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Blog / Video Reviews Wanted! Win yourself THREE years of FREE Sanrio inserts for your Louis Vuitton PM agenda or pocket organizer!


Blog / Video Reviews Wanted!

Win yourself THREE years of FREE Sanrio inserts for your Louis Vuitton PM agenda or pocket organizer!

We’re inviting YOU, our dear fans to make a review for the 2019 Hello Kitty / Little Twin Stars / Snoopy refill pages for pocket organizer!!

If you bought your refills from us before or this year or you have not bought the item from us and you’d like to get it and do a review article / video and share to your fans, you’re welcome to join!


How to request for the refill pages for review? The qualifications are rule is really simple!

For bloggers: You have been writing blog articles consistently for the past year and have published at least 12 articles.

For YouTubers: You have been producing your own videos consistently for the past year and have released at least 8 videos.


Blog mention: Produce one blog article of at least 600 words, with our refills being reviewed, as main or part of the article content and our store website mentioned.

Video content: produce one video content of at least 3 minute duration, with our refills being reviewed, as main or part of the video content and our store website mentioned.

Offers are limited from now till 31st Oct. ! Please feel free to get in touch with us by the following –

  1. Send us facebook message
  2. Send us an email at acuteshop@gmai.com
  3. Leave your comments on this post and we’ll contact you

FEEL FREE to tag your friends for this good news!!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Why You Should Not Stick to One Safety Standard When Buying Motorcycle Helmets Online


A helmet is as important as your motorcycle, especially for protection against injury in the event of an accident. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, buying the right helmet is necessary for your safety on the road. With the establishment of the far-reaching trade agreements and robust e-commerce infrastructure, it is possible to buy an excellent anime helmet online and have it shipped to your doorstep. However, it is critical to consider the level of protection that your chosen helmet offers.

While helmet standards differ from one jurisdiction to another, thorough motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison of the various standards will help you determine the right fit for your needs. For instance, if you’re a fast rider in a high-traffic highway, it essential to opt for a helmet that meets first-rate impact protection, to defend against fatal injuries in the event of a crush.

Top-rate helmet safety standards

Below is a comprehensive list of motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison and their specifications:

AS/NZS 1698: The standard for protective helmets in both Australia and New Zealand

UN/ECE 22.05: The standard for safety helmets in Europe

Snell M2010: The safety standard for helmets in the USA

Snell 2005: The helmet certification for safety in the USA

USA DOT 571.218 standard No. 218: The safety certification for helmets safety in the USA

JIS T 8133: The safety standard for helmets in Japan

Motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison

Although there is no conclusive comparison of these standards from both the national and international level, the specifications of each standard affect the overall performance of helmets in the prevention of head injury for Powered Two Wheelers.

The top reason for considering the helmets with the best performance in the mitigation of the risk severe head injury during an injury is at the heart of road safety, your protection and your loved ones while riding. Motorcycle accidents claim the lives of thousands of lives year to year, up to 4, 976 riders died in crashes in 2016, for example.

Furthermore, the available data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) suggests that there’s a higher prevalence of motorcycle accidents than other motor vehicles. In turn, manufacturers have adopted more effective safety standards in the manufacture and testing of helmets.

However, you’re not limited to selecting helmets with standards from your country of residence. You’ll find the performance levels of helmets certified by standards of a foreign country are reliable and even better than local standards.

For example, the ECE 22.05 standard in Europe has more comprehensive testing requirements than the American DOT standard. Therefore, if you need a helmet with greater impact protection, choose a helmet from a country with the superior performance level. For instance, the JIS standard or the AS/NZS 1698 standard with low sever impact levels of 11.5 and 84.4, respectively.  As such, you’ll have made a worthwhile investment for your safety while riding in a high-risk environment in which severe energy impact may put you at risk of a concussion or skull injury.


Bottom Line

With careful consideration of motorcycle helmets, international safety standards comparison, buying the right match for the kind of riding you engage ensure your safety. Besides, with anime cute helmets, you’re buying both safety and style. However, this does not warrant less caution while riding because you are aware of motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison and safety levels.

