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Three Evidences that You Must Prepare For Long-term Anti-epidemic (Graphic Analysis X 3 / Important Information)

I don’t know what you are doing during the epidemic prevention. If you belong to the type that is still wandering outside and playing or feels nothing to do with yourself, then I can only say : Bless you! People who cannot deal with brain cognition and put it into action will eventually be defeated in various processes. Look at the countries that defy the virus, which is not paying the worst price? This statement is not meant to discourage you but to make you completely realize the seriousness of the matter.

Let’s face it, the point is that, “we must be prepared for fighting the epidemic for a long-term”. 

What you really want to pay attention to is not only domestic or foreign news, but you also want to pay attention to one thing, that is, "the world's death tolls and the rapid growth of confirmed diagnosis". If the world is not in a good shape, then it will still be very likely in the end, there will be several waves of counterattacks to the country you’re living now, coupled with the increase of the number of internal diagnoses and the elements of public anxiety and these all add up to the   evidences that constitute a long-term epidemic prevention. This is why you must look at many things from the perspective of the world ’s structure and essence, so that you can understand what the reality holds.
When I checked on the 4th, it was reaching only 1,000,000 diagnosed cases (recorded). It was only a few days later now, the number immediately increased by more than 300,000 cases.


To put it simply, from the perspective of the world, the diffusion is just about to rise, and the speed of rise is extremely fast.


This is the number of deaths (the red line is cumulative, the blue line is the daily increase):

In other words, the number of diagnoses per day will drive the total number of diagnoses and it will drive two things:
1) More deaths
2) More confirmed diagnoses
And repeats the cycle. In plain language, the more likely it is to affect you and me.
That's why people who went to crowded places recently are not thinking clearly and that is a very stupid and dangerous act. If you are also a part of it, I hope you will return to a cautious attitude after understanding this truth, and indeed be prepared for long-term anti-epidemic life, because the next step is the beginning of real epidemic prevention.
When I saw the outbreak of the virus video in early January, I actually knew that this matter was not trivial, and I’m very grateful that Taiwan took a cautious attitude. 

I can only say that if I can promote the enhancement of the collective consciousness of human beings in my life, then I would be very proud of my life.
You beautiful, please remember.
You are not here to prove yourself,
This world can be better because of you, so it is waiting for you.
Because true evil is not darkness, but chaos.
And only when consciousness awakens, we can wake up all order and regain control of all sufferings.
Before that day,
Let us continue to move forward step by step.
A Cute Shop Walks through the tough time with you!

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