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Questions Got Answered

Welcome to our help desk!

Answers to most questions can be found by searching or browsing our FAQs.


Tracking Your Order


To track your package:

1. EMS/Speedpost shipping: All for EMS/Speedpost packages we send contain a number starting with “EE” and you you can track your package using the EMS tracking no. we provide at your local EMS/Speedpost or office or find out the EMS tracking site at your country here.


2. International parcel or registered small letter shipping: We use an international parcel or registered small letter airmail shipping for packages sent other than by EMS shipping. Either a parcel or registered small letter package, we provide you a tracking number that you can track with your local post office or website. You MUST contact your local post office or check your post office website to get hold of the package. We can only provide you an online tracking information as WHEN the package is sent at our end.

To see the dispatchment status of these two kinds of packages:

Please track your order on internatioanl parcel tracking site if your tracking number starts with “CC, or see the status update from our post office site:


Please track your order no international registered small letter tracking site if your tracking number starts with “RA” or “RRor see the status update from our post office site:


Please track your order no international registered small letter tracking site if your tracking number starts with “RQ”or see the status update from this site:


Your can reach us any time at our customer service. You can be sure that we’ll check your messages sent through customer serice every day and try to reply asap. Or please find us at Facebook & Twitter.


BUY DIRECTLY: Request An Invoice to Be Sent to You Directly

If you encounter any difficulty completing the sale on our online store, you could send us an email or leave your message here to request an invoice by Paypal to be sent to you.

Please be sure to provide the following information on your message to us –

1). Your Full Name

2). The titles & quantity of the items that you wish to buy

3). The time when you wish to receive your purchase

4). Most importantly, your email address used for Your Paypal account.

And PLEASE HIDE your post from the pubic so that your private information will not display in public!

We’ll contact you once we receive your message here or from mail!





If a seller receives more than a few Detailed Seller Ratings of less than 5eBay feedback stareBay feedback stareBay feedback stareBay feedback stareBay feedback star,

Then they will be significantly penalized.

Leaving a neutral or negative feedback, or leaving DSR scores of less than 5, is not the best way to get a seller to fix a problem since these ratings generally cannot be removed or changed. Once they are left, eBay recalculates the feedback percentage that represent this seller’s reputation. Again, if you are having difficulties with the item you received, please give the seller the chance to make things right before leaving neutral or negative feedback, or a lower than 5 DSR rating.

Why is it SO? Please read more.

Your positive feedback is very important and valuable to us ! eBay uses your feedback scores to calculate a DSR rating score for all the sellers on eBay. When you’re asked to provide your feedback for us on eBay, your positive feedback & star of 5 on every category is very highly appreciated!!

If in any circumstances you’re not happy with the transaction with us, please do write us an email at acuteshop@gmail.com before you leave an unfriendly feedback.

After all, we hope to build a good friendship with every buyer that we’ve come across to meet and we hope the same for you too~~  


How to Find the Tracking No. On Your Order


Log into your account and find your dashboard.



STEP 2. Find
the order you want to track and press on “View Order”.


Press on the “Shipments” tab on top of your order.


You will see the tracking no. for your package. Go ahead and press on that tracking no.



STEP5. You will be able to see the carrier to check and contact for your package.



Or if
you are still in doubt, please feel free to contact us at acuteshop@gmail.com or visit our facebook fans page “A Cute Shop” for further assistance! ^^~



How to Have A Pleasant Gift-Shopping Experience with us? PLAN AHEAD OF TIME!


By now, you would have collected enough information for the items that you would like to get from us. In case you are interested to purchase it on a sale day, remember to go back to us on another day.

Before confirming the purchase check for the following points – price, quantity, delivery date, shipment details, probable date of delivery, packing instructions, packing material etc. If  you want us to gift-wrap your items, make sure you place an order for this service too.

Among the points that need to be double-checked, make sure you shop the gift much ahead of time, at least one month ahead of time. This is mainly because, even though you could get items not found in your local stores with the convenience of receiving them at your front door, we are physically not close to you at all.

For international shipping, it takes at least 7~14 working days, not to mention the extra days for the unforseen and unplanned accidents.

We’ve come up with a formula and procedures that you can use to make sure you will receive items from us at the time you need them for! Please just follow the steps to do your shopping and you will be a very happy shopper here!

1). Check the items you want from us at our store.

2). Check on our store announcements or ADs if the items are on sale on a particular day.

3).  Find out the last day you need to place your order for –

The day you need to receive the purchase  – 21 working days – 6 days (for weekends)  = the last day you need to place your order by.

e.g. You need  the item as a birthday or some special occasion gift on Dec. 12. You need to receive the gift 3 days ahead of time to wrap it yourself.

So 3+ 21 + 6 = 30 days ahead of Dec. 12 is Nov. 13. 

4). Contact us before the day you need to place the order, e.g. Nov. 13 in this case, regarding your order and speical needs. Sometimes the items you need might be in out of stock status or the sizes / design / colors  you want might not be available at time of ordering. You wanna make sure your orders can be processed immedialtey without any delay and the best way to make sure is to contact us so that we could pay special attention to your needs.

