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Sanrio Expo 2014 Unveils New Products To Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary

Hello Kitty turns 40! The world’s most loved anime kitten has made the life of many girls happy. And it still continues the same legacy with the great grandchildren of people who have been with them when they were kids. One of the most interesting things with Hello Kitty is the fact that it doesn’t wane in popularity. The interesting fact is that the range of its customers amplifies even more. Individuals getting into the Hello Kitty fervor are not anymore limited to young girls alone. There are adult ladies and yes, men and boys who love this charming kitty anime. This generation-existing fanaticism to the cutest feline anime character has been acknowledged even by celebrities worldwide. And to celebrate its 40th year of existence, new products, bigger projects and innovative goods were unveiled and displayed in their organized Sanrio Expo 2014.

Way back 2002, singer Lisa Loeb featured Hello Kitty on her 2002 album cover titled Hello Lisa. Last year, Avril Lavigne also included a song for Hello Kitty on her fifth studio album, Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty.








To celebrate the cutest cat’s 40th anniversary, Sanrio worked together with the Japanese boy band SMAP to bring more delight and happiness to the fans of the cutest cat anime character worldwide.

smap album

On October 2013, Sanrio announced that SMAP’s song entitled “Hello” would be used as the 40th anniversary song for Hello Kitty. And to celebrate its most significant birthday, SMAP boy band wore Hello Kitty suits on the cover of the album.

smap hello kitty

smap album

sanrio expo suits

Sanrio Expo 2014 – Glimpse into the Exciting Event

The expo viewed first in Tokyo until February 7th and will be available in Osaka for two days starting February 20 showcases a lot of new characters and program highlights.

Guests were welcomed with different Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary board, Arigato Hug You featuring Hello Kitty hugging another Sanrio character.

arigato main lobby

greeting expo

kitty and mimmy











expo 1

expo 2

mikimoto 2













Strawberry forest-inspired 3 dimensional tiara


with a 3 karat Kitty face-shaped diamond in the center.



24 karats of gems all-in-all


Champagne and apple drink

expo 11

expo 7

expo 6

Drink to celebrate Kitty’s 40th birthday!

12 15



19mochi goodies cupcakes black face kitty black face kitty q 32 24 23 19










black face kitty q


black face kitty





















appliances 1







expo 5


expo 8


guitar kitty






expo 4


































Great surprises are not over yet even after you have gone through all the displays in the Sanrio Expo 2014. There are still more exciting offers and products, which are results of the persistent Hello Kitty 40th anniversary collaborations with Mitsubishi and Licca-Chan (another Japanese pop-culture idol).

mistu 1

mitsu 2

mitsu 3Mitsubishi x Hello Kitty car exterior and interior


Hello Kitty Loves Licca Chan

lica hous

Hello Kitty playhouse with miniature items comes with the Licca-chan doll package

licca 2

Licca Chan wearing Hello Kitty outfits

Happy 40th anniversary Hello Kitty…More purr-ing days to come as you tandem with other significant brands to introduce more exciting merchandises.

Check out our Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary items at http://goo.gl/scZvi9


Unboxing the Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone Cell Phone 5” HD IPS for Android System

The present era is marked with the prosperity of software application and smart phone launches. Surf social media sites and you would notice a multitude of users showing off their latest gadgets through their status posts and photo sharing activities. You can refer to me as one of them, if you like. Anyway, I just feel spreading out my experience with unboxing the Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone 5” HD IPS for Android System is an ideal way to share information discovered to fellow gadget and Hello Kitty enthusiasts as well as other technology surfing enthusiasts.

Prior to unboxing, first thing checked was the condition of the packaging of the Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone 5” HD IPS for Android System. Shortly after that, the package was opened revealing the following items:

Original gift box

It’s a red box in good form, no deformed portions at all. It features the cutesy Hello Kitty image holding a red striped bow.





K6 User Manual, original earphones, charger, travel charger and other accessories including 2 Lithium Ion batteries and 1 USB cable. 







So interested, the user manual was opened unveiling information written in Chinese language. The next thing picked up was the cell phone device itself. Found on the upper section is the front 5.0 megapix camera with the “KATOON” signature mark majestically featured on the superior central segment of the device.





With much enthusiasm, the unboxer in me held and slowly laid the Hello Kitty cute Smartphone down on the computer keyword captivatingly staring at its 5.0 inch colored touchscreen designed to display 1280×720 pixels resolution.





This Hello Kitty cell phone was then picked up, transferred to the other hand and placed on the nearby table to check its back portion.  There she was again, the charming feline favorite holding her ribbon with red stripes on the phone’s back cover. Seen on the upper center portion is its 12.0 megapixel rear camera.








Raring to snoop more into this modern communication device carrying the Sanrio label, it was then moved back to rest on the desktop keyword. Turning the unit on and off, showed the animated Hello Kitty greetings! It is such an adorable sight to set eyes on!





A soft press on the center button showed the colorful icons that are so engaging to explore one by one. This Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone runs on Android operating system power-driven by the dominant MTK 6589 quad core processor.






Continuously delving into what’s within this Hello Kitty cell phone, took me to discovering the variety of exclusive Hello Kitty wallpapers. This means the numerous possibilities of dressing up the display screen in different presentations.  The curious hands continued to scrutinize one wallpaper design to another to the delight of the eyes searching for more pleasing display options for the moment.


K6-KT-2b_zpse85da17fNumerous Hello Kitty wallpapers to choose from







There will always be instances when users like me would prefer to change the ring tone being used. It’s also nice to splash your life with some variety from time to time so they say. It is good to know while exploring the widgets and applications that there are 64 sound choices available in this mobile device.





The ample choices available by default gratified the expectations of the faithful Hello Kitty fan. Though contented with the features seen, the mobile unit voyaging carried on. With caution, the handheld unit was raised to a level high enough to view its thickness. This Sanrio mobile device  is heavyweight with its endowed application features housed in a slim 9.3 m nutshell usually appreciated by present generation mobile phone users.





Then the question of the possibility of traveling abroad struck me, which made me more interested to probe into this attribute. Running on a quad band system, this model Sanrio Hello Kitty smartphone can be used in other countries. There is no more need to change to a different phone whenever travel in any country worldwide. Since it is a dual sim phone, the user can use two sim cards at the same time.


The puff of anxiety about being out of the house for long period of hours, without bringing along a travel charger engorged in mind. Reading through the booklet of instructions somehow took the pressure off after learning that its 1650 mAh Li-ion battery enables 2 hours of talk time and 4 days of standby period.


Other derivative features will soon after be explored and the possibilities of downloading some later on are worth looking forward to. The experience of picking up the box, slitting the plastic wrapped around it followed by one by one checking on the accessories and other items that come with the Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone Cell Phone 5” HD IPS for Android System is an encounter that is worth remembering. This accompanied by the pleasure and anticipation of having my own authentic Hello Kitty Smartphone obviously made my day complete.


Sanrio hello Kitty smartphone


Hello Kitty Motor Helmets – Be Properly Geared On The Road

Getting ready for a great motorcycle riding experience? Good for you! But have you spent enough time to prepare for your safety on the road? If you are eager to go out and ride a motorcycle, you need to know that dressing up properly before you step on your motorbike is not merely about abiding laws. It’s more on your safety while on the road. Driving my motor bike for a long time with my child,  we never dared to leave home without wearing our Hello Kitty motor helmets. The reason is because I don’t want to be part of the plenty of fatal motorcycle related injuries being reported every now and then caused by wrong and incomplete biking outfit.

