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Unboxing Hello Kitty Taiwan-Star Railway Tour Around Taiwan

Unboxing Hello Kitty Taiwan-Star Railway Tour Around Taiwan

As traveling restrictions are still not lifted for many countries, we’d like to unbox the very lovely and soul-healing Hello Kitty train tour around Taiwan. Let’s hopeful the day comes soon when we could travel freely around the world again!

As the only sightseeing train, Taiwan Star Around the Island, has been serving Taiwanese travelers for 11 years! Since the summer of 2020, the railway has been in cooperation with Sanrio to create the adorable “Hello Kitty Colorful Train around the island”, which makes it an eye-opening experience for everyone who does not know Taiwan-Star Around the Island train yet! Join A Cute Shop unboxing this super cute Hello Kitty train tour around Taiwan for you now!

To take Taiwan-Star Around the Island, you have to travel around the island?

Many people think that taking Taiwan Star Around The Island train, you need to travel around the island. In fact, this tourist train got its name because there are two trains every day, respectively, going around Taiwan in a clockwise/counterclockwise direction.

Taiwan-Star Around the Island train stops at 20 stations throughout Taiwan. Passengers can choose according to the counties and cities they want to take the train and the number of days, including a single county or city tour, one-day tour to seven-day tour, rich tour or self-guided tour, etc. There are hundreds of traveling packages for everyone to choose from. There’s a trip of 2 people package available and departures are every day. You could follow your impulse and take a tour whenever however you want!

The only thing to consider though, is that there is no selling of train ticket alone for the Hello Kitty Stars Around the Island train. You must purchase a tour package to go with it. The package guarantees that no matter which package you choose, regardless of the amount of the package, you can enjoy all the services and facilities on the train for free, and there will be no discrimination of ticket fare!

What to do for fun on the “Hello Kitty Stars Around the Island Train”?

As a sightseeing train, the equipments are of course very different from ordinary trains! The original intention of Star Around the Island is hoping passengers will feel a sense of fun the moment they board the car. Therefore, the experience carriages with different entertainment equipments are designed, with the Hello Kitty car body painting, which makes people immersed in the colorful and joyful travel atmosphere.

Hello Kitty Stars Around the Island are mainly divided into business cars, sight-viewing bars, karaoke entertainment cars, and event dining cars. Each car provides a different feeling and atmosphere. Every time you shuttle in different cars, your inner small theater will give out the praise “WOW”~. A sense of surprise like this, you must only get in the car and feel it for yourself, and you will understand our exhilaration that’s hard to put in words~

And on the train there are served meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks) available, drinks (all-you-can-drink), DIY activities, etc. In addition, balloon magicians who have served many singers and stars are also on-site at designated times The artistic balloons are given to the passengers of Taiwan-Star Around the Island. Friends of all ages are super excited when they get the balloons! The point is, the above service are all free when you are a passenger!

Business carriage

I have to compliment the Business seats of the train, which are really spacious and comfortable. A typical Taiwan Railway train has a total of 52 seats in one carriage, while the Taiwan Star Around the Island is transformed into a luxurious three-row seat that can rotate 360 degrees with only 33 seats in one Business carriage. The seating space is not crowded at all. Your journey will be so comfortable and enjoyable. .
The interior of the carriage is also full of Hello Kitty images. In the spacious and comfortable luxurious seats as a first-class cabin, the super-kawaii headrest towel is 100% eye-catching!

Karaoke Entertainment Car

It’s really crazy to be able to sing a lot on the train! This is where we think it’s super time-killing. You sing so much without even noticing the passing of time. The point is that singing is free and there are many songs and new playlists. I’d really feel sorry if I don’t join the Karaoke singing on the train. Many passengers so enjoy the Karaoke-singing and don’t want to get off the train!

This carriage is painted in blue sky, ocean, and beach as the main imagery. It is paired with the two check-in points for Hello Kitty’s whale watching and seagull soaring. Many passengers must take a shot before singing.

Hello Kitty Diner Car

The charm of Hello Kitty Taiwan-Star Around the Island train is irresistable! Even the male passengers would give in, and couldn’t help but take out their mobile phones to take photos of the carriages, which is a pink dining car. In addition to the atmosphere of a dream girl, this carriage is also a place for passengers to experience DIY courses, such as embossed keyrings, mosaic coasters, icing cookies, Hakka tea and other DIY activities. In every train there is a fixed experience time. Interested travelers can participate on their own, which is not only interesting but also super time-killing!

The diner car with pink as the main color has a design of tables and chairs, and side-by-side seats with windows. The car layout meets the needs of passengers for DIY, communication, and sight-seeing. There is also a super popular check-in point here. In addition to the super cute Hello Kitty stand, there is also a Kitty bow chair and stool. Sitting in this corner and taking pictures is guaranteed to fill up your memory card.

Landscape Bar

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea are provided on the Taiwan Star Around the Island. Passengers who are still in the car during the delivery time can enjoy meals for free. You will not be hungry in the car. In addition, if you don’ t have enough drinks, you can come to this bright yellow landscape bar compartment, where you can drink tea, coffee, juice, soda, and beer in the evening! When you come to take the Taiwan Star Around The Island train, remember not to buy drinks before getting on the train. As our reminder to help you save money on drinks.

In addition, the limited merchandise that Hello Kitty iron fans must collect is also sold in this compartment! Currently, one L-shaped folder and three postcards are available for purchase. More products are expected to be launched in the future. Please look forward to and pay attention you fans! If you are traveling with a small baby, this carriage also has a Hello Kitty nursing room, isn’t it very considerate?

Where can I go to get around the island by the train?

Taiwan Star Around the Island train stopped at 20 stations across Taiwan and there are the itinerary of Eastern Taiwan, Southern Taiwan, Central Taiwan, and island round-trip tours available. Whether it’s a rich trip or a self-guided trip, it’s all about taking the “Hello Kitty Train Around the Island” train to your chosen destination, with four- or five-star hotel accommodations included.

The only difference between a rich trip and a self-guided trip is that after you arrive at your destination, the “Enriched Tour” comes with a itinerary, and the tour guide will take you around, while the “Self-Guided Tour” is all planned by yourself, so you can choose the one that suits you according to your travel needs or habits.

After reading the detailed introduction, do you feel that you can’t wait but to jump on the train to experience it yourself? Checkout Hello Kitty Taiwan-Star Train here!

The Hello Kitty Taiwan-Star Around the Island train connects the four seasons of Taiwan. It is now taking you to the East Rift Valley to see hot air balloons and lily flowers. You can also visit Qingjing, Wuling, Sun Moon Lake and Alishan in the west of Taiwan, and head south to Xiaoliuqiu, Kenting and other most popular routes. 2-7 days (self-guided tour/packaged) itinerary is available, 2 people can go any time, every day, suitable for the whole family, couples, friends and friends to experience the beauty of Taiwan, who are ready to go crazy with Hello Kitty around Taiwan right away!

Checkout Hello Kitty Taiwan-Star Train here!

Something about Tawian…

Finland’s largest newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat” used a day of freedom and freedom from the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic to depict the few daily lives in the world that are not affected by the epidemic, and introduce the effectiveness of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention in pictures and texts.

The Helsinki Daily newspaper, under the heading “It’s not banned to enjoy pleasure everywhere,” used four large color pictures and texts to report on the effectiveness of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention.

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