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Especially for you! Be an Early Planner and Receive a BONUS gift with Your Purchase of ANY 2015 Planner

Published on September 4, 2014, by in For You, Store News.
Receive a BONUS Gift when you buy any planner from our store now!

Receive a BONUS Gift when you buy any planner from our store now!

Every year at this time of year we get extremely busy at the office, because starting as early as mid-July, we receive new planners/calendars for the next year, almost every week.

When the planners/calendars arrive at the office, we are racing with time to find and take photos of the planners / calendars alongside with writing detailed description of the planners / calendars so that buyers can see them in a visually clear and pleasing matter in our stores at the soonest.


Doing this for at least the past 5 years we’ve found there’re still many people who are fond of  doing personal planning by hand-writing on paper in the traditional way. Even though nowadays mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets which are not short of personal time management tools and apps are omnipresent in almost everyone’s daily life, some (and many) people still like the warmth of hand-writing and creativity of hand-drawing. It’s something and some fun that cannot be replaced by the newest version of technology!

So here comes the planners/calendars of your favorite cute stars of this year! At the time when I’m writing this article, we’re not done yet with posting the new planners/calendars as they are still coming and won’t stop until late September!

We hope you have fun and a heart-healing process when you are browsing these cute planners and calendars in our store! Every time when we open a planner or calendar, we can see how the designers try their best to have these cute stars come live on paper and accompany their friends / users for the new year!



Summer Sale! 20% OFF Hello Kitty Sandals. 3-Day Only Sale Until July 19th.

Published on July 18, 2014, by in For You, Store News.

Hello Kitty Sandal Sale


Team Up with Hello Kitty to Celebrate FIFA World Cup 2014 NOW!

Published on June 18, 2014, by in For You, Store News.

Hello Kitty x FIFA World Cup 2014 Items


Celebrating the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, we team up with Hello Kitty to bring you the limited Hello Kitty x FIFA 2014 stationery!


This Hello Kitty x FIFA 2014 series come in postcards, memo pads, letter sets, Polaroid Notebook, stickers, paper bags..etc, all in limited edition for a limited quantity only! Get them now and add to your Hello Kitty collection today! You will have so many to show and talk about with this rare Hello Kitty x FIFA 2014 items!

Hello Kitty FIFA World Cup 2014 items



Download – Little Twin Stars & My Melody Wall Papers 2014.June– Newly Released !

Published on May 28, 2014, by in For You.

JUST RELEASED!  Exclusive cute Little Twin Stars / My Melody
wall papers !

201406_TS_hot120Little Twin Stars Good Night Series
1024*768 1280*800


My Melody Blue Birds Series

1024*768 1280*800


Download – Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Minna No Tabo, Wall Papers – Newly Released !

Published on May 7, 2014, by in For You.

HOT! Exclusive cute Hello Kitty / Cinnomorall / Minna No Tabo
wall papers just released!


Happy Summer Time 1024*768  1280*800

Cinnamoroll 1024*768  1280*800

 Hello Kitty Doll 1024*768  1280*800


Minna No Tabo & Panda 1024*768  1280*800



Top Product Picks for Mother’s Day Gift

This Mother’s Day, don’t forget to surprise your Mom with memorable gifts that she would certainly love to have and use.

Remember this: If you want to give the best gift for the Perfect Mother in the World, take time to figure out her interests and you can easily choose the most ideal present that would make her feel special.

Make sure to check out our Top Picks for Mommies..

1.      Hello Kitty Quilted Tote Bag Black


Surprise your Mom this Mother’s Day by giving her this elegant and lovely tote bag with the Hello Kitty face adorably featured on it. This Japan Exclusive item is made with durable accent faux leather handles. The inner portion is made of soft cotton material. This zipper closure bag is a fashionable item to carry Mom’s essential when going outdoors or strolling in the mall.





