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Taiwan’s Hello Kitty TAROKO EXPRESS TRAIN Makes Fans’ Adrenaline Running High Again

Now your trip to Taiwan could be a journey full of Hello Kitty!
First you can fly an Eva Air flight in the air and then take the just-launched Hello Kitty Taroko express train on the ground when you travel between the island’s north and southeast.

The train — a collaboration between the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA), Eva Air and Sanrio Taiwan — is designed to attract international visitors. “The design concept behind this train is ‘Travel around the world with Hello Kitty,'” a TRA representative told CNN, making cutesy and globalism the way forward for the 129-year-old government agency.

The train’s eight cars are painted to reflect different travel scenes: Taipei, Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, and the North and South Poles.
The final car shows the counties of Hualien and Taitung on Taiwan’s eastern coast.
Japanese cartoon company Sanrio designed a special Kitty character, clad in a captain’s hat and uniform, to serve as train master.
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The 376-seat train will run again between Taipei and Taitung on March 25, and between Taipei and Hualien on March 27, to mark the 90th anniversary of the Hualien-Taitung line’s opening.
Starting April 21, it’s scheduled to run between Taipei’s Shulin Station and Taitung’s Zhiben Station periodically on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The specially-designed Hello Kitty head cover on the train seat is so cute that some 328 covers were missing after the first train ride on the launch date. The head cover is made of specially-picked material and not free of offer. So maybe TRA should start building the cost of the head cover into the cost of ticket, or offering it as a souvenir item to avoid careless crime.

For the outside of the Hello Kitty Taroko express train and the inside as well as the ride, it’s absolutely an adrenaline-rising experience for Hello Kitty fans or non-fans alike.
















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If you wish to experience the Hello Kitty Taroko train ride during your travel in Taiwan, please be reminded that the Hello Kitty express train only operates between Shulin and Taitung during Friday / Saturday and Sunday by Train No. 426 & 441 starting Apr. 21st, 2016. It’s better that you check with the customer service of TRA when you arrive in Taipei.  TRA website: http://www.railway.gov.tw/en/

Bon Voyage!

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  1. Charlene

    Hi, any idea how much is the price of the hello kitty train ticket??

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