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What You See IS NOT What You Get – How to Be A Smart Online Shopper

Save-Holiday-ShoppingYou may gasp seeing this title from a seller like us. Well, it’s the shopping season of year & I just wanna write for people who are new to shopping online, particularly from overseas buyers, on how to make smart purchases and enjoy your shopping online. The tip is simple – always read the item title and description  in details and ask questions (if you are not sure about certain information of a product ) before you buy.

Over the past few years selling on eBay / Amazon and our online store, every once in a while we received customers’ feedback like – the item is not as big / small as they imagine or they thought the item to be bigger / smaller. More than any other feedbacks from customers, feedbacks of this sort really made us faint right away.

First of all, talking about online shopping, everybody knows it’s not like shopping in a physical store where you can visually see or touch the item that you wanna buy. THEREFORE, THE ITEM DESCRIPTION AND IMAGES provided by sellers are the very important references for you to decide if the item you see on computer in front of you really suits your needs.

HOWEVER, we ran into quite a lot of buyers who buy ONLY ON IMAGES, without even checking up the item title or description for items provided! And the result is undauntedly leading to a feedback like the item not as big / small as expected.

No doubt as a online seller, we use lots of beautiful photos to attract customers’ attention to come and shop on our store. BUT WHY a buyer should ALWAYS READ the item title and description if many beautiful photos are provided?

Let me show you some images first –





Now you see the tricks?

An item can be seemingly bigger or smaller than it actually is, depending on how the photo is taken and edited, and therefore  misleading. I’m sure 99.5% online sellers have no intention to mislead customers, but for the purpose to make the item look more attractive or show more details on photos.

For us,  to avoid being misleading on photos in our listing for an item, we try to provide as many details as possible by WORDS in writing, such as if the item size is MINI or extra big, or the item is for KID size only. If a customer doesn’t READ the item title, item description for item dimensions, nor raise any possible questions in mind prior to transaction, but only buy on images thinking it what he/she wants it to be, it’s very likely he/she will get something not as expected.

So I beg you to be a smart online shopper, at least while shopping on our store, by simply following the three steps!

1st, ALWAYS READ the ITEM TITLE & DESCRIPTION carefully beside seeing photos

2nd, ALWAYS check the ITEM DIMENSIONS to make sure the item size is/isn’t expected.

3rd, ALWAYS ask the sellers questions that you have in mind before buying. DO NOT ASSUME that item is what you want it to be. 

Voila! If you make the above-described your second instinct while shopping online, I’m sure very soon you will be recognized by friends & family around you & your favorite sellers as a saving and savvy online shopper!!

Good luck on your holiday shopping!!






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