2.      Hello Kitty Adult Bath Robe




Make Mommy super happy by giving her this Hello Kitty Adult bath robe made of soft high quality fabric material. Let her feel your love as if you are Hello Kitty holding the heart signifying your deep love and concern for her. The Best Mom will surely love to use this bath robe after a relaxing bath or hot shower.




3. Hello Kitty Tokidoki x Sanrio Characters Vanity Bag



Let your Mother feel you want her to be always in fashion with this Tokidoki x Sanrio Characters handbag. Its roomy compartment and soft handles perfectly fit the space needed by things she needs to bring along when going out for lunch with friends or some personal “Me” time outside.





4. Hello Kitty Red Quilt Shoulder Bag


Allow your Mom to express her fashion sense with chic style and elegance with this red shoulder bag featuring Hello Kitty’s face.  Carrying this bag made with PVC quilted leather material and printed polyester lining will complete her well-dressed confidence.







5. Hello Kitty x Hallmark 2-Way Tote Shoulder Diaper Bag


Thinking of the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a new, nursing or working mom? This dual purpose shoulder diaper bag is enough to make her feel special without a glitch. This one button closure bag provides convenience and roomy space for diapers and other essentials for a fun adventure outdoors with baby. It comes with inside pocket where you can keep small items like diaper pins or pacifier. Made with durable PU leather, the bag is great for frequent usage without fear of being easily damaged.





6.   Little Twin Stars Quilted Tote Bag Pink


Finding it hard to find an adorable gift for a Little Twin Stars-fascinated Mom? This Japan Exclusive adorable tote bag can surely please the young-at-heart Mommy on Mother’s Day. This elegant tote featuring the tandem of Kiki and Lala plus its durable faux leather and cotton materials can perfectly make her shout Wow!






7.   Janome Hello Kitty Sewing Machine


7           4901610523469-2







Puzzled what to give for a Mother who loves to sew and work on various crafts where sewing is required? This red and white polka dotted Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine  is one of the rare finds you can get. It comes with easy to use foot switch and hand modes and multiple sewing patterns. This 2.2 kg sewing machine is so handy; Mommy can carry it along anywhere inside and even outside the house. What about taking it to join her friends in doing their craft projects?


8.  Hello Kitty Die-Cut Plush Slippers



This Mother’s Day say thanks to any Mom who is always there for you by giving her this pair of soft and lovely Hello Kitty plush slippers. Made of high quality plush material, wearing this pair of Sanrio-licensed slipper will provide the soft cushioning that the feet needs.







9. Hello Kitty Cooking Craft Apron



For the Moms who love doing crafts and spend time in the kitchen to prepare meals and snacks her family would indulge into, this Hello Kitty apron would make a really nice gift this Mother’s day.  This polka dot design adult apron with the face of Hello Kitty featured in front is made of high quality polyester and lace material. It comes with two large pockets, where Mommy can keep tiny things as she works on the day’s special menu.






10. Hello Kitty Motorcycle ¾ Helmet Retro Candy Design


10-2 10-1


Wondering what to give to a motorcycle riding Mommy? Protect her face from the heat of the sun and at the same time remind her of how much you care for her as she goes around riding on her motorcycle or bike with this Hello Kitty ¾ helmet. Cute and elegant with its retro design, the helmet is designed in compliance with international safety standards. Let her ride in ultimate safety and fun style starting this Mother’s day.


11. Peanuts Snoopy Quilted Tote Bag

11-2 11-1

The huge Snoopy designed in this lovely Peanuts tote bag can represent the great love you have for the “Most Special Mommy on Earth”.  Its made of durable faux leather and cotton material with hardwearing handles for easy carrying on either the hand or shoulder.



12.  Hello Kitty Women’s Flip Flop Slippers


Let Mommy feel you love her all-year round, rain or shine with this cute red polka dotted Hello Kitty Flip Flop Slippers. It’s made of high quality PVC and rubber materials. It’s one of the best gifts you can give to a Mom on Mother’s Day.








