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Starting this year with writing down your daily bliss every day!


てちょう Techou, meaning hand-written notebook, originated in Japan.

It is said that everyone in Japan carries a handbook, recording a life plan anytime, anywhere

It has even derived from this a “handwriting philosophy” in Japan.

Seen enough of beautifully-decorated and written planners or handbooks in afternoon tea parties with your girl friends, if you want to start a good-looking, intelligent inside out, cute new life, let’s start by making our planners attractive now!

So exactly what types of planners are available out there?

NO.1 weekly planner

11-2 1-3

If you just need to plan life, the weekly plan can meet your needs. It helps you break down your annual targets into monthly, weekly & daily goals & tasks, simple & clear. With simple text and some small patterns, it makes dry day-records become more agile and lovely!

1-4You see, just learn to draw some small icons, the simple records become very interesting ~

1-5 1-6 1-7 1-8


NO.2 Daily planner


If you wish to make your daily events or experiences a detailed record, it is suitable to use a daily plan. Every day a page, with a graphic way to tell the story of the day. Keep doing it for a year, when you look back after a year, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and it’s GREAT!


Speaking of the daily planner or handbook, one has to mention the Japanese brand Hobonichi. Every year September is a festival for the handbook lovers,  because this is when Hobonichi starts the pre-sale of the handbooks for the next year.


The Hobonichi daily planner cover and refills pages are sold separately. The cover comes in a lot of choices every year.

25 26 27 2829

Inside pages also come in selections of full-year pages, pages within the page, English pages and so on.


Year pages


English pages


If you are a member of the gang, you will be attracted to them! With these dated hand-book, you can easily record everyday events. The biggest feature is the paper that is even though thin yet not easy to see through. And the diary-drawing experience is perfect ~


But its downside is the price. It’s way too expensive and you must keep writing every day, otherwise seeing the empty pages will make you go nuts ~


NO.3 100-day planner


The 100-day planner comes with a pie chart that allows you to divide the allocation of time to sections and color them by pens


It’s most suitable for short-term goals setting & plan. As from the color division of sections, you can clearly see if your allocation of time is appropriate.


Imagine, in the adherence to 100 days, when you complete the plan, this planner will be full of traces of your efforts.

NO.4 Inspirational notebook


If you are the type of person who bursts of inspirations, you need to put such a loose book in the bag, and pen down your inspirations at any time!


Each page can be a different field of inspiration. And with the loose-leaf design, after returning home, you can re-arrange the loose pages by categories, making it a theme-oriented inspirational notebook.

Well sharing so much about the contents of different planners, we just hope that everyone find some time to ponder, to reflect on their own and to keep a record of one’s daily events every day.

In 2017 and the years ahead, we wish you all lots of good luck!5-4

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