The traffic rules still apply, and you won’t be excused for risky riding behavior just because you have cute, standard anime helmet for protection.



The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standards & Comparisons


The only reason we buy and wear motorcycle helmets is for safety. But safety standards for motorcycle helmets are inconsistent. Will the cute anime helmet you bought for your daughter withstand the impact of a lay-down on a concrete road? What about the helmet your brother wears for off-roading and dirt-biking? In a motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison, some helmets don’t provide the safety you need.

Motorcycle Helmets International Safety Standards Comparison

…The subject of motorcycle helmet safety standards is highly complex, so it’s no wonder the general riding public is confused.Web Bike World

U.S. motorcycle helmets may have a specific shell construction or thickness to allow it to pass the Department of Transportation (DOT)  penetration test. The Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) may have different standards.

Some manufacturers include a DOT/ECE Standards sticker, which means the helmet meets both safety standards, even though the ECE has tougher requirements. Some declare the ECE label can only be applied to helmets sold in European countries, so how can a helmet have an ECE/DOT label in France? It’s because there are global/international inconsistencies in manufacturing, distribution, and sales of motorcycle helmets. Monitoring is minimal.

Other countries with motorcycle safety standards include:

  • Australia – AS 1698-2006
  • Brazil – NBR 7471
  • Canada – CSA CAN3-D230-M85
  • India – IS 4151
  • Japan – SG/JIS
  • Korea – KS G 7001
  • Malaysia – SIRIM
  • New Zealand – NZ 5430
  • Singapore – PSB
  • Taiwan – CNS (compatible to JIS)
  • Thailand – TIS

Obviously, safety standards vary from country to country. For now, your own research is needed to determine if a motorcycle helmet meets or beats your country’s standards.

Non-Government, Independent Safety Standards

In the U.S., we also have Snell Memorial Foundation safety requirements for motorcycle helmets. Where the DOT sets minimum safety standards for helmets, Snell criteria generally meets higher impact standards. “DOT certification is done on the honor system,” says Snell. “The helmet’s manufacturer determines whether his helmets satisfy DOT and then claims the qualification for himself. There is not even a reporting requirement.” Much of the U.S. government’s focus has been to restrict “beanie” helmets, which are pointedly substandard and usually worn by helmet-law protestors.

The United Kingdom also has independent motorcycle helmets safety standards organizations:

  • ACU Gold
  • BSI (British Standards Institution)

Need for a ‘Harmonized Standard’

African motorcycle helmets must withstand extreme heat and humidity. They need a safe ventilation system that can prevent riders themselves from overheating. In the Northeast U.S. and Canada, where temperatures can dip into below-freezing, helmets should have better insulation and the potential for warmth.

The need for harmonized, international safety standards should address climate and situational needs. Obviously, professional motorcycle competitors in controlled environments have helmet safety standards that differ from a desert dirt biker’s helmet.

Buying Style – and Safety – is Your Goal

Here’s the bottom line: Always abide by the laws of your federal and state government. It’s okay to buy a motorcycle helmet online if its safety standards meet or are higher than your country’s standards.

With some of the artistic options available, it’s also okay to express yourself! Just know that your Thor helmet with Viking horns will capture the attention of traffic police more than a “standard” motorcycle helmet. As long as your motorcycle helmet meets safety standards, you are free to travel the country in style! 3553895687_939d97fcd6_o


How Bad Do You Want A Better Life? Good Planning Tips & Life Hacks

HKplanner2019How Bad You Want A Better Life? Good Planning Tips & Life Hacks

You want to discover more success in whatever you are striving for. Check below some fine planning advice and life hackers from Day Designer. These strategies will assist you increase your productivity and efficiency, to not only get more done in less time, but additionally to clear the way for time spent doing whatever matters most to you! 24UltimatePlanningTipsAndLifeHacks_-_Day_Designer_-_Copyright_-_Do_Not_Distribute_-_02-18b-791x1024We know it isn’t enough to only own a planner. You need to develop an easy routine for using it and relying upon it, a pattern that you’ll fall in love with, if you are not already at the point! Get started by identifying your favorite methods and execute them this week. Next week, choose a few more, and build on your progress!