Hello Kitty Motor Bike Helmet Apple

Hello Kitty Motor Bike Helmet Harley Apple Pink, White, Hotpink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Kid 34 Motorcycle Helmet Heart Glitter Hotpink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Kid 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Heart Glitter Hotpink Sanrio


Dressing Right for Safer Motor Bike Ride

Before you get too excited in hitting the road on your bike, you need to recognize that wearing the right gear is important for your own safety. It is important that you get your own motorcycle riding outfit. This can do so much in shielding you from unexpected incidents during your ride. The following tips will better guide you in choosing the right clothing for the said riding encounter:

  • Motor Helmets

Never ride a motor bike without wearing a helmet. This gear will protect your head from life-threatening injuries. Do not forget that a lot of people have reportedly died even in slight accidents because they were so fearless in not wearing their helmets.


Hello Kitty 3 4 Motorcycle Helmet Polka Dot wVisor Black Sanrio

Hello Kitty 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Polka Dot w/ Visor Black Sanrio

Hello Kitty Motorcycle 3/4 Helmet RETRO Polka Dot Ribbon

Hello Kitty Motorcycle 3/4 Helmet RETRO Face Hotpink Sanrio



  • Jacket/ Long Sleeve Tops

Whether it is sunny or rainy, you should wear a jacket when riding a motorcycle. This gear will ensure that your arms are completely protected during a crash. It’s also one way of shielding yourself from the sun when the sun is up.

When choosing the top apparel to wear, you should stay away from wearing flowing or baggy clothes. Tops that are overly loose-fitting should be avoided because they can hamper comfortable driving. The key is to be dressed in a snugly fitting attire when riding on a motor bike.

  • Jeans

You need to make sure that your lower extremities (knees, legs, feet) are completely protected in case an accident occurs. Wearing short pants will make your legs and knees uncovered and exposed for scratches during a crash and the heat of the sun even if you are wearing the best quality boots.

  • Good quality gloves

Wearing gloves is not for style intentions alone. It‘s a standard technique for excellent handle grip since the hands may sweat. If this happens, the hands have the tendency to slip and make it difficult for you to maneuver the motor bike. During a long drive, wearing gloves will also prevent blisters from forming on your palm.

  • Good pair of motorcycle boots

You need to choose the right type of boots. Do not just pay attention to the style or brand but more on the features of this foot gear. Check comfort and protection attributes. Choose a pair that fits exactly in your feet. In doing so, you will be at peace that your feet won’t get hurt while wearing the boots.

The idea is to be dressed for comfort and function whenever thinking of riding a motorcycle. Wearing a snugly-fitted top or jacket, jeans, comfortable boots, gloves and high-quality Hello Kitty motor helmet is a requisite for a safe and sound motorcycle riding experience.


Why Wear Hello Kitty Motor Helmets?

When talking about complete motor biking gear, helmets are first to be considered. Some careless and pretending-to-be daring riders consider this equipment as troublesome to wear. However, it cannot be denied that being a headgear, it provides a great level of protection for one of the most important parts of the body – the head.


Hello Kitty Motor Bike Helmet Harley Union Jack England Red Sanrio

Hello Kitty Motor Bike Helmet Harley Union Jack England Red Sanrio

You need to wear motor helmets as protection from the following:

  • Brain trauma

You know very well that the brain is the most sensitive organ of the body. Even a slight dribble can bring damage that can lead to disabilities especially if the left portion is involved. Imagine how dangerous it can be, if your head bangs and you are not wearing a helmet during the crash. Wearing a helmet would somehow lessen the degree of damage compared to when you aren’t wearing it. A well-designed helmet offers a good deal of protection to the brain during a smash.

  • Scalp injury

Although, it is less critical than brain injury, incurring tear or scratches on the scalp can be very painful. Good helmets are made with a cushion layer for comfort and protection to the head including the scalp. This feature also diminishes the magnitude of harm including slits and contusions.

  • Scrapes and scratches

There are helmets designed to offer full protection for the head including the face. You don’t want to bear the implications of having a scarred face, right? If you are wearing this helmet type, severity of facial scrapes that may leave dreadful-looking scars can be diminished.


Different Types of Helmets

By now, you have realized the importance of wearing motor helmets for your riding safety. To better guide you in choosing which one to buy, let’s talk about the different types of helmet.

  • Full-face helmets

The full face design is the most preferred style today because it provides the most protection during a crash. Why? Well, because it shields the whole head as well as the face from the upshot of an accident. This is the most sought-after design especially for people who are just starting to ride a motorcycle.

full face helmet

Full face helmet type

  • Open face helmets

This type of motorcycle head gear intends to keep the face bare and exposed during the ride. It is usually preferred by riders who are more comfortable if their face is not covered as they enjoy driving their motorbikes. Some riders using open face helmets wear sunglasses or goggles to protect their eyes from dust or wind when riding.

Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio ROLL ON TO ZOOM IN Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Harley Face Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Motor Helmet Harley Style Apple  White  Sanrio

Vintage Goggle Glasses Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Goggles on Helmet

Vintage Goggle Glasses Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Goggles on Helmet

  • Flip front types

Designed with the front cover that can be turned over, this type of helmet is recommended for those riders who want to take the benefits of both open and full face helmets. When you want to get full face protection, all you have to do is flip down the front of the helmet. Alternatively, you may flick it up to enjoy its open face feature anytime desired.


Hello Kitty 34 Motorcycle Helmet Polka Dot w Visor Purple Sanrio

Hello Kitty 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Polka Dot w/ Visor Purple Sanrio


 Motor Helmet – Your Children’s Motorcycle Ride Safety Head Gear

If adults like us, love to ride motorcycles, I am pretty sure that kids want to experience it as well. (My kids are living examples!) You can see the fascination in their eyes especially when you agree to take them on a motorcycle ride with you.  But just like you that needs protection, your kids also need to be safe and secure before you hit the open road. A lot of possibilities may happen and you would not like to compromise your kid’s safety as you take pleasure in this venture with your child.


Your child would need a good quality helmet. I bought this Hello Kitty motor helmet for kids immediately when my husband approved of motorbike riding with my daughter.

Hello Kitty Kid 34 Motorcycle Helmet Heart Glitter Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Kid 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Heart Glitter Pink Sanrio

It would be best to choose a full face type for children. Aside from offering a high level of protection for the head, the following are the other reasons why you need to stick with this choice of design:


  • To provide maximum protection to their face during a crash.
  • To have the peace of mind that your child would enjoy the ride without complaining about the noise coming from the engine of the motorbike.
  • To screen their eyes and facial skin from the effects of the UV rays


Together with the helmet, you also need to make sure that your child is properly geared before riding the bike. You need to make sure that the he is appropriately dressed in materials that are evaluated safe for this kind of activity. Comfort and function is also a top priority when selecting the items for your little rider.

Now that you have learned about the right gear to wear for a safe motorcycle ride, there is no excuse for you to sway away from this guideline.

Proper Care for your Hello Kitty Motor Helmet

Once you have all of these items on hand including your helmet, you should take care of them so you can use them for a long time. Don’t just leave it lying anywhere. You need to store your Hello Kitty motor helmet in an even and flat surface so as to prevent it from falling into the ground. You wouldn’t want to wear a helmet that is marked with unsightly dents and severe nicks, would you?


Riding a motorcycle will provide you with the infinite delight of openness on the road. The pleasure is even more amplified when you are joined by your child. You would not want to spoil the enjoyment just because of carelessness. So never take safety for granted. Before taking your kids to the open road, be properly geared. Wear the appropriate motor cycle helmet. Get the gist and stick to this guide before starting your motor engine with your child and you’ll be safe. Enjoy the ride!


Hello Kitty Home: Declutter Solutions and Tips For Well-Organized House Interiors

Published on February 9, 2014, by in For You, Sophie' Blog.

