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2013 A Cute Shop Summer Raffles – Make a Purchase to Win A Free Gift!

Published on June 26, 2013, by in Must-Reads, Store News.


How To Use The Coupon Code To Receive Discount for Your Shopping?


Please find our special give-away with this post only! A 15% OFF discount coupon for your purchase of  Hello Kitty, Disney, Snoopy and more items at A Cute Shop. Expiration date: May 31st 2013.

Very often we give out discount coupons to our friends for stretching your dollar value shopping at our site.
This short article is to show you how to use your coupon code during checkout to get a discount successfully.
It’s important that you check the following things FIRST BEFORE before you could use the coupon code successfully at our store.

FIRST, please make sure you register an account at our site first and you do the shopping with your account. The coupon code cannot be applied if you buy as “Not Logged In” guest.

Second, please make sure you meet the minimum shopping amount requirement, which is only $20 for most coupon codes

If you have a regular account with our site and you are buying more than the minimum requirement, than you are set to use the coupon code.

Please shop as you normally do and proceed to checkout or view your shopping cart. On this step, you can apply the coupon code. Please just enter the coupon code and then press “Apply Coupon“, then you should be able to see the discount on the coupon will show on the grand total of your order. IMVIP



If there’s a problem, the system will give you an error message. When you encounter an error message, please check if you have entered the coupon code correctly. The coupon code must be entered exactly as you read, lower & upper case-sensitive.  Or please make sure you are shopping as a log-in customer and meet the minimum amount purchase requirement. If you still encounter a problem using the coupon code, please feel free to contact us by email (acuteshop@gmail.com), or leave us a message on our Facebook Fans’ Page.  We will reply to you as soon as we can.

Don’t miss out the chance to receive our discount coupon from time to time by signing up our store newsletter or “like”  our Fans Page at Facebook.

See ya! ^^~


Our Woking Hours & Days – Not 24 Hours A Day, 365 A Year!

YES.  Wilcox_work-200x0

We DID say on the home page of our store that “Store Opens 24 hours a Day and All Year Round“; HOWEVER, in reality and in practice, it’s impossible for us to work non-stop for 365 days.  We work when the Post Office is open and we rest on weekends so that we can be fully charged and energized when we return to work on Monday to provide better service to our customers.

Because we might live in a time zone different to most of our customers, you, our friends, might feel a little bit anxious when trying to reach us for an urgent or important matter.  You might find the following information of our working hours helpful to decide when you can catch us online simultaneously when you are online.

Please note that our working hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Taipei time (+8 GMT), which means:

in Berlin – Monday through Friday, 3am to 11pm
in London – Monday through Friday, 2am to 10am
in New York City – Sunday through Friday, 9pm to 5am
in Paris – Monday through Friday, 3am to 11pm
in San Francisco – Sunday through Friday, 6pm to 2am
in Sydney – Monday through Friday, 11am to 7pm

 Still don’t feel quite relieved? No problem. There’s a way you can get your questions answered the fastest fashion! Please contact us at acuteshop@gmail.com or our facebook fans page (search for “A Cute Shop” on facebook search bar or Google on it). and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. We will respond as quickly as possible. ; )



Hello Kitty Collectible Stamps from 7-11 Stores in Taiwan!

Today I take the role as a reporter from Taiwan, covering the news from 7-11 stores in Taiwan about the newly-released Hello Kitty collectibles stamps by 7-11 stores.

Da da! Here comes the kawaii troop made up of Hello Kitty stamps in 12 designs! Getting  a closer look, somehow they look similar two by two but then different one by one ?

That’s right! Under the familiar faces, each one of them has her own style and costume. Let’s now turn the camera to Hello Kitty and let her SAY HELLO  to our fans!
Wow! After the short introduction, you see they come in pairs of six!

Which is your favorite? : )

How about the BIG RED Chinese Costume Hello Kitty? I found them very fitting for the occasion as when I’m writing the article, the Chinese New Year is just around the corner!  I really should try to do my purchase as much as possible in 7-11 stores in order to collect the “points” to exchange the Hello Kitty stamps for free!

Move your eyes a bit further on the right and then you see Hello Kitty with her Valentine Daniel~ Daniel is the ONLY BOY in this troop of 12! This pair is very fitting for the upcoming Valentine’s Day too!  7-11 stores said that they are also in limited quantity and whoever comes first, get them first!

Then we see Snow White and the evil Queen, Peter Pan and the Fairy, Little Redhood and Big Bad Wolf, Prince Frog and Princess, all cute characters in their fitting costume from fairy tales that we are all familiar with.

Here comes the question, how much it costs to get a stamp?

Here’s the rules of game by 7-11 stores. To sum up, it costs me to shop approx. $7 in 7-11 stores to get 4 points in order to buy a stamp at $1.2 (with 4 points).

Very tempting!!~~

Now let’s take a look to see how these Kitty stamps can make our life more kawaii?

Can be used to accessorize our handy items, be it on the bag, keychain…etc.

Can be used at your notes and personal organizer..etc.