And if this is NOT ENOUGH to get you started, head over here to get a planner in YOUR FAVORITE anime star! Check out the JUST-ARRIVED 2019 Weekly Planners of Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Mickey & Minnie and Winnie the Pooh packed and ready to go to your door now! What’s more, we’ll include ONE bonus cute stickers sheet so that you can build your personal planner in your unique and cute style!

_sE_3523363334 _sE_6796343732Head over to get your favorite planner and get your bonus gift now!


Feeling like a ride full of kawainess? Hello Kitty Shinkansen Will Fulfill All of Your Kitty Dream!

Feeling like a ride full of kawainess?
Now you could get it at the Hello Kitty-themed bullet train in Japan.


Japan’s Shinkansen train operator, West Japan Railway Co. Ltd has unveiled its new Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train. The train is already now available for riding.


It will continue to run for the next three months.Aimed at revitalizing regional communities in western Japan, the trains will make stops at each station between Shin-Osaka and Hakata in Fukuoka city in western Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture.


Two 500 series Shinkansen bullet trains, coating them in Hello Kitty designs are in service. The livery is decorated in pink ribbons and Hello Kitty’s signature bow — a design meant to represent the campaign’s goal of connecting travelers with destinations in the regions.

45375964 47504153

How to ride the Hello Kitty train

Travelers hoping to board the Hello Kitty Shinkansen can find the timetable on http://www.jr-hellokittyshinkansen.jp/train/

Passengers can ride the train with a regular train ticket, purchased in advance or on the day of the travel. https://www.jrailpass.com/blog/hello-kitty-shinkansen

A special Hello Kitty café (open on June 1) and a souvenir shop (open on June 30) selling exclusive merchandises related to Hello Kitty Shinkansen will open at Hakata Station.

Car 1, named Hello! Plaza, is dedicated to exhibitions showcasing various regional products and attractions. Passengers can buy souvenirs and specialty products here too.

The first region to be highlighted is Sanin, home to the Shimane and Tottori prefectures.

Eight original Hello Kitty designs have been unveiled — each Hello Kitty is holding a local product representing each of the prefectures the train visits. For example, there’s a green apple for Tottori prefecture and a black shell for Shimane prefecture.

Other prefectures to be featured include Osaka, Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi and Fukuoka.

46522303 46788461

Watch the Hello Kitty bullet train premier video here!



2019 Sanrio Hello Kitty & Little Twin Stars Pocket Planners Just Came On Board

Pen and paper are meant for each other, and one without the other simply does not work. Adding a pocket notebook/planner to your carry is very easy due to their dimensions, thinness, and flexibility in a pocket. Adding a memo book to your back pocket adds a ton of utility without much bulk.

Our limited edition Sanrio planner just came on board and it’s the perfect time to get yours now! Making resolutions is easy but sticking to them is the hard part. One way to get closer to achieving your goals is to be organized, and a planner or Hello Kitty / Little Twin Stars pocket planner can make all the difference! We understand that you don’t like to carry a heavy bag full of daily essentials, this light-weight and lovely pocket planner can be easily inserted to your notebook for school, to your carry. 

DSC_0067 DSC_0070 DSC_0076 DSC_0079

Feeling like jotting down notes or daily inspiration any time? Just carry this pocket planner with you! This portable Hello Kitty monthly pocket planner features a one month per 2 page spread to jot down notes to upcoming meetings and events. Including monthly schedules, memo pages, this handy Hello Kitty planner will help you stay organized. The cute monthly planner is a suitable choice for teachers, business professionals, students, stay-at-home moms & dads and anyone who likes writing things down on paper for scheduling purposes.combined combined2




This exclusive Hello Kitty pocket planner is only available now in our store  in limited quantity. It features Hello Kitty & Sanrio characters design and has cute Hello Kitty images on every page. Using it at home, at school or at work helps you feel happy and pressure relieved! It’s made with high-quality & easy-to-write paper and has been our best seller favored by customers for many years! It comes with very few quantity and usually gets sold out fast (by end of this year)!

