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How to Have A Pleasant Gift-Shopping Experience with us? PLAN AHEAD OF TIME!

Published on May 22, 2012, by in Must-Reads.


By now, you would have collected enough information for the items that you would like to get from us. In case you are interested to purchase it on a sale day, remember to go back to us on another day.

Before confirming the purchase check for the following points – price, quantity, delivery date, shipment details, probable date of delivery, packing instructions, packing material etc. If  you want us to gift-wrap your items, make sure you place an order for this service too.

Among the points that need to be double-checked, make sure you shop the gift much ahead of time, at least one month ahead of time. This is mainly because, even though you could get items not found in your local stores with the convenience of receiving them at your front door, we are physically not close to you at all.

For international shipping, it takes at least 7~14 working days, not to mention the extra days for the unforseen and unplanned accidents.

We’ve come up with a formula and procedures that you can use to make sure you will receive items from us at the time you need them for! Please just follow the steps to do your shopping and you will be a very happy shopper here!

1). Check the items you want from us at our store.

2). Check on our store announcements or ADs if the items are on sale on a particular day.

3).  Find out the last day you need to place your order for –

The day you need to receive the purchase  – 21 working days – 6 days (for weekends)  = the last day you need to place your order by.

e.g. You need  the item as a birthday or some special occasion gift on Dec. 12. You need to receive the gift 3 days ahead of time to wrap it yourself.

So 3+ 21 + 6 = 30 days ahead of Dec. 12 is Nov. 13. 

4). Contact us before the day you need to place the order, e.g. Nov. 13 in this case, regarding your order and speical needs. Sometimes the items you need might be in out of stock status or the sizes / design / colors  you want might not be available at time of ordering. You wanna make sure your orders can be processed immedialtey without any delay and the best way to make sure is to contact us so that we could pay special attention to your needs.

5). Or if you simply miss out the last day you need to get the gift for but there’s still at least two weeks or a little bit more than two weeks  of time, there’s still chance for you to get the items in before you need it for. Please just choose EMS shipping method at check-out and contact us immediately after you place the order.

If you could follow the above steps when shopping a special gift for your special family members or friends, we are very sure you will find it a very pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience with us at A Cute Shop! 

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