale organization.

We encourage you to celebrate your happiness with us by writing us a writing us a review of how happy and satisfied you are about our services, products and all others things that made your event a resounding success.

Your Reviews are Motivation for Us

Reading your reviews on our Hello Kitty and other products and getting to know you had an amazing experience shopping with us and enjoying our services makes us feel proud and want to enrich our catalog and motivate us to provide better products and services.

We are a dedicated team who work on improving our customer relationships, improve on the feedbacks and make sure our customers return to provide a positive product review. We love to see our customers return to provide us feedbacks!

Great Word of Mouth

People visiting any website would always think, the products look so glossy and attractive. But are they really like that? Do I get a great deal when I’m buying lots of stuffs? Are these genuine products?

All their doubts gets clarified when read your positive reviews about us and how efficient and punctual we are with our services and delivery and always provide genuine and read products.

Your product review(s) encourage them to buy products without hassles and boost their confidence knowing that people who have bought the goods earlier were absolutely 100% satisfied and approve of the products.

Good words spread like wild fire, making people aware of us and how good we are at what we do and the amazing range of products we offer and always strive to make our customers happy and satisfied!

Product Review

Here are few excerpts of customers who were extremely happy with our services and products and have taken the time to write us a review.

Review 1:

Product: Peter Rabbit curtain

Beatrix Pottery Peter Rabbit Door Curtain 90x150cm Country Style Cat Mom - See more at: http://www.acuteshop.com/beatrix-pottery-peter-rabbit-door-curtain-90x150cm-country-style-cat-mom.html#sthash.wYGeEJod.dpuf

Beatrix Pottery Peter Rabbit Door Curtain 90x150cm Country Style Cat Mom – See more at: http://www.acuteshop.com/beatrix-pottery-peter-rabbit-door-curtain-90x150cm-country-style-cat-mom.html#sthash.wYGeEJod.dpuf

Shanny –  a mom and also a biologist start – upper who hopes to start writing as a anti circumcision and animal abuse activist soon.  Shany used the Peter Rabbit curtain bought from us and made a magic spell on her son’s nursery room! She’s sure talented not only in the lab but at the house too!

Review and sharing from Shanny


 This is what i did with the fabric!market1_c

“i save old and cheap furniture for fun.

When i was pregnant with my son i had problems with the placenta. i had to sit down and not move for 3 months. soi started this hobby which is alot of fun. this is another renovation of mine”







Review 2:

Product: Rilakumma Planner



2013.8 ~ 2014 San-x Rilakkuma Schedule Book Weekly Planner Agenda Garden A6 – See more at: http://www.acuteshop.com/2013-8-2014-san-x-rilakkuma-schedule-book-weekly-planner-agenda-garden-a6.html#sthash.qWsJQLDE.dpuf

Nadja – Once resident in Tokyo and fell in love of kawaii items from Asia! ^^~

Review and sharing from Nadja

Since I spent six month in Tokyo I started to love Rilakumma so much. Back in Germany 2009  I realized that all the German planners are boring. The pages look all the same, just the covers differ a little.

The Japanese and Asian planner in general is totally different. Each page is individually decorated,no page resembles another. No need to mention, that the little Rilakumma pics in between the lines, and all over the planner are extremely kawaii ^^. It is so detailed and lovingly made.

1 2

Moreover the planner is very well organized: you have a yearly, a monthly and a weekly schedule, to plan the whole year very well. A lot of free pages in the end are very useful for private notes.

4 5

There is also a list for addresses and a table for planning your monthly budget. The format is very handy: not too big, not too small – it fits in every girl’s purse.

A bookmark helps to find the actual page.Best of all are the included stickers.

3 6

The Rilakumma planner is my companion and buddy through the whole year. I won’t do without it.


We thank our customer for writing us such beautiful reviews and we encourage our customers to take some time to write us a positive feedback.

When you arrive at A Cute Shop you are welcomed with a pleasant and appealing website with loads and loads of products ranging from product planners to sports sneakers, stationary items to Car and Bike accessories. We make sure we always upgrade our catalog and allow for an amazing web experience when you shop at A Cute Shop.

If you just purchased from us recently and are interested in writing a review for the product that you obtained for the blog, please feel to contact us (email: acuteshop@gmail.com) for any further information. We await your emails all year-round!

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