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What A Hello Kitty x Epson Label Printer Can Do For You?

Recently I saw a Hello Kitty product that really caught my attention. It’s the Hello Kitty x Epson label printer.

What’s good is that  the printer enables your make your OWN CUSTOMIZED Hello KITTY prints on paper labels, deco tapes, ribbons and on your own clothing!

Now you can make everything Hello Kitty as many & often as you want to, if you’re like me, not a specially crafty person. Imagine your friends and family be amazed when they receive your unique hand-made Hello Kitty gifts for them. That would really put a smile on the faces!

kittycover-624x326 LW200KT-02 LW200KT-03 LW200KT-04 LW200KT-05 LW200KT-06 LW200KT-07








▲ A very cute Hello Kitty label printer with a bow image next to the print button.


           ▲The label printer supports Chinese, English and Japanese input. Available Chinese input methods are phonetic and  Cangjie.


▲All Epson tapes ranging from 6-18mm can be used in this label printer.


▲Exclusive built-in icons and fonts.



▲A total of 50 Taiwan-only images.

This  EPSON LW-200KT Hello Kitty label printer is available in Taiwan only with 50 Taiwan-exclusive Hello Kitty icons. 

We are the authorized resller and taking pre-sale orders now. If friends here need to get it, you can get yours at 10% discount at our store at http://goo.gl/vgb0uN. (15% off discount coupon is not valid for this machine as we make the price as low as possible for our friends here.) If you have any question about the printer, please contact us by our Facebook fans page.


Giveaway Time! Hello Kitty Giveaway Exclusively For Our Friends! Winner Will be Announed on May 25th Pacific Time

Hello Kitty Giveaway Time!
In this Hello Kitty Giveaway 1 winner will receive a bunch of Hello Kitty gifts, including –
Hello Kitty die-cut keychain, mesh bag, envelopes, note pads, exclusive bracelet, cable ties and Hello Kitty die-cut chocolates!
To win the gifts –
1). Like our page at http://ss1.us/a/BroNXUWj
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3). Share this pic and comment: “I want Hello Kitty gifts”

The winner will be announced next Monday (May 25th) pacific time. Giveaway to worldwide friends!

Find all of our Hello Kitty items at 10% off at :
http://ss1.us/a/pfTdv9KCHello Kitty Giveaway!


Hello Kitty Chinese DIM SUM Restaurant in Hong Kong Is Open NOW!

YUM! YUM!  ლ (· ิ ω · ิ ლ)

The world’s very first CHINESE DIM SUM Hello Kitty restaurant just opened in Hong Kong.  The Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Restaurant features natural, healthy and organic dishes full of colors & creativity in Hello Kitty theme, making the dishes not only visually appealing but also appetizing  !11049443_10152980728701799_712053990856070750_o




Has any of our fans been there yet? Could you please share with us your photos?

Check the restaurant information and comments on:




2015 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Hello Kitty Flower Bouquets & More!

Spring is here and the month for celebrating love for our moms is just around the corner!

In searching for gift ideas for Moms, flowers serve the best, safest & most-loved gift for every woman throughout the world. Who wouldn’t appreciate a gift of beautiful flower bouquet? Especially if it’s a bouquet of Hello Kitty!

Below are the 2015 Hello Kitty flower bouquets from Sanrio in Japan. Even though most of us wouldn’t be able to get them delivered to our home, these could be great flower arrangement ideas for those with green thumbs! N-1503-497215_4 N-1503-326356_1 N-1503-326356_2 N-1503-326356_3 N-1503-326356_4 N-1503-496839_1 N-1503-496839_2 N-1503-496839_3 N-1503-496839_4 N-1503-497215_1 N-1503-497215_2 N-1503-497215_3


And if you just wish to get some reachable gifts of Hello Kitty for your mom, here’s some gift ideas particularly for different types of moms that you could consider and purchase! Be sure to benefit from the 15% off coupon code at bottom of this page for your shopping, before the offer expires.

