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What It’s like to be a Hello Kitty Stan in Taiwan?

You Get Many Chances to Collect Hello Kitty cross-over items!

Taiwanese people buy a lot of daily items on convenience stores such as  Seven-Eleven & Family Mart stores, and drug stores like Watsons. Since the competition is so fierce between these stores, they usually do a lot of campaigns all the time. One of the most popular campaigns by all the stores all the like is the points collection & money-off voucher campaign in  exchange for co-branded merchandise with major popular brands. And the most welcomed co-branded merchandise is usually items of anime brands, such as Hello Kitty & Friends, Peanuts Snoopy, Doraemon and many others. 

Just last week on Sept. 23, Watsons Taiwan launched the “Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends” series reward points collecting campaigns! Hello Kitty Stans will have to buy the whole set for their home this time!  

A friend of mine, an avid Hello Kitty collector, never missed any “limited edition” items. What’s more, when it comes to Hello Kitty co-branded products by convenience stores or drug stores, such as reward points earning campaign, a stan like her goes on a shopping spree every time a campaign goes on.

Recently Watsons Taiwan launched the “Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends” series reward points collecting campaign, aiming at homey fans, who like to collect super practical Hello Kitty household items for their home or dorm.

Watsons’ “Good to have you!” point-earning campaign this time, presenting, a series of Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends-themed daily household items,  allowing fans to be surrounded by super cute Kitty small items while staying at home or in the dormitory. For every NTD 200 (around USD 8) spent, fans receive 1 point, and for every 5 or 8 points, you can pay minimal extra money to redeem a Hello Kitty product.

Launched on Sept. 24th the first series of 5 limited items, including the simple black illustration design Hello Kitty electric cooker, and the stew pot, which can keep cold and heat preservation, as well as stew, boil, simmer and braise. There’s also a trash bin that is specially designed to separate general garbage from recycled garbage, a perfect item of practicality.

Fans must also grab the fine Hello Kitty mugs that come in beautiful matte white and lake green colors . Paired with two classic metal plates, Hello Kitty and Teddy Friends, the mugs become the must-get items for stans. Finally the soft and warm cushion that is made of comfortable-touch and warm rose velvet, matched with a sponge cushion, adding a soft and warm temperament.

In addition to these 5 collectibles, Watsons launched 8 joint series products, whether it is a healing color U-shaped pillow, indoor slippers, or a must-have portable cosmetic bag for girls and the air-cushion massage comb, you see super cute Hello Kitty and the healing figure of her Teddy Friends all over.

At the same time, Watsons also specially launched the exclusive “Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends compact-size Kleenex, Cleansing Soft Wipes, Toilet Paper, and the cloth-textured “Hello Kitty & Teddy Friends Tissue Paper holder which will be available in Oct.

Our thoughts: the Hello Kitty co-branded merchandise gets finer each time! All of the Hello Kitty x Watsons items this time look practical and cute! I think I’m going to get some of them this time! *The cooker, the mug, the stew pot, the cushion, the slippers… ALL of them!

So many goodies ! We are able to get some for our fans~! Whoever is interested, please feel free to send us a message on our fans page! The campaigns goes on until Dec. 2, the early-birds get to eat the worms! ^^~

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