The indoor surroundings of your home say a lot about the people living in it. A messy house may bring the impression that its residents are confused and unruly. This is the reason why most homeowners like you spend many hours aiming to pull off the unspoiled appearance for the home interiors. I can imagine how you have browsed magazines and the Internet for designs and elements that would coordinate well to achieve the perfect look for your abode.  But did you know that simply making your house neat and well-organized is enough to succeed in establishing an impressive ambiance to others? Here are some simple but effective Hello Kitty home organization solutions and tips to help you make your home organized and well-designed.

The most excellent method to deal with untidiness is to use good storage solutions. Making use of bins and organizers will not only help avoid messing up the room. It will also reduce the hassle of misplacing small items and make it easy to find specific things, especially if you have labeled the containers based on their content.

  • Have an organizer where you can store television remote control, pens and other small personal items that can start the untidiness in this part of the house.

Hello Kitty Wood Remote Control Organizer Apple

Hello Kitty Wood Remote Control Organizer Apple

Kerokero Keroppi Wood Remote Control Storage Organizer SanrioKerokero Keroppi Wood Remote Control Storage Organizer SanrioKerokero Keroppi Wood Remote Control Storage Organizer Sanrio

Kerokero Keroppi Wood Remote Control Storage Organizer Sanrio

Pom Pom Purin Wood Remote Control Storage Organizer Sanrio

Pom Pom Purin Wood Remote Control Storage Organizer Sanrio

  • Small  toys like molding clay, miniature cars and other tiny play items can be neatly stored in pretty boxes and mini storage areas.

Hello Kitty Drawer Chest Stack Storage Pink SanrioHello Kitty Drawer Chest Stack Storage Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Stacking Basket Storage Flower Sanrio

Hello Kitty Stacking Basket Storage Flower Sanrio

  • If there are small reading materials like Reader’s Digest, pocketbooks and other undersized paperbacks cluttering in the living room, opt to put them in a nice-looking container. Choose compact types that can be easily placed on top of a table or cabinet. So you can easily get them when needed. 


Hello Kitty Head-shape Wooden Multi-purpose Storage Organizer PinkHello Kitty Head-shape Wooden Multi-purpose Storage Organizer Pink

Peanuts Snoopy Folding Multi-purpose Storage Organizer

Peanuts Snoopy Folding Multi-purpose Storage Organizer

My Melody Desk Letter Holder Vanity Organizer Stand 2-Compartment Wooden Sanrio

My Melody Desk Letter Holder Vanity Organizer Stand 2-Compartment Wooden Sanrio

  • Using a coat hanger is another good step to make your living space orderly. This also serves as an ideal solution for tidying up umbrellas and other items that can be hanged.

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Metal Hook Wall Coat Rack Hanger Home Decor Radish

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Metal Hook Wall Coat Rack Hanger Home Decor Radish

  • Keep tissues in order by using a good quality tissue box cover. This will also avoid dust from getting into the tissues that you will use later on. 


Hello Kitty Die-Cut Kleenex Tissue Box Cover Plush PinkHello Kitty Die-Cut Kleenex Tissue Box Cover Plush Pink

Hello Kitty Head-shape Kleenex Tissue Box Cover Plush Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Head-shape Kleenex Tissue Box Cover Plush Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Kleenex Tissue Box Cover Head-shape for Car Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Kleenex Tissue Box Cover Head-shape for Car Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Kleenex Tissue Box Cover Rose Embroidery

Hello Kitty Kleenex Tissue Box Cover Rose Embroidery

  • Are you often late at work because you spend a long time looking for your car keys? Is it a normal experience that you waste hours looking for letters, receipts and bills? Annoying, isn’t it? Avoid this hassle by keeping things in the right storage solutions. 

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Wall Keybox Letter Holder Organizer Resin Rose Ivory-White

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Wall Keybox Letter Holder Organizer Resin Rose Ivory-White

  • Are the contents of your kitchen cabinet in order? Or simply opening its door can ruin your day because the packs of biscuits previously opened have invited ants to make a feast on them? And the condiments are still in their original packages and in jumble. Get to the bottom of all these by using appropriate containers. You will not just tidy up the clutter. You will also keep these food items safe to eat for everyone.


Hello Kitty Glass Candy Jar Polka Dot SanrioHello Kitty Glass Candy Jar Polka Dot Sanrio

Disney Mickey Storage Food Container Bento Lunch Case Set

Disney Mickey Storage Food Container Bento Lunch Case Set

Hello Kitty Lunch Container Case Bento Polka Dot Sanrio

Hello Kitty Lunch Container Case Bento Polka Dot Sanrio

Hello Kitty Seasoning Condiment Container Case w  Spoon Red Dessert

Hello Kitty Seasoning Condiment Container Case w  Spoon Red Dessert

Hello Kitty Seasoning Condiment Container Case w Spoon 2 PCS Set Donut

Hello Kitty Seasoning Condiment Container Case w Spoon 2 PCS Set Donut

Hello Kitty Water Kettle Jug Pink Donut Sanrio

Hello Kitty Seasoning Condiment Container Case w Spoon 2 PCS Set Donut

Easy Steps to Clean A Cluttered Home

Always keep in mind that clutter is not meant to be overlooked. On the other side, it does not have to tower over your life as well. With sensible thinking and handy tips, you will be able to tackle the litter that makes your home messy and disorganized. Go along with the following easy-to-understand strategies on how to get rid of clutter fast:

  • Get 3 trash bags or any container to begin decluttering your home. You need these items so you can sort out items to be thrown in the trash, to be given away and to be stored for future use.  Dispose useless knick-knacks as well as busted toys and other worn out clothes in a trash bin.

Hello Kitty Mini Trash Basket Garbage Bin Polka Dot Pink

Hello Kitty Mini Trash Basket Garbage Bin Polka Dot Pink

San-x Rilakkuma Wastebasket Pedal Trash Can Dustbin Brown

San-x Rilakkuma Wastebasket Pedal Trash Can Dustbin Brown

  • Collect all the laundry scattered in different areas of the house. Use a laundry basket or bag to stack away clothes for washing. You can also make use of laundry mesh bag to keep clothes for wash. A durable laundry drying hanger would be helpful for more organized hanging of washed clothes.


Hello Kitty Multi Purpose Portable Basket Pink SanrioHello Kitty Multi Purpose Portable Basket Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Machine Wash Mesh Laundry Lingerie Bag 34x21cm RETANGULAR NEW DESIGN

Hello Kitty Machine Wash Mesh Laundry Lingerie Bag 34x21cm RECTANGULAR NEW DESIGN

Little Twin Stars Machine Wash Mesh Laundry Lingerie Bag 34x21 cm Sanrio

Little Twin Stars Machine Wash Mesh Laundry Lingerie Bag 34×21 cm Sanrio



  • Collect all bills both paid and unpaid. Sort them out and put them in separate file organizers. In doing so, you can easily retrieve them at any time needed. But keep in mind that bills of long time ago and paper work that are not needed would be better tossed away in the trash bin.


Hello Kitty File Document Bag Zipper Storage Ribbon Red SanrioHello Kitty File Document Bag Zipper Storage Ribbon Red Sanrio

Kero Kero Keroppi Desk Letter Holder Vanity Organizer Stand 2-Compartment Wooden Sanrio

Kero Kero Keroppi Desk Letter Holder Vanity Organizer Stand 2-Compartment Wooden Sanrio

  • Replace the dirty rugs and floor mats with clean ones. Check if they are still good enough for use or you need to invest on a new one. Keep in mind that even small items like these can do so much in making your home interiors look neat and tidy.