13.   Hello Kitty Die-Cut Car Tailpipe



Drive in style with this cute Hello Kitty car tail pipe. Let Mommy drive with elegant panache with her car designed with this addition. This stainless tailpipe is one of the best gifts you can give to a Hello Kitty Mommy on Mother’s Day.






14.    Hello Kitty 3 PCS Set Condiment Seasoning Container Case Set



Any Mom would love to get something that she can add up to make the kitchen organized. Add a Hello Kitty statement to her kitchen by giving her this condiment seasoning case set on Mother’s Day. Let the “World’s Cutest Kitten” help Mommy store sugar, salt and even candies neat and orderly with this condiment storage set.







15.  Hello Kitty Detachable 3-Layer Shelf Storage Rack



Mommies are well-known for keeping things neat and well-organized. Show her how much you appreciate her gestures by giving her this detachable 3-layer shelf storage rack this Mother’s Day. Made of the finest quality plastic material, this rack is good for keeping small items in any part of the house.







16. Hello Kitty Red Quilt Long Wallet with Zipped Coins Pocket



This stylish and elegant looking red long wallet with zipped coins pocket is the perfect gift to convey your love for any Mom this Mother’s Day. It’s an ideal present to give for chic Mommies fascinated with anything classy and never goes out of style.





Finally made up your mind what gift to give to the “Best Lady in the House” on Mother’s Day? Make your choice to supremely show her how much you appreciate, love and finally say…..

文案: THANK You Mom!















Hello Kitty Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day!

Published on April 22, 2014, by in For You, Store News.

Hello Kitty Gift Ideas For Mother's Day!Buy a Hello Kitty gift for MOM for a smile on her face! 

Hello Kitty aprons Visit the site now!



FREE GIVEAWAY TIME. Win Little Twin Stars / Badtz Maru / My Melody Mat for your room!

Published on April 9, 2014, by in For You, Store News.

It’s time for us to share with you cute and nice items from our store that we think that  you really need to have at your room at home / office or dorm!

These cute Sanrio characters mats are so cute in bright colors and very well-made.  They are also made to last with a high quality. I’ve used many of these mats all the time through our selling career online and never hesitate to use a new design whenever available. Sanrio Characters floor mat

It’s an item with few money spent but boost the whole room/space ambience a great deal no matter where it’s placed.

Now we are giving our friends a chance to get one of these Sanrio floor mat for FREE!

Here’s how –

Little Twin Stars Floor matLittle Twin Stars / My Melody / Badtz Maru mats Giveaway !!

3 lucky winners will each get one of these adorable mats from us!

All you need to do for a chance to win is sharing this post on your facebook or twitter account by the following:
1) Like our page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-CUTE-SHOP/51484978805
2) Like this post & “SHARE” this photo IN PUBLIC setting and comment “I love Little Twin Stars (Or My Melody / Badtz Maru) mat!!”

3).Be sure to share this post in PUBLIC (not friends) setting so that we can verify your sharing for a winning chance!!

Winner will be announced coming Monday (14th of Apr. Pacific Time ).

Only those who shared the photo in PUBLICH setting will count a chance.

You can find all Hello Kitty items for your home in our shop here:

We wish you WIN!! ^^~


I’m 35 and I Love Hello Kitty!

Published on March 14, 2014, by in For You, Sophie' Blog.

I am not denying that I am hooked with Hello Kitty items! And yes, I admit that I am 35-years old and a Mom of two. I like this cute cat so much just like a lot of people all around the globe. And I’m not a young girl as you may assume. I like her just like when I was just ten years old.  During times when I see little girls wearing Hello Kitty t-shirts, I cannot help but smile. They are such a cute sight to see.