For a limited time and offer, purchase now and get BONUS ONLY for early-bird customers ! The following BONUS are available while stock lasts! 

For a limited time and quantity offer, you get a bonus Hello Kitty pen with your purchase (design is picked by random). BETTER YET, for the FIRST 10 buyers of this lisitng, we will include AN EXTRA gift: masking deco lace tape for you! This is absolutely for our customers and fans only. BUY IT NOW before the bonus gifts run out. 



How to Plan A Hello Kitty-Themed Wedding?

Are you a Hello Kitty fan and wish for a Hello Kitty wedding? Not sure where to begin? Envision a few wedding items that suit your budget and personality. Whether it’s a wedding cake that your friend can help you make, or a wedding invitation you can easily find someone at ETSY to customize for you, there are so many options to make your own Hello Kitty wedding at a small budget. Also think colors, patterns, and symbols that are meaningful to you: A pretty Hello Kitty & Daniel pillow can inform an entire wedding theme. Your Hello Kitty wedding style can also be inspired by your favorite Hello Kitty style. We’ve even seen weddings themed after small wedding souvenirs for guests, table flowers with Hello Kitty face, and decorative ballons. This is also the time to determine the formality of your wedding. Once you’ve nailed down your wedding style and formality, it’s time to start thinking of creative ways to tie in your theme. Great places to tie in wedding themes include your stationery, lighting design, centerpiece vases, and tablecloths. Tip for the taking: Don’t be afraid to think outside the typical season-inspired fall wedding or three-color combo theme to pull off a Hello Kitty wedding style as unique as you.

Here below find some Hello Kitty wedding theme ideas!

  1. Hello Kitty wedding invitationhello_kitty_mqktdfimages (2)
  2. Hello Kitty wedding gawn – simply sew a few Hello Kitty plushes on to your wedding gawn!
  3. Hello Kitty wedding decoration


4.Hello Kitty wedding cakef0a562158cf451d37847e3cba476e285

5. Hello Kitty wedding bouquet58755b9a4d887c353393db9ff090cf568449cb90e78d202eda474e8330da299a

6. Hello Kitty table flowerdc0756386868663a823fbeeb0df37a95937afc222e0af0dfb4edeb310bf12bb1

7. Hello Kitty wedding souvenirs for guests!



8. Hello Kitty & Daniel Pillow4891595910500-1

9. Hello Kitty & Daniel Wedding Plushes


10. Hello Kitty wedding red envelopesdsc_0140

11. Hello Kitty & Daniel Chinese wedding  Double Happiness 囍字貼

dsc_011912. Hello Kitty thank you cards.hello-kitty-invitation-pink-tags

UT8Bh5BXetXXXagOFbXRMaking your own Hello Kitty theme wedding that convey  your love for Hello Kitty is not as hard to you think! With some planning and thoughts, you could definitely plan your own unique Hello Kitty wedding at your own budget!!

You can definitely find some help to customize your own Hello Kitty wedding items at etsy!screencapture-etsy-search-weddings-2018-05-13-17_21_59

Or you already have one memorable Hello Kitty wedding, why not share with us! We’d love to hear from you!!

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Plan A Hello Kitty Wedding! Check out Essentials for a Hello Kitty & Daniel Wedding Now!

Bridal Bouquet Ideas Social Media Post (1)

It’s a day that many girls start dreaming about and planning for from their youth. From what dress they’ll wear down to what border will look best on the guests’ place cards, so much time is spent and attention placed on every aspect of one’s wedding to ensure it will be a memory to last a lifetime. Themed weddings are also all the rage for die-hard fans, and no matter what your obsession there are ways to make your dreams come true.

Check out our essentials wedding items to help plan your Hello Kitty-themed wedding!4891595910500-1dsc_0119dsc_01404891595908125-1

rb0130-1_1 (1) 4891595908125-1

Hello Kitty & DanielGet the Special Gift for the Special Bride-to-Be & Lasting Memory of Joy!


Time certainly flied fast this year! It’s Black Friday holidays AGAIN!! Check Out The Goodies This Year!