Hello Kitty Floor Mat Carpet Ribbon Plush Indoor Slippers Set Christmas GiftHello Kitty Floor Mat Carpet Ribbon Plush Indoor Slippers Set Christmas Gift

Hello Kitty Non-Slip Carpet Doormat Floor Mat Rug Apple Sanrio

Hello Kitty Non-Slip Carpet Doormat Floor Mat Rug Apple Sanrio

Hello Kitty Bath Area Rug Mat Carpet Hotel Quality Pink Classic Face

Hello Kitty Bath Area Rug Mat Carpet Hotel Quality Pink Classic Face

Why The Need to Declutter Your Home?

When you think of your home, the first thing that comes to mind is peace and relaxation. But how would you relax if you see that your house is in total mess? Isn’t it more comforting to move around if your house has clear and organized surfaces? In addition, living in a clutter-free home provides the advantage of having a healthier living space for you and your family. And since all things are in their proper places, you will never be at the burden of spending long hours searching for things when you need them.


As soon as you have cleaned up your messy home, you should start to practice the habit of keeping on top of things. You should stick with a cleaning schedule to achieve cleanliness all the time. In doing so, you will also prevent piling up of litter that can be overwhelming to clean later on. With the use of these basic and affordable Hello Kitty home accessories, keeping your home orderly will be easier.



Hello Kitty Baby Essentials: Checklist for Things to Buy For Your Newborn

You are expecting a new baby? Congratulations! Most probably you are now planning and preparing for the coming of the baby by starting to shop for baby clothing and other infant necessities.  I remember how I was delighted to roam around shops in search for Hello Kitty baby essentials when I was pregnant with my first baby. Looking back, I keep coming back to the baby section of different shops delighted to buy every baby item found. It was after the birth of my sweet bundle of joy when I found out that some pieces were not spot on needed. Consequently, I also realized that there are those that are indeed, baby essentials. Having a checklist to refer to would help you prepare better for the things your newborn baby will need.

Baby Essentials Checklist

You need to be prepared as the coming of your baby gets closer. Make a list for the baby’s bathing, clothing, feeding and bedding necessities. By doing this, you will avert from purchasing items on impulse and “just in case” purposes.

Baby Clothing

  • Baby Wrap – Your baby needs protection from the cold weather. Newborns need to be kept warm all the time. When I gave birth to my little princess, she was wrapped snugly by the Hello Kitty Baby Wrap with Hood that I purchased. Buying at least 8 baby wraps to give your little one the warm and secure feeling they had in the womb is advised.

Hello Kitty Ribbon Baby Wrap Snug w Head Cover Pink Polka Dot Sarnio Hello Kitty Ribbon Baby Wrap Snug w Head Cover Pink Polka Dot SarnioHello Kitty Ribbon Baby Wrap Snug w Head Cover Pink Polka Dot Sarniohk baby wrap

Hello Kitty Ribbon Baby Wrap Snug w/ Head Cover Hotpink Polka Dot Sanrio

Hello Kitty Ribbon Baby Wrap Snug w Head Cover Pink Polka Dot SarnioHello Kitty Ribbon Baby Wrap Snug w Head Cover Pink Polka Dot Sarnio

Hello Kitty Ribbon Baby Wrap Snug w/ Head Cover Pink Polka Dot Sanrio

  • Booties and mitts – Whoever said babies don’t need footwear is absolutely mistaken. Although they are not yet walking, the need to dress their tiny feet and hands for warmth and protection is a must. Whether your little one is going for an outdoor stroll or preparing for bedtime, dress her or him with booties and mitts.  These items can be purchased as single items. Some also come in a baby clothing set with matching bunny suits, beanie hat and bib. Recommended: 6-12 pairs

partner booties

Hello Kitty Baby Booties New Born Organic Cotton Sanrio

hk baby mitts

Hello Kitty Baby Mitts New Born Organic Cotton Sanrio

hk mitt booties hat

Hello Kitty Baby Fulff 4-Piece Layette Gift Set Pink Sanrio


  • Cloth Nappies – Even if you plan to use disposable diapers, it is still necessary to have some cloth nappies for your bundle of joy. Get at least a dozen of this if you will use disposable ones. Get 24-36 if you would stick to using non-disposable diapers. Don’t forget to buy nappy pins or clips and liners if using cloth nappies.

 cloth nappy

Cloth Nappies

  •  Baby Clothes – Basic newborn clothes are onesies. This is mainly a shirt designed to be snapped together at the crotch. Footed sleepers designed with elastic or snaps at the bottom to allow easy diaper changes at night. And who would not fall in love with the cute shirts and shorts specifically designed for those tiny bodies?

Hello Kitty Baby New Born 5-Piece Gift Set Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby New Born 5-Piece Gift Set Pink Sanrio


  • Beanie hats- Just like the small hands and feet, the bald head of your newborn needs to be protected and kept warm. Keep in mind that a lot of heat is lost through the baby’s head. Get at least 12 beanie hats for your little one.

hk baby beanie hatHello Kitty Baby Hat BEANIE HAT Cap Heart Embroidery Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby Hat BEANIE HAT CAP Embroidery Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby Hat BEANIE HAT CAP Embroidery Pink Sanrio


Feeding Essentials

Hello Kitty Assorted Baby Feeding Bottle Gift Set

Hello Kitty Assorted Baby Feeding Bottle Gift Set


  • Breast milk freezer storage bag – Although everything is fixed when you opt to breastfeed, it would be helpful to get a breast milk storage bag.  This is necessary when you need to pump to reduce breast fullness. With the appropriate milk bag, you can freeze the milk for use later on.

hk breastmilk freezer bag

Hello Kitty Breast Milk Freezer Storage Bag 200ml / 7oz. 25 pcs Sanrio


  • Feeding bottle – These are useful items regardless if you are breast or formula feeding. At least 4 or 5 bottles would be good to have for a start.

hk feeding bottleHello Kitty Baby PES Feeding Bottle 270ml BPA FREE

Hello Kitty Baby Glass Feeding Bottle 4oz.  120ml BPA FREE Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby Glass Feeding Bottle 4oz. / 120ml BPA FREE Sanrio


Hello Kitty Baby Wideneck PP Feeding Bottle 4.7oz. 140ml BPA FREE Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby Wideneck PP Feeding Bottle 4.7oz. / 140ml BPA FREE Sanrio


  • Silicone Nipples – Keeping extra nipples for baby’s feeding bottles handy at home would prepare you for nipple-change emergencies. These items are usually available in 3-piece pack.

Hello Kitty Silicone Nipples Pacifier New Born 3 Pcs

Hello Kitty Silicone Nipples Pacifier New Born 3 Pcs


  • Feeding bottle and nipple brush – You need to make sure that your baby’s feeding bottles including the nipples are cleaned thoroughly. Hence, the need for good quality bottle and nipple brush.

Hello Kitty Rotating Bottle Brush with  Pacifier BrushHello Kitty Rotating Bottle Brush w/ Pacifier Brush

Hello Kitty Baby Feeding Pacifier Brush Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby Feeding Pacifier Brush Pink Sanrio

  • Newborn pacifier – This item seem to possess the magic potion that can effectively calm an agitated baby. Just be sure that the crying is not caused by hunger.   When you buy one, be sure to purchase a pacifier holder.

Hello Kitty Pacifier Soother For New-Born to 6-Mon Baby

Hello Kitty Pacifier Soother For New-Born to 6-Mon Baby


Pink Hello Kitty Baby Pacifier Strap Holder Clip Cover

Pink Hello Kitty Baby Pacifier Strap Holder Clip Cover


  • Baby bib – These would be necessary for bottle fed babies. It would be safer to go for bibs that have Velcro fasteners or slip over baby head designs.

Hello Kitty Baby Feeding Bib Cotton Baby Printing Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby Feeding Bib Cotton Baby Printing Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby Feeding Bib Cotton Printing Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby Feeding Bib Cotton Printing Sanrio



  • Bib holder – Stay away from bibs that are tied around the neck. It can be dangerous when the long tie goes around the neck of your baby. Buy a bib holder instead.