2015 Hello Kitty Gift Ideas for Moms!

2015 Hello Kitty Gift Ideas for Moms!

Check out more Hello Kitty Mother’s Day gift ideas!

15% Off Coupon 4 Hello Kitty Gifts


My Pilgrim Trip to Sanrio Japan Stores Series 2014 — Hello Kitty Japan at Tokyo Skytree Town in Soramachi

Being a Sanrio-lover and seller for a long time and a middle-aged mom, I never had a chance to visit ANY ORIGINAL Hello Kitty stores in Japan, because I wasn’t born by a Kitty fan mother. ^^~ But I’m a bona-fide self-taught cats and Kitty fan, and finally last summer in 2014, I decided it was time for me and my 3-grade daughter to get to see Hello Kitty better, in the city where she got her name from.

Not an avid and diligent blog writer myself either, however, I feel my experiences and photos taken in Tokyo a totally waste whenever I spot them in my computer files.  So, beginning this blog post, I’m going to try my best sharing my limited experiences and photos taken from my long-waited pilgrim trip to Hello Kitty stores in Tokyo Japan that I always thought I need to go at least once in a life time. I’m also giving away a unique gift to our friends and fans who read this article and share your experiences with us and our friends here. Please read through this article to the end to find our little surprise for you!

There are over 20 Hello Kitty stores in Tokyo and the stores that I visited are –

  1. Hello Kitty Japan at Tokyo Skytree Town in Soramachi
  2. Questina Ginza
  3. Sanrio Vivitix Sunshine City Alpa
  4. Sanrio World Ginza
  5. Sanrio Gift Gate

I’m a person that needs to see things for myself to believe and feel, so paying visits to Hello Kitty stores in Japan meant a lot to me.  I mean, c’mon, Hello Kitty is such a super star and a world-wide phenomenon that I figure her presence in Japan must be omni-present and her charm in Japan must be omni-potent to her Japanese fellow-men.

The first store that I visited upon arriving in Japan,  Hello Kitty Japan at Tokyo Skytree Town in Soramachi, to my surprise, only had sporadic visitors, mostly not speaking Japanese,  among the many crowds in the shopping mall. 10497521_10152279460913806_2539339154139866893_o 10351072_10152279424678806_7138072616717692159_n


But HEY! This store is originally set-up and meant for overseas buyers only! As Skytree tower is such a worldly land-mark that only people from out of town or foreign countries, not locals will spend a lot of time here, right?
So I figure if you’re in Japan for a tour and don’t have much time shopping and you want to get the uniquely Japanese culture x Hello Kitty elements in a gift for your friends, the Hello Kitty Japan at Tokyo Skytree Town in Soramachi is definitely the store to go

They have so many unique Hello Kitty-themed local gifts, such as traditional Japanese snacks & souvenirs,  ideal to bring home and to IMPRESS your friends and family! What’ more, the transportation to the mall is just convenient and you won’t find yourself looking for directions or get lost since Tokyo Skytree tower is such a big land-mark in Tokyo! 10494901_10152279462413806_2178191752648781481_oHello Kitty Japan TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN SORAMACHI 10549077_10152279465633806_4674900251226776267_o 10549247_10152279461938806_2959316487187283831_o

By the time I started writing this article in Jan. 2015, the items that I got from Japan during the trip are already gone and used, so it’s a pity that I cannot share local gifts from Japan.  But still I’m giving away THREE Sanrio Japan Hello Kitty planners to THREE friends who must do all the following two things-

1. Share a Sanrio store in cities near you that you’ve been to and think unique and what’s unique about them or your experiendes? Please share your experiences by commenting on this blog post.

2. Share link of this article to your blog post or facebook account and provide the linkage of your sharing to us.

The planner I’m giving away is handy to keep in any mid-size bag and I hope you’ll like. You can find more details about it here.