I feel lucky and more inspired that I am part of the worldwide Hello Kitty obsession not only with 5 to 12 years old but also with adult women who have liked this cute sweet cat since childhood. It’s delighting to watch young ladies with watches, wearing adult Hello Kitty t-shirts or a nice pair of casual shoes with the gorgeous white face cat featured on it.


Hello Kitty’s face and bows are 3D and appear on a pearly printed background. 


Hello Kitty long-sleeved shirt

 Isn’t this cool enough to have and wear?

 Hello Kitty casual sneakers

Hello Kitty casual shoes with flexible rubber outsole for comfortable walking.

I Grew Up Loving Hello Kitty

Back when I was in my primary years at school, there was never a chance that I allowed Mom to buy a different school bag for me- only an authentic Sanrio Hello Kitty bag! During that time, the only reason was because the cutesy cat’s face is featured on it. Later on, I found out that my mother did not oppose with my preference for she appreciates the durable materials in which Sanrio bags are known for.


 Hello Kitty backpack for kids

 Comfy shoulder straps and inner and outer pockets are features to love in this durable mini backpack for preschoolers.

 Hello Kitty 16" Backpack Graffiti Black Sanrio

Graffiti Hello Kitty design for teen students

Hello Kitty lunch bag

Bringing my favorite food to school is never a problem with my favorite lunch bag.

Hello Kitty Pop-Up Straw Water Bottle 650cc / 22oz. Mimmy Sanrio

It’s easy to quench thirst with my Kitty water bottle on hand.

From school things to personal accessories, I make it a point to buy new items to add up to my collection. Maybe that time, it was not considered as a collection but more of having my favorite label to show off to friends and classmates. Perhaps, because I was young then and at that time, nothing can be happier than knowing I have the things I love to own.

Hello Kitty Tin Piggy Coin Bank w/ Lock Mirror Comb Ribbon Sanrio

Save loose changes in this lovely coin bank

Hello Kitty 8" Mascot Plush Doll with Unicorn Rose Sanrio Adorable Hello Kitty plush doll riding on a unicorn.

Hello Kitty My House Mini Playset Miniature Toy Preschool Sanrio

Hello Kitty mini playhouse offers a delightful playtime for kids

Hello Kitty Girl Pretend Play Mini House Furnitures Toy Set Life House

 Mini house furniture set

Hello Kitty Plastic Fruit Cutting Cooking Kitchen Toy Playset Japan Banana

 Hello Kitty Plastic kitchen tools set to develop the mini chef in every child.

As I get older, my enthrallment with the charming kitten that took the world by storm did not fade a bit. From being a little girl who considers Hello Kitty as her favorite toy and later on a teenager interested in girly stuffs like memo pads, key chains and lady-like accessories, may addiction to the cute cat continued to flourish.

My Melody Notes Memo Pad Letters W/ Folder Pink Sanrio

Sending girly messages to friends using a cute memo pad is cool.



Hello Kitty Snow Globe Ball X'mas Sanrio

Start to add charm to a girl’s room with a Hello Kitty snow globe.

 Hello Kitty Key Ring Key Chain Apple Sanrio Japan Exclusive

Keeping house keys or just a key to your room can also be done in cute style.

Hello Kitty Plush Die-Cut Elastic Strap Ticket Holder

Keeping ID cards organized is easy with this cute card holder

 Hello Kitty Swimming Board

Combine fun and cuteness when you go swimming with this nice and durable swim kick board.

Hello Kitty leopard bag

Leopard is cute when you take this bag to class or for outdoor fun.

Hello Kitty PVC Tote Bag Pink Rose Photo Real

Pink is cute

As I develop into being a young lady, the fascination grew fonder but a little subtle, perhaps because of the innate refinement sprouting within me. It’s not anymore concentrated on toys but more of personal things like wallets, sneakers, classy bags and other items including tweezers!