Hello Kitty Adjustable Bib Clip Die-cut Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Adjustable Bib Clip Die-cut Pink Sanrio


  • Baby wipes –Use them for cleaning baby’s hand, bottoms and the face. You should get two. One refillable pack to keep in baby’s travel bag in case you need to go out. The other one is to be used at home.

Hello Kitty 80 pcs Wet Wipes w Case Sanrio




Hello Kitty 80 pcs Wet Wipes w Case Sanrio 2

Hello Kitty 80 pcs Wet Wipes w/ Case Sanrio


Bathing Necessities


  • Baby towels – While you may choose ordinary towels, baby towels are softer and more lightweight. The smooth texture of these towels is specially-designed for baby’s delicate skin. Recommended: 2-3

Hello Kitty Bath Baby Towel Sanrio 58x118 cm

Hello Kitty Bath Baby Towel Sanrio 58×118 cm


Hello Kitty Assorted Feeding and Bath Baby Gift Set Sanrio

Hello Kitty Assorted Feeding and Bath Baby Gift Set Sanrio


  • Baby bath bed/tub – Not all mothers prefer to use bath bed when bathing their little child. But what they do not know is that babies are easier to bathe when lying in a bed specially designed for bathing.

Hello Kitty Safe Cushion Baby Bath Bed for New-Born to 6-Mon Sanrio 2




Hello Kitty Safe Cushion Baby Bath Bed for New-Born to 6-Mon Sanrio

Hello Kitty Safe Cushion Baby Bath Bed for New-Born to 6-Mon Sanrio


In addition to these items, you need to buy baby soap gentle for baby’s sensitive skin, shampoo for babies and moisturizer.


Other Baby Items Needed

  • Bag for carrying nappies and bottles- This bag would be necessary when you need to go out with the baby. It can be for clinic visits, going to church or a weekend visit to grandma. Choose one with several compartments for baby wipes, bottle, extra nappies etcetera.

Hello Kitty Petite Backpack Bag For Toddler Lace Sanrio

Hello Kitty Petite Backpack Bag For Toddler Lace Sanrio


  • Milk Container – When you need to go outdoors with your formula-fed baby, don’t forget to bring extra milk with you. A milk container will keep you assured that your baby won’t be hungry without bringing the bulky can of milk along.

Hello Kitty Baby Aggrandize Milk Powder Container

Hello Kitty Baby Aggrandize Milk Powder Container


Sanrio Hello Kitty w Ball Baby Milk Powder Container


Sanrio Hello Kitty w/ Ball Baby Milk Powder Container


  • Baby nail clipper – You don’t want your baby to bear facial scratches caused by his quickly growing nails. Do not forget to include nail clippers in your baby essentials shopping list.

Hello Kitty Nail Clipper Head-shape Sanrio Japan Exclusive

Hello Kitty Nail Clipper Head-shape Sanrio Japan Exclusive


  • Nappy bucket/laundry basket – Make sure that soiled/used clothes, bibs, cloth nappies, mittens and booties are in one container only. You have to make sure that the nursery and your home is kept clean and organized even with a baby around. Use a nappy bucket or hamper to tidy away baby items for washing.

Hello Kitty Multi Purpose Basket BIG Sanrio

Hello Kitty Multi Purpose Basket BIG Sanrio

Hello Kitty Multi Purpose Portable Basket Pink Sanrio

Hello Kitty Multi Purpose Portable Basket Pink Sanrio


  • Diaper changing pad/mat – Having a diaper change mat is of use because you need to protect the baby’s fragile bottom from hard surfaces when changing diapers. Having this would also make the nappy changing session more comfortable for baby.

Hello Kitty Baby Diaper Mat Changing Pad Extra ComfortHello Kitty Baby Diaper Mat Changing Pad Extra Comfort

  • Baby powder box – After bathing, you certainly want to keep your baby feeling more refreshed and smelling fresh too. The powder puff that comes with the box helps reduce loose powder in the air. Using this also aids in even application of powder on baby’s skin.

Hello Kitty Baby After-bath Powder Puff Kit Container Dispensor Case

Hello Kitty Baby After-bath Powder Puff Kit Container Dispensor Case


Hello Kitty Baby After-bath Powder Box Sanrio

Hello Kitty Baby After-bath Powder Box Sanrio


  • Storage Rack Organizer – Some baby items like nappy pins/clips, pacifier and baby bottles should have a fixed storage area. Using a storage rack ideal for table tops will help keep the room clean and looking well-organized. It will also make sure that you can easily get small baby items when you need them.

Hello Kitty Plastic Storage Rack Organizer Flower Sanrio

Hello Kitty Plastic Storage Rack Organizer Flower Sanrio


You can also think of coming up with the theme for your baby essentials. In my case, I preferred a Hello Kitty label for a more uniformed appeal on the things used by my precious gem. It was a great experience and I am satisfied. Since these are authentic Hello Kitty products, they are practically safe to use by babies.


Some of the Hello Kitty baby items I got for my first born!

Hopefully, this simple guideline somehow gave you a clear idea about the products that you need to purchase in preparation for the coming for your little prince or princess. Planning for this can somehow make you anxious and worried. Having a list to look into from time to time would make the experience more worthwhile and enjoyable. Enjoy shopping for your baby’s coming!




Hello Kitty Meets The Colorful Goth Tokidoki Family

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The warm acceptance of consumers to toys, clothing and bags with Tokidoki design clearly shows how people all around the globe are fascinated with the Japanese art and culture existing in all Simone Legno creations.

tokidoki first                                       The bright, colorful goth appeal of Simone Legno’s creation


tokidoki 2

                                             Legno’s design inspired by Japanese art & culture


Meet Simone Legno

The man behind the successful designs of Tokidoki was a Political Science student at first. Perhaps, because his interest is really with the world of art and design, he decided to drop out of the course. He enrolled in a design school in Rome, Italy and later on specialized in graphic designing. After attending design school, together with a friend, Simone Legno set up a company. Most of their stints are web design projects. In 2002, he developed his personal website, Tokidoki.

2011_simone_legno_man_behind_the_brand                                                       Simon Legno – Tokidoki designer

simoneSimone Legno at work

At that time, the idea of commercializing his website was not his primary intention. The Japanese art and culture inspired designs found in this personal website caught the attention of Pooneh Mohajer and husband Ivan Arnold, who later on became his business partners.

The Birth of the Tokidoki Brand

It was April, 2005 when Ivan Arnold and Pooneh Mohajer, then co-founders of the cosmetic company, Hard Candy, were attracted to the iconic rascally characters featured in the personal website of Italian graphic designer named Simone Legno. This personal art site of Legno was highlighted in a well-known British newspaper. The husband and wife tandem met with Legno and the latter agreed to move to Los Angeles to start with the creation and launching of the now very famous Tokidoki line.

pooneh simone Ivan Arnold and Pooneh Mohajer with Simone Legno

The Popularity of Tokidoki Line Continues

From the time that Legno moved to Los Angeles, California to create and unveil their Tokidoki product line, his efforts to help in promoting it was very evident. Simone Legno was active with his advertising campaigns. His eagerness to promote their product line and to put it in the ranks of high-class metropolitan geek prominence is clearly seen in nationwide and overseas appearances.


campaign 1Tokidoki frenzies appreciate the efforts of Simone Legno in promoting his creations. 

campaign 4 Simone Legno Autograph Signing at Seatlle, Washington


campaign 5 Fans are fascinated with the idea of having the Tokidoki products they bought autographed by Simone himself

comic conventionSan Diego Comic Convention


Some of  the Tokidoki Characters

The creative mind of Legno gave birth to a large number of characters. They appeared in groups and this made it easier for Tokidoki frenzies to identify and connect themselves easier with the characters.