5). Or if you simply miss out the last day you need to get the gift for but there’s still at least two weeks or a little bit more than two weeks  of time, there’s still chance for you to get the items in before you need it for. Please just choose EMS shipping method at check-out and contact us immediately after you place the order.

If you could follow the above steps when shopping a special gift for your special family members or friends, we are very sure you will find it a very pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience with us at A Cute Shop! 


About Us

About Our Store

Our store was started in the fall of 2005 – out of love to share anime items from our part of the world and the need to be able to work at home and take care of my daughter at the same time~

Thanks to many dear eBayers who have become fond of our items! The store has been expanding through the struggling stage. My husband began to treat my part-time job seriously in 2006 and supported me wholeheartly with many necessary resources.At the beginning stage like many people else I thought selling online is taking photos of merchandise I like and listing them on eBay to share with friends all over the world, hoping money would flood in.  Ha ha.  But in reality, being an online merchant requires a lot more from a person than simply keeping a job at some big corporates and money is not flooding in as you might imagine. When you are shopping happily on our eBay or online stores, we are working many many hours every day on enormous or tiny tasks behind scenes to make sure you get the best service we can provide at a timely fashion.So here we are a store where you can shop for “かわいい” “可愛” or cuteness and share the cute soul inside you with your friends and family. A Cute Shop hopes to bring you all these high-quality cuddly items that you cannot find at your local stores or websites in your country at very affordable prices. Ware cute people living with things that make you wanna say “か わいい!” or “kawaii!” . Be it a toothbrush, a towel, or a car enblem, mobile phone, MP3 player, home appliances, cooking utensils, clothes, sneakers, bags, stationery, computer stuff, or just any item to decorate the office or home space, all made with th cuddly anime stars we love.

Notify Me of New Arrivals & Updates

Our items are cute, but not childish and they are new, offically-licensed and made with the finest quality that is perfect for peronsal use or gifts for any cute soul aged 0~100. They will just melt a tired or cold heart and bring a big smile on any one, kids or adults, young or old, men or women!  We promise.We really appreciate many customers who take time to write to us for our good work or simply give us a positive feedback here. For every positive feedback for us, we feel like pressing on eBay. For every neutral or negative feedback, we just hope there would have been more  or communication beforehand. We’re not 100% perfect yet, but we want you to know that we will strive our best service for you – if you could communicate with us on every step of the way for each transaction you do with us. Please write us if you have any doubt.

HERE at A Cute Shop we hope to bring you the cutest anime items that you can keep and treasure at affordable prices. Most importantly, we hope that you will feel moments of relaxation when shopping with us.

All of our products only come from licensed & original suppliers. We source the latest & newest products from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong & Korea. We sell only new, never-used products in their original packaging.

Affordable Products:

We are committed to offering our unique product line at affordable prices. We scour Asia for high quality items at reasonable prices and pass the savings on to you. After all, discovering a great deal is half the fun of shopping!

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We are established, reliable eBay seller and SquareTrade Seal Member that you can trust.

You want it? We find for you!

If you cannot find items that you want on our store, just drop us an email with a photo. We will try our best to find it for you!

NOW  you can find out our latest new arrivals more instantly by -JOIN US ON Twitter or Facebook!VISIT our BLOG or WATCH our VIDEO CATALOUGES!

We can be reached at –
A Cute Shop Forum & Blog
Twitter: acuteshop

SKYPE: lovenfashion

We build this new site with more user-friendly device to create a better shopping experience for you. If you have any suggestion or opions to a make our site a even better shopping experience for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at acuteshop@gmail.com!

You can find us on Google Map!

Since 2008, we’ve been endeavoured to provide service for wholesale customers. If you are a distributor, shop owner or personal seller and you would like to sell our products in your channels, please feel free to write in for inquiry of more wholesale information.

To all of you, from all of us – Thank you and Happy Shopping!


Request of Your Photos of Hello Kitty Items Bought from Us – GIFT to Friends Who Send in your photos!

Dear cuties,

do you have photos of your Hello Kitty items from us?

Now you could send in these photos and write some comments to us and we’ll show your Hello Kitty items in a slide show in our store!

We will also send a good gift to whomever’s photos are chosen to show in our slide show.

Please send us your photos to acuteshop@gmail.com. Thank you very much!




How To Check Your Account Password & Revise Personal Information?

Please follow the steps to get your password and login your account.






Pending / Unshipped Orders

Due to limited resources, our stock sometimes runs out at the time when you make your order and therefore do not ship every order within 2 working days.
Or sometimes the items might have been out of stock and unrestockable, it could take us several working days to process and notify you.  

We always try our best to ship your order as soonest as we can. The tracking information is updated 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Friday (UTC+8 time).  For pending & unshipped orders due to shortage, we lack helping hands to notify our customers at the fastest fashion. So we’d like to ask you to ALWAYS check your order status by login into your account and communicate with us more actively. 

Please plan much longer lead-time if you are buying holiday gifts from outside of the United States. We appreciate your understanding and patience. You are also welcome to contact us for more information about your order. 

Welcome to A Cute Shop where cuteness is a style~