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Hello Kitty Collectible Stamps from 7-11 Stores in Taiwan!

Today I take the role as a reporter from Taiwan, covering the news from 7-11 stores in Taiwan about the newly-released Hello Kitty collectibles stamps by 7-11 stores.

Da da! Here comes the kawaii troop made up of Hello Kitty stamps in 12 designs! Getting  a closer look, somehow they look similar two by two but then different one by one ?

That’s right! Under the familiar faces, each one of them has her own style and costume. Let’s now turn the camera to Hello Kitty and let her SAY HELLO  to our fans!
Wow! After the short introduction, you see they come in pairs of six!

Which is your favorite? : )

How about the BIG RED Chinese Costume Hello Kitty? I found them very fitting for the occasion as when I’m writing the article, the Chinese New Year is just around the corner!  I really should try to do my purchase as much as possible in 7-11 stores in order to collect the “points” to exchange the Hello Kitty stamps for free!

Move your eyes a bit further on the right and then you see Hello Kitty with her Valentine Daniel~ Daniel is the ONLY BOY in this troop of 12! This pair is very fitting for the upcoming Valentine’s Day too!  7-11 stores said that they are also in limited quantity and whoever comes first, get them first!

Then we see Snow White and the evil Queen, Peter Pan and the Fairy, Little Redhood and Big Bad Wolf, Prince Frog and Princess, all cute characters in their fitting costume from fairy tales that we are all familiar with.

Here comes the question, how much it costs to get a stamp?

Here’s the rules of game by 7-11 stores. To sum up, it costs me to shop approx. $7 in 7-11 stores to get 4 points in order to buy a stamp at $1.2 (with 4 points).

Very tempting!!~~

Now let’s take a look to see how these Kitty stamps can make our life more kawaii?

Can be used to accessorize our handy items, be it on the bag, keychain…etc.

Can be used at your notes and personal organizer..etc.

Can accompany you at the office..
Or with your craft projects~
When you write a note to your friends or colleagues, don’t forget to stamp a message with Hello Kitty to share Kitty’s loving energy !
7-11 stores also offer a gift box, a house for these stamps!! For an extra of $4.00, you get a gift box to house the stamps!
In the left side of box, each stamp has its own place with a fitting label already.
On the right side of box is the castle for Chinese costume Hello Kitty pair!  But you could also decide which pair should stand at the castle as you wish!
For the gift box, an ink pad is alos included in the purchase and has its own place inside too.
I will be collecting these stamps myself but I have not yet decided if I should offer my collections for sale in my store. : ) As you see, it costs more than what I spend to own these stamps as they are offered in limited quantity and exclusive edition!  But hey, I might offer some of my collections as gift to our fans on A Cute Shop fans page very soon!  So please stay tuned with our activity at fans page at A Cute Shop Fans Page!
This completes our special coverage of the Hello Kitty collectible stamps of 7-11 stores in Taiwan today. Thanks for watching! : )
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