cactus friendsSandy, Sabochan, Bastardino, Polpettina, Bruttino, Carina

cactus pups

new pig Porcino

 The MoofiaMozzarella, Bulleto, Leche, Latte, Latte Strawberry, Mou Mou, Soy, Choco, Miruku, Bibekun, Low milk,Rice Milk and the Bulletos


Til Death Do Us PartAdios the Grim Reaper, his girlfriend Ciao Ciao and cats Skeletrino & Skeletrina



Wild Boys Wild Boys


UnicornoUnicorno – Stellina, Bellina, Dolce, Metallo, Mooka, Peperino, Pogo, Ritmo, Prima Donna and Fumo.


royal pride The Royal Pride Lion Pappa’s Gang of twelve street tough characters


punkstar   Punk Star



Tokidoki and Hello Kitty (Sanrio) Partnership

When two mega brands collaborate, bombastic success is something that isn’t hard to achieve. This is the same vision that globally-desired brands Tokidoki and Hello Kitty (Sanrio) pictured. The world-famous lifestyle brand, Sanrio and the equally well-distinguished entity known for its cutesy wicked characters, Tokidoki joined forces. They worked in tandem to launch the Tokidoki X Hello Kitty Collection.


hello kitty tokidoki


Limited Edition Tokidoki-Sanrio Characters Holiday Collecti1


This successful collaboration opened the door for creating different products featuring Sanrio characters especially the global bobcat icon Hello Kitty in  goth, devilish style that’s totally Tokidoki trademark. From clothing, pens, plush dolls, bags, phone covers and a whole lot more.


Limited Edition Tokidoki-Sanrio Characters Holiday Collectio


tk hk


hk tokidoki


tokidoki hello kitty



With new Tokidoki partner recognized products like Hello Kitty, both brands benefit since they are able to re-enhance their present product line at the same time keeping their existing base and reaching out to a wider clientele.

With the adorable Kitty in combination with the bright and artsy illustration for which Tokidoki is known for, who can say it isn’t cool to have these items in our collection?

fer hkitty toki


Hello Kitty Trivia – Facts about Hello Kitty and Sanrio History – And Something You Didn’t Know Yet

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kitty headThe popularity of our adorable feline friend, Hello Kitty is unquestionable. You can find her anywhere- toys, school supplies, gadgets, lunchboxes, personal accessories and a whole lot more. She’s practically everywhere – even in rice cookers and baby essentials! This charming kitty favorite described to measure 3 apples in height and 5 apples in weight has billions or even trillions of avid fans all around the globe. We love her totally. The fascination is tremendous that we want to buy each and every Hello Kitty product released in the market to include in our collection. But how well do we really know this cute and sociable kitty favorite of ours? Read on to learn more about Hello Kitty here.


  1. When did Hello Kitty got her name?

kitty familyAlthough she was created in 1974, it was only in 1975 when Hello Kitty got her name.  In the beginning, when she was designed as a kitty with a little red bow she has no name yet. It was only in 1975, when she got her name, Hello Kitty. This was also the year when her whole family was introduced.




2. Hello Kitty has a twin sister. What is her name?

kitty and mimmyHer name is Mimmy and you normally see her wearing her yellow bow on her right ear. Compared to her twin sister who is sociable, Mimmy has an introvert personality.




3. Who designed the first Hello Kitty?

This charming bobtail cat was first created by Japanese designer, Yuko (Ikuko) Shimizu. She was illustrated wearing her red bow on her left ear and a well-defined mark on her left arm. However,  Yuko Yamaguchi is the main designer for most of Hello Kitty’s history.


4. Based on character profile, when was Hello Kitty born?

Based on her legitimate character profile, Hello Kitty was born in the suburbs of London, England. She was born on the 1st of November, 1974.

5. What is Hello Kitty’s full name?

She was named Kitty White.

1st purse6In what product was Hello Kitty first seen?

While she is seen in almost every item worldwide now, from school supplies to baby products and essential consumer goods, her debut appearance was in a coin purse in Japan (1974). She was shown seated between a bottle of milk and a golden fishbowl.  It was released in the United States after two years (1976).



7. Since Hello Kitty is studying, what grade is she in?

Hello Kitty is studying and she is in the 3rd grade. Music, English and Art are her favorite subjects in school.

8. What is Hello Kitty’s favorite dessert?

Though she also loves helping in the kitchen and desires to bake cookies most of the time, the world’s most loved kitty loves eating her Mama’s homemade apple pie.

9. Hello Kitty’s Mama is Mary, what is her Papa’s name?

Her Papa goes by the name of George. He is absent-minded. But despite that, he has a great sense of humor and very responsible.

Hello Kitty's Papamama

10. What is the real name of Hello kitty’s boyfriend, Dear Daniel?

The full name of Dear Daniel is Daniel Starr.  He has impressive fashion sense and good in playing the piano. He was born on May 3 in London.daniel

11. Where does Hello Kitty hide the key of her jewelry box?

The key to her jewelry box is kept in her pet, Charmmy Kitty’s necklace. Just like real persons, the kitty loved the all around the globe owns a Persian cat. She named it Charmmy Kitty. Her pet is instantly attracted to anything that shines. To make sure that she won’t misplace the keys to her jewelry box, she kept it in her obedient pet’s necklace.Charmmy Kitty

12.Who gave Hello Kitty her pet hamster?

Dear Daniel gave her a pet hamster.

13. In what year, Sanrio started making darker Hello Kitty designs?

Sanrio launched more black and less pink Hello Kitty designs in 2007. This was done in order to keep with the present trends in Japan during that time. This marked the creation of styles that are not directly kawaii-inspired.

14. What was the title of the first animated television show devoted to Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater was the first cartoon entirely dedicated to this iconic character. This 13 episode show featuring spoofs of well-known fairy tales and movies was aired in 1987 through US CBS Television.

15. Where is the first Hello Kitty-themed hospital located?

The first Hello Kitty-themed maternity hospital in Yuanlin, Taiwan opened in 2008. The hospital’s owner believe that featuring the world’s much loved feline on nurses’ uniform, linens, receiving blankets, and room decors would help establish the ambience that would alleviate the pain associated with giving birth.Hello Kitty HospitalHello Kitty Hospital

16. In what year and month did Japan designated Hello Kitty as it’s Tourism Ambassador to Hongkong and China?

Hello Kitty was designated as Japan’s ambassador for tourism to China and Hongkong in May, 2008. Due to the immense popularity of Hello Kitty in children and young women population in HongKong and China, the government officials of Japan believed that she will make a good tourism emissary.

17. Hello Kitty was first seen in a PC game in 2010, what is the title of that game?

She was first seen in a very challenging PC game titled, I Wanna Be a Boshy. Released in 2010, she is featured here as the first boss character.

18. What debit card started featuring Hello Kitty design in 2004?

MasterCard started issuing Hello Kitty themed debit cards since 2004.  Bank of America issued checking accounts with Hello Kitty theme in 2009. The cutesy face of the world’s favorite cat can be seen on checks and Visa Debit card issued to account holders.Bank of America Hello Kitty Debit Card

19. What product was released together with the Hello Kitty in tennis outfit design in 1980?

In 1980, the first Hello Kitty digital watch was publicly released. It was immensely accepted by consumers with more than a million sold as recorded. It was also during this year when Hello Kitty design showing her donning a tennis outfit with a ball and racket on her hand was unveiled.

20. What is the title of Hello Kitty’s first movie?

The worldwide kitty icon’s first movie was titled, “Kitty and Mimi’s New Umbrella. The movie was made in 1981. This was also the year when Hello Kitty-themed electronic goods like cameras and telephones were launched and sold in the market.