Hello Kitty Eyebrow Tweezers Die-cut Apple Red Sanrio Japan Exclusive

Stylish way to pluck unwanted hair

Hello Kitty Boston Hand Bag Cartoon Sanrio Japan Exclusive

Handy bag with Hello Kitty icons trendily printed all over

 Hello Kitty Multi Travel Organizer Case Pouch Strawberry Sanrio Japan Exclusive SKU# 4901610097755

Hello Kitty plus strawberry, isn’t it such an adorable elegance?

Little Twin Stars Ceramics Mug Cup Sanrio Japan Exclusive

Drink hot beverages in cute style

Tokidoki x Sanrio Characters Cosmetic Bag Black 4548387545234-1

Keep lip gloss, lipstick and mini blush on organized in this pretty cosmetic bag.

I Became a Hello Kitty Mom!

When I graduated, married and got pregnant with my first baby (same with my second born), Hello Kitty is always part of these special occasions in my life.

Hello Kitty Baby Gift Set

The perfect feeding and bathing set for your little one.

Hello Kitty Plastic Storage Rack Organizer Flower

Keeping feeding bottles and small things for baby is easier done with this Hello Kitty plastic organizer.

Hello Kitty Baby Feeding Bottle Mug Washing Sponge Brush Cleaning Tool

Cleaning feeding bottles is easy with this stylishly designed tool

And my addiction to Hello Kitty is still obvious until now. Some of the things found in my kitchen are kitty-inspired.  Some of my favorite aprons used to avoid soiling my clothes when cooking or preparing food featured the most adorable kitty face on Earth. It makes me more inspired to show off my cooking prowess whenever seeing the cutest feline character I’ve come to love so much.


Hello Kitty Kitchen Soup Scoop Ladle Polka-Dot

Measure pancake batter or scoop your favorite soup using this trendy ladle.


 Hello Kitty apron

Keep food from soiling your clothes by wearing this modish and cute apron.


Hello Kitty kitchen scissors

It’s a joy to use this kitchen scissors for cooking sessions. 

Hello Kitty Strawberry Kitchen Grill BBQ Tongs

Lightweight barbecue tongs with smooth and comfortable grip


Hello Kitty Tea Kettle

 Enjoy tea time in fashion with this cute whistling kettle.


Hello Kitty cooker

Stew dishes or any hotpot recipe can be cooked with fun and charm combined


Hello Kitty 5-Cup Electric Kettle 1.2 Lit

Pour in the fascination into your mug with this Hello Kitty electric kettle.

There was a point in my life when I thought that my fondness with the world’s cutest feline character would wane. But it did not. It even got deeper as I now share the similar penchant with my daughter. Most probably, this is because she also grew up with Hello Kitty the same way that I did during my childhood years.

Hello Kitty kid boots

Cute furry boots for little princess


Hello Kitty Throws

Stay cozy with this comfy HK blanket

 Hello Kitty bandana headwear

Hiking bandana – perfect outdoor headwear.

At this point, I no longer question myself what I like about Hello Kitty. It maybe her cute face or the friendly attitude she was described to possess. Whatever the reason may be, the important thing is – I love her then and until now even if I am already 35!

Hello Kitty Hat for pet

Hello Kitty just makes anything and anyone cuter, even a pet.

Check out all the cute Hello Kitty items at: http://www.acuteshop.com/


Hello Kitty Slippers …Choose To Walk Around Comfy and Safe

Sanrio has been delivering to the public a huge number of products that were unanimously appreciated and purchased the world over. Hello Kitty slippers are among the most favored and sought-after by customers. Women are usually the first to buy items like this.

Sometimes, indoor slippers seem to be a thing of the past. But it made a great comeback with the emergence of indoor and outdoor slippers, in different shapes and designs.


Indoor Slippers

Real Scenario: A woman comes home after a long, tiring day at the workplace. All she wants is to get comfortable so she puts her tired feet into a supple pair of plush  slippers for indoor use. Her feet need all the coziness and soothing relief the soft slippers can provide. 