Can’t remember how many Black Friday sales we’ve had with our fans and little online store.

Ever since we started A Cute Shop, it gets exciting at this time of year when we jog with time to present/list all super cute planners and calendars on our store and to deliver these cute items to you, our customers on time.

The coming and passing of Black Friday makes a mark of the holidays shopping. Before the Black Friday weekend, we do everything withe grace and gentleness. After the Black Friday weekend, we know we need to rush and hurry!

But no matter what, our wish is the same – to bring and share with you the beautiful and cute items from this part of world and hope our items cheer or lighten up hearts of you and your family & friends!

Knowing that we have friends who keep buying your yearly planners and calendars from us every year is the reason why we insist bringing what you could need and like every year and even more. We are TURLY & DEEPLY GRATUFUL for your patronage and this is the fun and rewarding part of our job – your friendship & patronage and seeing so many cute planners and calendars each year!

So voila! Let us present to you this year’s edition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale DM!! And don’t need to wait until the actual days of Black Friday holidays; you can buy your favorite items at our store at 20% OFF NOW!

ONLY REMEMBER TO REGISTER an account if you don’t already have one and shop with your account so that you could get the bona fida 20% OFF your purchase.

1118Black Friday-01

And find us on facebook, instagramPinterest or Twitter!


Starting this year with writing down your daily bliss every day!


てちょう Techou, meaning hand-written notebook, originated in Japan.

It is said that everyone in Japan carries a handbook, recording a life plan anytime, anywhere

It has even derived from this a “handwriting philosophy” in Japan.

Seen enough of beautifully-decorated and written planners or handbooks in afternoon tea parties with your girl friends, if you want to start a good-looking, intelligent inside out, cute new life, let’s start by making our planners attractive now!

So exactly what types of planners are available out there?

NO.1 weekly planner

11-2 1-3

If you just need to plan life, the weekly plan can meet your needs. It helps you break down your annual targets into monthly, weekly & daily goals & tasks, simple & clear. With simple text and some small patterns, it makes dry day-records become more agile and lovely!

1-4You see, just learn to draw some small icons, the simple records become very interesting ~

1-5 1-6 1-7 1-8


NO.2 Daily planner


If you wish to make your daily events or experiences a detailed record, it is suitable to use a daily plan. Every day a page, with a graphic way to tell the story of the day. Keep doing it for a year, when you look back after a year, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and it’s GREAT!


Speaking of the daily planner or handbook, one has to mention the Japanese brand Hobonichi. Every year September is a festival for the handbook lovers,  because this is when Hobonichi starts the pre-sale of the handbooks for the next year.


The Hobonichi daily planner cover and refills pages are sold separately. The cover comes in a lot of choices every year.

25 26 27 2829

Inside pages also come in selections of full-year pages, pages within the page, English pages and so on.


Year pages


English pages


If you are a member of the gang, you will be attracted to them! With these dated hand-book, you can easily record everyday events. The biggest feature is the paper that is even though thin yet not easy to see through. And the diary-drawing experience is perfect ~


But its downside is the price. It’s way too expensive and you must keep writing every day, otherwise seeing the empty pages will make you go nuts ~


NO.3 100-day planner


The 100-day planner comes with a pie chart that allows you to divide the allocation of time to sections and color them by pens


It’s most suitable for short-term goals setting & plan. As from the color division of sections, you can clearly see if your allocation of time is appropriate.


Imagine, in the adherence to 100 days, when you complete the plan, this planner will be full of traces of your efforts.

NO.4 Inspirational notebook


If you are the type of person who bursts of inspirations, you need to put such a loose book in the bag, and pen down your inspirations at any time!


Each page can be a different field of inspiration. And with the loose-leaf design, after returning home, you can re-arrange the loose pages by categories, making it a theme-oriented inspirational notebook.

Well sharing so much about the contents of different planners, we just hope that everyone find some time to ponder, to reflect on their own and to keep a record of one’s daily events every day.

In 2017 and the years ahead, we wish you all lots of good luck!5-4

Welcome to A Cute Shop where cuteness is a style~