21In 1982, Sanrio removed Hello Kitty’s outline to make it more drawn to its background. Along with this change, what part in Hello Kitty’s face was adjusted in position?

Hello Kitty’s usual black silhouette disappeared in 1982. A bit of adjustment to the position of her eyes were also done.

22. What year did Sanrio unveiled its Black and White Hello Kitty series?

With the objective of broadening its clientele scope, Sanrio introduced the Black & White series in 1987.

23. In what year was the SanrioPuroland theme park opened to the public?  1990.

24. In 1993, Hello Kitty was awarded the title UNICEF Child Ambassador to Japan. What year was she named UNICEF Special Friend of Children to the United States?   1983.

25. Another change was made in the Hello Kitty design in 1993. The usual bow on her ear was removed. What replaced it?

A flower was used to replace the bow on Hello Kitty’s left ear. This change marked the beginning of Hello Kitty’s new look.

(UPDATE) Something you DIDN’T KNOW about Hello Kitty –

1. Sanrio isn’t a cat! Hello Kitty Isn't A Cat!15129350755_581082e315_b

2. The speculation has it that Hello Kitty was originally intended to be a boy. 

This comes from a mini-book that one used to be able to get along with the purchase of Sanrio goods, in which Kitty’s sister Mimmy calls her “onii-chan”, the Japanese word for older brother.

This speculation is still unfounded, but with that bright red bow it’s difficult for us to see her as a boy! – Rocketnews24.com


Motherhood Secrets Revealed – Tips to Enjoy the Best Chapter in a Woman’s Life

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If you are a Mother, there is no way that you would have reservations the moment I say that motherhood is the most treasured chapter in the life of a woman. Right from the time, she confirmed that a fetus is inside her womb, throughout the entire pregnancy until the baby is brought out to the real world. There is no word that can wholly describe the magnificent emotion felt by a new Mom. But no matter how wonderful this period may be, reality hits the fact that a good deal of preparation together with a clear point of view is necessary to be able to pass through this episode of life with flying colors.

It’s indeed heavenly to welcome the new baby. Sad to say, your tiny bundle of joy does not come with its cuteness and adorable package alone. Tied together with your little prince or princess are instances of persistent and sometimes inexplicable crying, odd illnesses, and sleepless nights during middle of the night nappy changes and feeding. For this reason, it is essential to be aware on some relevant guidelines that she can go by in the journey called motherhood.

Useful Tips to Enjoy Motherhood

While bringing up a child into this world means experiencing a lot of changes in your life, it does not imply that you should lose yourself all throughout the process. Of course not! As a matter of fact, you can take this chance to begin more positive changes in your being. Now is the time to you to ponder on your priorities and be more proactive in firing off a new-found pinnacle of balance for fruitful outcomes as a Mother. Let’s start the ball rolling then…


Find a support group. This is that point in your life when having someone to discuss things with about being a mother is deemed necessary. So, talk with other women. Allot a specified amount of time to pay visits to fellow Moms in your community. Their support matters a lot in your passage to the world of motherhood. Ideas that you would learned from hanging out with will help refuel your knowledge about coping with this stage successfully. In addition to friends, your support group can also be your family or relatives. These allies can also be your helping hand with taking care of the baby, especially when you need to have your personal time.


Go on with your usual habit of making a special ‘Me’ time. It can be as simple as having a foot spa, a massage or sipping a cup of coffee in the nearby coffee shop. The idea here is for you to be able to relax and enjoy a moment that is just for you alone. Don’t feel guilty in doing this thinking that you have left your new baby in the arms of other family members. Relax and make sure that the activities you choose for your personal time are those that can pep you up to be geared up to face the world again with vivaciousness.


• Don’t forget to exercise daily. When you look good, you feel good. Having a healthy and fit body will give you greater level of self-esteem. This is something you really need after the numerous physical changes that your body has gone through from conception to the birth of your precious angel.


• Stop comparing yourself with other new moms in the neighborhood. Cease from overloading your mind with worries about how come the mother next door has already lost weight gained during pregnancy in just three months. Constantly being concerned about this will disappoint you even more. What you need to do is energize your thoughts with the reality that no two bodies work and react similarly in all aspects.


• Cook meals ahead and freeze them. Preparing meals ahead of time and keeping it in the freezer will ensure that your family will continually enjoy home cooked dishes even if you cannot attend to this chore in the early weeks after giving birth. Store cooked meals in small food containers or food grip zip lock bags and keep in the freezer for heating and serving when needed. It’s one effective strategy to make certain that the needs of other members of the family are not compromised with the arrival of a new baby.


Motherhood is endless. It starts from the day we conceived our kids and it goes on forever and ever. It won’t stop even at the point when our kids have grown up and able to attend to their needs. Even if they are old enough and able to afford getting their car or even buy their own house, we are still their mother. They would remain to be our children for the rest of our lives…and theirs.


The Secret to Successful Motherhood

It has been told over and over again that a mother is the backbone of the family. She serves as the steering wheel of the household. That is how important mothers are. With this realization, every mother should recognize the significance of taking care of herself. She needs to be healthy, physically and psychologically. For without her, who would take care of her family, especially her kids? But this does not mean that a mother should force herself to be perfect. Nothing in this world is perfect. That is correct. The key to succeeding in the motherhood journey is to be a happy Mother. To be happy, you need to learn how to value and love yourself more. Motherhood is not a chore. It’s an honor because the opportunity to raise kids into this world is a blessing that not only women are gifted with.


So, you have to make the most of it. Cherish motherhood and a good way to start is by embracing it fully prepared with happiness and positive thoughts.

Hello Kitty Baby Series

Prepare for yourself and the coming of your your new-born with Hello Kitty baby items at our store! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a discount coupon specially for you!



Cellphone Cases: Protective Casings, Classy Status Symbols

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imageNowadays, cellphones are now considered to be more than just simple communication devices. In addition to their common calling with receiving and sending SMS capabilities, modern mobile phone models have been designed to mimic the features of typical computers. From audio track listening, photo and other files sharing, video watching to actual Internet surfing, people can actually turn to their cellphones to accomplish varied activities. And with the multitude of tasks that can be completed using this miniature PC, isn’t it sensible enough that you do your part in ensuring its safety at all times?  One of the best ways to do this is by making use of a high quality cellphone case.

Benefits of  Using A High Quality Cellphone Case

Aside from enhancing aesthetic value, more pertinent benefits are achieved when you use a cellphone case for your mobile device.

  • Inner Damage Protection – With a case for the phone, dirt and dust particles  would be hindered from getting into the inner portion of the unit. Additionally, the severity of damage brought about by accidental dropping  incidents are greatly minimized. It cannot be denied that no matter how careful you are in holding and using the  cellphone, there will be chancesd when it drops or slips from your hand.  During these unavoidable accidents, the  cellphone case serves as the shield capable of protecting the phone’s hardware and software components.


  • Scratch Barrier – Due to constant usage,  cellphones are bound to develop some scratches on its outer surface. The  appearance of very obvious scratches are reduced if the unit has a case.  Besides protecting the body of the device, cellphone cases are also created to protect the phone screen from possible damage especially when the owner is prone to putting the unit inside their pocket or  in their bags after usage.


Mobile Phones Before – Why Cases Were Not Popular Before

imageA glimpse back into the days when cellphones  were  looked upon as a luxury item,  cellphone case use was not well-known just the same.  This is probably brought by the fact that during those times, mobile phones are not created with touchscreens.  They were not manufactured with sensitive sensors, too.  The old panache of  mobile phones, during those days look like boxes without the ultra-delicate components modern cellphones have. Since there are no elements that may seriously get damaged when dropped to the ground, the need for  cellphone cases were not greatly emphasized.