PS. This giveaway is valid from now till Feb. 10th, 2015. If there are more than three participants, we’ll draw lots for the winners! GOOD LUCK!!


The next article is about Questina Ginza store, where I think OLs and young & mature women will find your adrenaline increases rapidly once you step inside the store.  I did! ^^~


Here comes the 2015 Hello Kitty & More Refills for Small Louis Vuitton Agenda PM!

After been asked for I-don-know-how-many-times ever since beginning of this year, the 2015 Hello Kitty (& more) refills for the  Small Louis Vuitton Agenda PM & any compatible 6-ring small planners are finally going to land on our store!

Check out the sneak previews of some the Sanrio refills.

6161-1 6162-1 6163-1 6164-1

2015 Hello Kitty My Melody Little Twin Stars Snoopy refills for LV PM agenda

We will start dispatching orders for these refills hopefully on Sept. 15th, 2014. Pre-sale orders are being taken now at our ebay and online stores. 

Alongside with the pre-sale listings, we are offering a 10% off discount & a BONUS gift is given when you buy these refills at our store now.

The bonus gifts themselves are very cute and definite a rare-to-find item to keep at your desk at home or office!



Also check out more refills in Disney Mickey & Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess designs!~

4901770436241-1 4901770436227-1 4901770436234-1

If this is the first time you consider getting these refills for our Louis Vuittoon PM agenda, you might also see people’s review of the planner with Hello Kitty refills.


Especially for you! Be an Early Planner and Receive a BONUS gift with Your Purchase of ANY 2015 Planner

Receive a BONUS Gift when you buy any planner from our store now!

Receive a BONUS Gift when you buy any planner from our store now!

Every year at this time of year we get extremely busy at the office, because starting as early as mid-July, we receive new planners/calendars for the next year, almost every week.

When the planners/calendars arrive at the office, we are racing with time to find and take photos of the planners / calendars alongside with writing detailed description of the planners / calendars so that buyers can see them in a visually clear and pleasing matter in our stores at the soonest.


Doing this for at least the past 5 years we’ve found there’re still many people who are fond of  doing personal planning by hand-writing on paper in the traditional way. Even though nowadays mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets which are not short of personal time management tools and apps are omnipresent in almost everyone’s daily life, some (and many) people still like the warmth of hand-writing and creativity of hand-drawing. It’s something and some fun that cannot be replaced by the newest version of technology!

So here comes the planners/calendars of your favorite cute stars of this year! At the time when I’m writing this article, we’re not done yet with posting the new planners/calendars as they are still coming and won’t stop until late September!

We hope you have fun and a heart-healing process when you are browsing these cute planners and calendars in our store! Every time when we open a planner or calendar, we can see how the designers try their best to have these cute stars come live on paper and accompany their friends / users for the new year!



Summer Sale! 20% OFF Hello Kitty Sandals. 3-Day Only Sale Until July 19th.

Hello Kitty Sandal Sale


Team Up with Hello Kitty to Celebrate FIFA World Cup 2014 NOW!

Hello Kitty x FIFA World Cup 2014 Items


Celebrating the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, we team up with Hello Kitty to bring you the limited Hello Kitty x FIFA 2014 stationery!


This Hello Kitty x FIFA 2014 series come in postcards, memo pads, letter sets, Polaroid Notebook, stickers, paper bags..etc, all in limited edition for a limited quantity only! Get them now and add to your Hello Kitty collection today! You will have so many to show and talk about with this rare Hello Kitty x FIFA 2014 items!

Hello Kitty FIFA World Cup 2014 items



Download – Little Twin Stars & My Melody Wall Papers 2014.June– Newly Released !

JUST RELEASED!  Exclusive cute Little Twin Stars / My Melody
wall papers !

201406_TS_hot120Little Twin Stars Good Night Series
1024*768 1280*800


My Melody Blue Birds Series

1024*768 1280*800

Welcome to A Cute Shop where cuteness is a style~