Can accompany you at the office..
Or with your craft projects~
When you write a note to your friends or colleagues, don’t forget to stamp a message with Hello Kitty to share Kitty’s loving energy !
7-11 stores also offer a gift box, a house for these stamps!! For an extra of $4.00, you get a gift box to house the stamps!
In the left side of box, each stamp has its own place with a fitting label already.
On the right side of box is the castle for Chinese costume Hello Kitty pair!  But you could also decide which pair should stand at the castle as you wish!
For the gift box, an ink pad is alos included in the purchase and has its own place inside too.
I will be collecting these stamps myself but I have not yet decided if I should offer my collections for sale in my store. : ) As you see, it costs more than what I spend to own these stamps as they are offered in limited quantity and exclusive edition!  But hey, I might offer some of my collections as gift to our fans on A Cute Shop fans page very soon!  So please stay tuned with our activity at fans page at A Cute Shop Fans Page!
This completes our special coverage of the Hello Kitty collectible stamps of 7-11 stores in Taiwan today. Thanks for watching! : )

Christmas Gift Ideas for Hello Kitty items – A Cute Shop

Published on November 19, 2012, by in For You.

Christmas Gift Ideas – Hello Kitty items from A Cute Shop

Can’t believe it! Time really flies this year and holidays are just around the corner!!
Here brought to you by A Cute Shop – Christmas Gift Ideas from our best-selling, favorite and just arrived Hello Kitty items. We hope you get some inspiration from these ideas and get the perfect gift this year for yourself, friends & family!
Happy Looking!! ^^~



Can’t Believe This Hello Kitty D-Cut Bottled Water is SO HARD to get!

Published on June 28, 2012, by in Sophie' Blog, Store News.

About more than a week ago, I shared an interesting Hello Kitty product from here on our store fans page. To my surprise, this share of Hello Kitty D-Cut bottled water gets unusually many “likes”  than my other sparingly posted updates on the page.

A few friends on Fans Page were asking how and how much to get this cute item so I decided to call around the available Family Mart stores to check.

Then it’s another surprise.   I checked all the Family Mart stores near my house and office and all I got is the same answer:

“Sold Out” & “Don’t know if they will be stocked again”.

At that time, I read from from news and called up the manufacturer also and was told that about 1/3 of the limited quantity were sold out at the moment. I was reassured that I could get more if  I could just contact the nearby Family Mart stores.  That was about 1 or 2 weeks after this cutie Hello Kitty product was released into the market for the first time.

Giving up on a cute item and not being able to source the items I want, particularly this cute Hello Kitty D-Cut bottled water just at a store near me, is totally not my style at all!

So I called up a few Family Mart stores again. One of the manager was willing to save them for me, IF I would go into their store and pay for them first, even though she was really skeptical that they could get more again as they just tried to restock a few ago but did not get.

So I went to the Family Mart store around my office, paid for 2 dozens of Hello Kitty water first, thinking I should be able to get more afterwards (It’s just water, isn’t it?).  The manager felt totally having no confidence at all that she would be getting more in but I reassured her that I have done my research and there should still be 2/3 of the limited quantity out there and she could get if she could just wait.

About more than a week after, I received this expected and very happy phone call that my Hello Kitty water is in!

Dara, here’s my two dozens of Hello Kitty D-Cut mineral water!

But the surprise for this Hello Kitty water still does not end. The manager told me that all this water is SOLD OUT, even for the city of Taipei and northern cities in Taiwan. (Oh my goodness! I should have tried to visit more Family Mart stores!@@)

Today as I’m writing this blog post, I checked the manufacturer site only to confirm the same thing –

(It says the first 200,000 pcs of Hello Kitty mineral water is sold out. For future release, please pay attention to news releases by Family Mart).

What a bummer!

Luckily at least I still have my 2 dozens share of this cute Kitty item.

And once I have it, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular – because it’s just so Kittyish cute!

It’s got the Hello Kitty d-cut 3D body and tail  as a bottle..

And the bottle size is just good for keeping at hand or put in your personal bag!  The size is even good for your small kids who would love to keep this bottle at their hand!

Read more local bloggers’ sharing of their finds for this cute item!



Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’m not writing this blog for NOTHING. The good news is rolling out for our friends and customers!

NOW, we are holding a summer party and doing a GIVE-AWAY for friends who would just share on facebook/twitter / Pinterest about your find!

The party is on! DON’T MISS IT!




On Choosing The Right Size of Fit for Yourself, Kids or Friends…

Published on June 11, 2012, by in Ordering Assistance.

*** To make the right fitting, please measure your foot and choose your size BY YOUR ACTUAL FOOT LENGTH IN CENTIMETER or INCHES, instead of your local size. Please make sure your fitting prior to purchase. Thank you very much!

If you have size questions, please contact us ***

*Because of photo color limitation and color monitor setting, the actual product may slightly different than the photo.*


2012 Hello Kitty Fashion Shoes Catalog

Published on June 8, 2012, by in Sophie' Blog.


Deal of the Week! Hello Kitty Lady’s Shoes at 20% OFF with Coupon

Published on May 23, 2012, by in Store News.

It’s the traveling season! Get a good pair of Hello Kitty Lady Shoes for yourself and enjoy 20% OFF discount on our store NOW (for members ONLY)!

Be sure to enter –

Coupon Code: KittyShoes4Me

during checkout ~

Offer good til June 22nd only!


Questions Got Answered

Published on May 23, 2012, by in FAQ.

Welcome to our help desk!

Answers to most questions can be found by searching or browsing our FAQs.

Welcome to A Cute Shop where cuteness is a style~