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Hello Kitty Meets The Colorful Goth Tokidoki Family

The warm acceptance of consumers to toys, clothing and bags with Tokidoki design clearly shows how people all around the globe are fascinated with the Japanese art and culture existing in all Simone Legno creations.

tokidoki first                                       The bright, colorful goth appeal of Simone Legno’s creation


tokidoki 2

                                             Legno’s design inspired by Japanese art & culture


Meet Simone Legno

The man behind the successful designs of Tokidoki was a Political Science student at first. Perhaps, because his interest is really with the world of art and design, he decided to drop out of the course. He enrolled in a design school in Rome, Italy and later on specialized in graphic designing. After attending design school, together with a friend, Simone Legno set up a company. Most of their stints are web design projects. In 2002, he developed his personal website, Tokidoki.

2011_simone_legno_man_behind_the_brand                                                       Simon Legno – Tokidoki designer

simoneSimone Legno at work

At that time, the idea of commercializing his website was not his primary intention. The Japanese art and culture inspired designs found in this personal website caught the attention of Pooneh Mohajer and husband Ivan Arnold, who later on became his business partners.

The Birth of the Tokidoki Brand

It was April, 2005 when Ivan Arnold and Pooneh Mohajer, then co-founders of the cosmetic company, Hard Candy, were attracted to the iconic rascally characters featured in the personal website of Italian graphic designer named Simone Legno. This personal art site of Legno was highlighted in a well-known British newspaper. The husband and wife tandem met with Legno and the latter agreed to move to Los Angeles to start with the creation and launching of the now very famous Tokidoki line.

pooneh simone Ivan Arnold and Pooneh Mohajer with Simone Legno

The Popularity of Tokidoki Line Continues

From the time that Legno moved to Los Angeles, California to create and unveil their Tokidoki product line, his efforts to help in promoting it was very evident. Simone Legno was active with his advertising campaigns. His eagerness to promote their product line and to put it in the ranks of high-class metropolitan geek prominence is clearly seen in nationwide and overseas appearances.


campaign 1Tokidoki frenzies appreciate the efforts of Simone Legno in promoting his creations. 

campaign 4 Simone Legno Autograph Signing at Seatlle, Washington


campaign 5 Fans are fascinated with the idea of having the Tokidoki products they bought autographed by Simone himself

comic conventionSan Diego Comic Convention


Some of  the Tokidoki Characters

The creative mind of Legno gave birth to a large number of characters. They appeared in groups and this made it easier for Tokidoki frenzies to identify and connect themselves easier with the characters.

cactus friendsSandy, Sabochan, Bastardino, Polpettina, Bruttino, Carina

cactus pups

new pig Porcino

 The MoofiaMozzarella, Bulleto, Leche, Latte, Latte Strawberry, Mou Mou, Soy, Choco, Miruku, Bibekun, Low milk,Rice Milk and the Bulletos


Til Death Do Us PartAdios the Grim Reaper, his girlfriend Ciao Ciao and cats Skeletrino & Skeletrina



Wild Boys Wild Boys


UnicornoUnicorno – Stellina, Bellina, Dolce, Metallo, Mooka, Peperino, Pogo, Ritmo, Prima Donna and Fumo.


royal pride The Royal Pride Lion Pappa’s Gang of twelve street tough characters


punkstar   Punk Star



Tokidoki and Hello Kitty (Sanrio) Partnership

When two mega brands collaborate, bombastic success is something that isn’t hard to achieve. This is the same vision that globally-desired brands Tokidoki and Hello Kitty (Sanrio) pictured. The world-famous lifestyle brand, Sanrio and the equally well-distinguished entity known for its cutesy wicked characters, Tokidoki joined forces. They worked in tandem to launch the Tokidoki X Hello Kitty Collection.


hello kitty tokidoki


Limited Edition Tokidoki-Sanrio Characters Holiday Collecti1


This successful collaboration opened the door for creating different products featuring Sanrio characters especially the global bobcat icon Hello Kitty in  goth, devilish style that’s totally Tokidoki trademark. From clothing, pens, plush dolls, bags, phone covers and a whole lot more.


Limited Edition Tokidoki-Sanrio Characters Holiday Collectio


tk hk


hk tokidoki


tokidoki hello kitty



With new Tokidoki partner recognized products like Hello Kitty, both brands benefit since they are able to re-enhance their present product line at the same time keeping their existing base and reaching out to a wider clientele.

With the adorable Kitty in combination with the bright and artsy illustration for which Tokidoki is known for, who can say it isn’t cool to have these items in our collection?

fer hkitty toki

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