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Super cute Snoopy-Themed Convenience Superstore is open in Taiwan! 7-ELEVEN Taiwan cross-over collaboration with Snoopy created another high!

Even though worldwide traveling is still restricted for the majority of countries, in our blog we will try our best to bring you first-hand information of characters you like, such as new items released and new attractions. So please stay-tuned in A Cute Shop blog. 

This year is definitely the happiest year for Snoopy fans. It coincides with the 70th birthday of Peanuts SNOOPY. The global joint brands and activities continue. The leading convenience chain store  7-ELEVEN co-branded with Peanuts SNOOPY to launch the world’s first “Snoopy Co-branded Duplex Superstore”, which was built in a dual-store for the first time. In addition to the full presence of Snoopy figures in the store, there is also a global exclusive and limited-edition items that can be collected.

This 7-ELEVEN IP co-branded store is located in a store near Huashan1914 Creative Park. The Snoopy-themed store launched on its 70th birthday. “Co-branded store” is built in the form of a main and sub-store. The two stores can be reached within a 1-minute walk. The store style is a mixtures of American retro industrial styles fused with colorful colors. You can also see retro PEANUTS cartoons on the store walls. Fans reminisce about classic Snoopy style.

In addition to the store design, CITY CAFE coffee cups, fresh tea cups and oden bowls also launched new exclusive designs. Each cup has a different Snoopy; the CITY CAFE extra large coffee cup set is in the design of Snoopy pilot. The bottom background is specially hollowed out. Upon rotating, it can be changed according to the mood to fly in the day or night sky.

Best yet, you can also snap up the world’s exclusive Snoopy merchandise, from home tableware, out-door gadgets, bed and bedding utensils to fluffy dolls, etc., in addition to fluffy dolls. All are in exclusive Snoopy design specially created for the joint store, such as cute beverage bags, special-shaped ceramic snack trays, baking trays, etc., each really one of a kind.

In addition, both the main and sub stores have their own characteristics. The main  store-Shaoxing store makes fans scream frantically from the door. As soon as you walk in, you can see the cute Snoopy figure of about 175 cm height greeting you on the entrance. And on the other side, Snoopy is driving a yellow school bus with various Snoopy items surrounded. On the  ceiling you can also see the three-dimensional  Snoopy and Stock all over and you just can’t stop taking pictures.

The sub-store has designed a Snoopy graffiti wall at the entrance of 2.7 meters high and 6 meters long. The super-popular characters Snoopy, Stock and Charlie Brown are together. The most special feature of the sub-store is the B1 rest. The area, with Snoopy’s big head seats and the surrounding display wall, has 60 seats, which is the largest number of rest seats in 7-ELEVEN.

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Home For You Super cute Snoopy-Themed Convenience Superstore is open in Taiwan! 7-ELEVEN Taiwan cross-over collaboration with Snoopy created another high!