Cellphone Cases – A Necessity and Fashion Expression Combined

This has obviously changed today with using cellphone cases regarded as a necessity. With this happening, the competition in the market became intense.  Varied styles of  phone cases sprouted here and there.  The fierce competition urged most manufacturers to become increasingly imaginative in delivering beautiful designs for the buying public.



imageHello Kitty 2-Pocket Drawstring Pouch for iPhone5C 5S / Galaxy 4 Note 3 Smartphone Bag Sanrio Leopard


And because wide range of cellphone case designs are now available, more than just a necessity, mobile phone cases have evolved into becoming an easy way to express one’s fashion statement.  In addition to checking its protection features, costumers also include its style and design as basis of their final choice.

image image image

One clear illustration of a fashionable case for mobile units is the Hello Kitty cellphone case.

More than Just Keeping Cellphones Safe

Aside from the design, cellphone case that comes with added storage spaces for keeping credit and ATM cards as well as ID cards are taken into consideration by smart costumers.  Some even go for designs that come with spaces for carrying coins and folded bills.  Also referred to as cellphone wallet cases or mobile phone pouch, these cases were styled for the purpose of keeping these items secure and the phone unit safe in case it is dropped.





Stylish, Multi-Purpose & Secure Featured Cellphone Cases

imageWith the proliferation of different designs of cellphone cases, one that thinks in advance of the security of items kept inside the case takes another step ahead in the industry. No one can tell when or even warn that you are the next victim of a pickpocketer, right? Thanks to the imaginative prowess of mobile phone case designers! Cases designed with a front pocket helps diminish the chances of being helpless victims of pickpockets out there. The thief would find it difficult to get the contents of the pouch because of the front pocket and the cushion that divides its inner and outer portion.

Be Chic and Classy with Beautiful Cellphone Cases

With the creation of cute and classy cellphone case designs, showing off chic fashion statement has become less of a burden. They are not anymore looked upon as mere protective casings. On top of everything, they are now accepted as credible symbols for expressing one’s flair for style and class. So, if you want to keep your mobile phone secure and safe while at the same time craving to let someone notice your chic personality choose the best Hello Kitty cellphone cases available.

imageKeroppi Die-cut Cosmetic Smartphone Bag Pouch Case Sanrio


Customer’s Choice: 15 Fantastic Bets for Valentine’s Gifts

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Valentine's Gift Ideas - Hell Kitty & Snoopy Items

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but still not sure what gift to buy for your Valentine? Mom and Dad? Son or daughter? Or a special friend? You could head of to the nearest store to buy a box of chocolate. But before you resort to just about anything, why not turn to much better choices that would be as undemanding as a nearby store purchase but More Meaningful and useful? We’ve gathered a survey from customers and here’s our Top 15  Customer’s Choice for unique and useful Valentine’s gifts .

15. Hello Kitty Drop Waist Apron Adult Rare Black Sanrio-$23.50


Cooking would be less stressful for Mom when you give her this lovely Hello Kitty Apron. She’ll have no worry of water splashes and food residues ruining her outfit as she prepares the family meal. It’s made of Polyester and lace materials, which makes it comfortable to wear on both summer and winter months. Giving this to her this Valentine’s Day would make her feel how much you want to take care of her while she is cooking.
14. Peanuts Snoopy Car Windshield Sunshade Sun Visor SUV Beach Ball– $19.99

This Valentine, express how much you care for Dad and the whole family by giving this cool-to-the-eyes Peanuts Snoopy Car Windshield Sunshade Sun Visor. It’s made with Polyester and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) materials, which are known with their great barrier properties. With this sunshade car interior, Dad or anyone inside the car would not have to bear with too much heat getting in the vehicle while it is parked outside during summer months. It’s easy to fold. Storing it after use is not a problem.


13. Hello Kitty Cooking Craft Apron Adult Rare Polka Dot RED Sanrio– $20.99

Is your girlfriend hooked into cooking? Or perhaps, you have seen her cooking prowess and you want to encourage her to enhance it even further? This Hello Kitty apron would perfectly look great on her. Who knows, it may even start sparking up a new interest, she would certainly be proud of.


12. Hello Kitty Elastic Mouse Pad – $11.99

Shopping for a perfect Valentine’s gift for computer enthusiasts? For a friend, girlfriend, sister or even moms who love surfing the Internet to shop or play games, this mouse pad featuring the cute face of Hello Kitty will add up to their web surfing pleasure.


11. Hello Kitty 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Polka Dot w/ Visor Magenta Sanrio– $54.95

Keep your child safe when biking or joining you in the next motorcycle ride around the town or nearby park with this Magenta colored Hello Kitty helmet. Nothing feels more relaxed, than knowing that your baby or little sister is safe and secure all the time.


10. Hello Kitty Motorcycle 3/4 Helmet RETRO Face White Sanrio– $50.95

Other customer’s like this white Hello Kitty motorcycle helmet to ensure riding in style without compromising safety overall. It’s made of high quality materials combined with soft features to make sure your child feels comfortable while wearing it.


9. 1 PC Rolling Panda Craft Tape Deco Tape 15mm Gift Package Scrapbooking– $4.49

Making someone special happy this Valentine’s Day is not limited to giving expensive gifts alone. For someone who loves doing scrapbooks and collage, this Panda Craft Tape would be appreciated a lot. Why not gift yourself with one, too?


8. Kero Kero Keroppi Die-Cut Plush Indoor Slippers US 8 / UK 5.5 / EUR 39– $22.45

Ain’t this slippers look cute on any adult’s feet? Toes are securely snug in its soft plush foot bed. Who says, Kero Kero Keroppi is for kids alone. Even your Mom and Dad would be delighted to get this on Valentine’s Day, according to most of our customers.


7. Hello Kitty Crystal Bicycle Bike Bell Pink Sanrio New– $19.45

Biking in cute style is always possible with Hello Kitty Bike bell on your own bicycle. Most customer’s say that it’s the perfect gift for both little girl and adult bikes.


6. Hello Kitty Reusable Food Grip Seal Zip Lock Bag Container Sandwich Kitchen– $6.99

What’s better than giving a gift that shows concern with health and safety this Valentine’s day. This food zip bag featuring Hello Kitty on design just means even keeping foods fresh can be done with style.


5. Hello Kitty Cooking Craft Apron Adult Rare RED CHECKER-$25.50

Looking for a fashionable and very useful kitchen apparel to give this day of love and affection. Make her smile with delight as she sees this Hello Kitty apron.

4716873520298-1_1 (1)

4. Hello Kitty 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet Polka Dot w/ Visor Purple Sanrio– $54.95

A great motorcycle fun ride geared safely without compromising fashion and cute style? This is super possible with this nicely designed and ultra-comfort featured Hello Kitty motorcycle helmet. Great gift for your little love ones. Not only for Valentine’s but all year round.


3. Hello Kitty Die-Cut PLUSH Slippers PINK Indoor US 8– $24.95

Most customers are completely satisfied after buying this authentic Sanrio-licensed item to give for that Special Woman of their lives. It’s fine and soft material simply describes how they want that special person to feel hugged and completely taken care of as they comfortably walk around the house wearing this item.


2. FREE SHIPPING Hello Kitty Machine Wash Mesh Laundry Lingerie Bag 34x21cm-$6.49

Washing your delicate lingerie with Hello Kitty is just as cute as keeping it in your collection. The person getting it this Valentine’s day would appreciate it for sure.


…and the top bet on our Customer’s Choice…..

1. Hello Kitty Adult Motor Bike Helmet Face White Sanrio– $34.99

Rev up your Special Someone with this glamorous Hello Kitty helmet! It’s extended black visor helps keep her face away from the harms of the sun as well. Ride with her in style this Valentine’s day.


Have you made up your mind, which among these gifts to give this Valentine’s Day?

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