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It’s Summer Time! Check Out the list of kawaii portable mini fans to get by Sanrio Japan & Disney Store !

The weather has been very hot lately, and I sweated lot just walking a bit outside. I really needed a small electric fan to keep me cool! To welcome the summer, Sanrio Japan store launched a series of hand-held small fans, inspired by the roles of the stars such as Hello Kitty, Melody, and Kiki & Lala…etc, with pink and cooling colors, and cute shapes for fans like me! I really want to have it!

Sanrio’s hand-held small fan series come in a total of six characters. In addition to being hand-held, it also comes with a strap that can be hung for easy portability. The Hello Kitty fan is made into her head shape, with white cat ears and a signature pink bow, and the handle is also pink.

The Melody model is light pink overall, and the fan is Melody’s head, with dangling rabbit ears and a light blue bow.

The Pom Pom Purin fan is overall in bright yellow color, and the fan is Pom Pom Purin’s head. With his brown hat and dog ears, it looks summery

The Kiki & Lala fan is made into a yellow star shape. The lovely Kiki and Lala stick their heads from above. The color of the handle and fan blades are pink and light blue.

The Cinnamoroll fan is white, with his signature big ears, a cinnamon roll on the head, and the handle is light blue.

The Kuromi fan is light black, and the handle is pink and light purple, coupled with her devil ear shape super Q~.

Not only the Sanrio family alone, Disney Japan store also released their small fan series. The latest two models are the three-eyed Aliens of Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh. These two fan designs are inspired by the appearance of the characters. The three-eyed Aliens model is fluorescent green with blue, and also makes alien ears and tentacles. The Pooh model is orange fan with red handle, which has a cute three-dimensional bear ears.

In addition to the handheld, this fan also has a strap, and the fan surface can be turned to another angle to make it cooler. Disney fans are priced at 4,290 yen (approximately US$40)

If you don’t wanna wait, also check out this super cute Hello Kitty pink mini USB portable dual fan with power bank function already available in our store! A 10% DISCOUNT is available NOW!

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