Hello Kitty Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Polka Dots Red1

Instead of running around the house barefooted, wouldn’t it be more comfortable and a lot safer to walk around wearing this Hello Kitty Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Polka Dots Red?




Hello Kitty Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Polka Dots Red2

A pair of bedroom slippers can keep your feet warm especially during cold winter season.

Hello Kitty Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Pink3

Who would not be hooked with the habit of wearing slippers indoors when you’re putting on a comfy Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Pink with the cute face of the world’s cutest kitten smiling at you?

Hello Kitty Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Pink2

Pink slippers protecting your feet from the cold weather

Hello Kitty Indoor Massage Slippers


The best relaxing and inconspicuous foot therapy can be obtained with wearing indoor massage slippers. It’s indeed, a particular type of handy footwear to have around if you really want to wear something that is not only comfortable but also health-beneficial for your feet.




Hello Kitty Massage Slippers Adult Face

Hello Kitty Massage Slippers Adult Face Sanrio Leopard Pink

Stylish Women’s Slippers for Outdoors

Flip flops are now in vogue! Outdoor slippers are used by many especially during the summer months like when heading to the beach. This type of slipper, including Hello Kitty slippers are also used for casual outdoor meetings with friends. I personally know this because I, myself have several pairs of chic Hello Kitty slippers I frequently use for informal yet trendy get-up.


Hello Kitty Girls Beach Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Purple2

A fun day at the beach can be better enjoyed with your feet relaxed while wearing this HK Girls Beach Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Purple.

Hello Kitty Lady's Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Polka-Dot Pink  2


Hello Kitty Lady's Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Polka-Dot Pink 1

To the beach or the mall, be chic with Sanrio HK Lady’s Beach Slippers Flip Flops Thong..

Hello Kitty Lady's Beach Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes #910723

Choose the best  Lady’s Beach Slippers Flip Flops that complements your outfit.

Hello Kitty Lady's Beach Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Red  2

Hello Kitty Lady's Beach Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Red  1

 Hang out with friends wearing HK Lady’s Slippers Flip Flops Med Wedges Shoes Black

Hello Kitty Lady's Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Med Wedges Shoes Pink #910785Flash those nice toes of yours with this cute Lady’s Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Med Wedges Shoes Pink

Hello Kitty Lady's Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Polka-Dot Red 2

Hello Kitty Lady's Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Polka-Dot Red 1

 Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Polka-Dot Red

There is no question about the protection that slippers can provide to the feet. Wearing slippers protect the feet from filthy floors. It also keeps the feet away from getting injured by sharp objects that may be lying on the floor or the ground. For example, wearing your Hello Kitty slippers protect your feet if you are to step on a nail or a piece of glass.

Last but important thing to keep in mind – Having your own pair of Hello Kitty slippers for women can add flair to your lifestyle because they are always in style. The chic character and comfort they can provide will keep their popularity high for many years to come.

There’s no excuse for you walking with bare feet. There are plenty stylish slippers to choose from…

Sharing some of my Great Finds—- In case you are looking for nice pairs of Hello Kitty slippers, check out varied selections on display at http://www.wish.com. Some of the best pairs I have were from this secure website. They offer not just slippers but a lot of quality merchandise too!

Hello Kitty D-Cut Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Face F5Hello Kitty D-Cut Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Face F 2

 D-Cut Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Face

Hello Kitty Indoor Massage Slippers 1

 D-Cut Adult PLUSH Slippers Indoor Face

For your Little Princess

Hello Kitty Girls Beach Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Polka Dot 2

Hello Kitty Girls Beach Slippers Flip Flops Thong Capri Shoes Polka Dot

Hello Kitty Girls Flip-flops Slippers Shoes Hotpink, White

Beach Slippers Flip Flops

Hello Kitty Girls Slippers Face icon Pink Hotpink Sanrio

Welcome to A Cute Shop where cuteness is a style~