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Unboxing the Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone Cell Phone 5” HD IPS for Android System

The present era is marked with the prosperity of software application and smart phone launches. Surf social media sites and you would notice a multitude of users showing off their latest gadgets through their status posts and photo sharing activities. You can refer to me as one of them, if you like. Anyway, I just feel spreading out my experience with unboxing the Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone 5” HD IPS for Android System is an ideal way to share information discovered to fellow gadget and Hello Kitty enthusiasts as well as other technology surfing enthusiasts.

Prior to unboxing, first thing checked was the condition of the packaging of the Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone 5” HD IPS for Android System. Shortly after that, the package was opened revealing the following items:

Original gift box

It’s a red box in good form, no deformed portions at all. It features the cutesy Hello Kitty image holding a red striped bow.





K6 User Manual, original earphones, charger, travel charger and other accessories including 2 Lithium Ion batteries and 1 USB cable. 







So interested, the user manual was opened unveiling information written in Chinese language. The next thing picked up was the cell phone device itself. Found on the upper section is the front 5.0 megapix camera with the “KATOON” signature mark majestically featured on the superior central segment of the device.





With much enthusiasm, the unboxer in me held and slowly laid the Hello Kitty cute Smartphone down on the computer keyword captivatingly staring at its 5.0 inch colored touchscreen designed to display 1280×720 pixels resolution.





This Hello Kitty cell phone was then picked up, transferred to the other hand and placed on the nearby table to check its back portion.  There she was again, the charming feline favorite holding her ribbon with red stripes on the phone’s back cover. Seen on the upper center portion is its 12.0 megapixel rear camera.








Raring to snoop more into this modern communication device carrying the Sanrio label, it was then moved back to rest on the desktop keyword. Turning the unit on and off, showed the animated Hello Kitty greetings! It is such an adorable sight to set eyes on!





A soft press on the center button showed the colorful icons that are so engaging to explore one by one. This Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone runs on Android operating system power-driven by the dominant MTK 6589 quad core processor.






Continuously delving into what’s within this Hello Kitty cell phone, took me to discovering the variety of exclusive Hello Kitty wallpapers. This means the numerous possibilities of dressing up the display screen in different presentations.  The curious hands continued to scrutinize one wallpaper design to another to the delight of the eyes searching for more pleasing display options for the moment.


K6-KT-2b_zpse85da17fNumerous Hello Kitty wallpapers to choose from







There will always be instances when users like me would prefer to change the ring tone being used. It’s also nice to splash your life with some variety from time to time so they say. It is good to know while exploring the widgets and applications that there are 64 sound choices available in this mobile device.





The ample choices available by default gratified the expectations of the faithful Hello Kitty fan. Though contented with the features seen, the mobile unit voyaging carried on. With caution, the handheld unit was raised to a level high enough to view its thickness. This Sanrio mobile device  is heavyweight with its endowed application features housed in a slim 9.3 m nutshell usually appreciated by present generation mobile phone users.





Then the question of the possibility of traveling abroad struck me, which made me more interested to probe into this attribute. Running on a quad band system, this model Sanrio Hello Kitty smartphone can be used in other countries. There is no more need to change to a different phone whenever travel in any country worldwide. Since it is a dual sim phone, the user can use two sim cards at the same time.


The puff of anxiety about being out of the house for long period of hours, without bringing along a travel charger engorged in mind. Reading through the booklet of instructions somehow took the pressure off after learning that its 1650 mAh Li-ion battery enables 2 hours of talk time and 4 days of standby period.


Other derivative features will soon after be explored and the possibilities of downloading some later on are worth looking forward to. The experience of picking up the box, slitting the plastic wrapped around it followed by one by one checking on the accessories and other items that come with the Sanrio Hello Kitty Smartphone Cell Phone 5” HD IPS for Android System is an encounter that is worth remembering. This accompanied by the pleasure and anticipation of having my own authentic Hello Kitty Smartphone obviously made my day complete.


Sanrio hello Kitty smartphone

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