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Why Using Paper Planners & Calendars Is Not Old-Fashioned

Are you one of those people who tried to organize your life with digital technology but eventually came back to paper planners and calendars for a solution?
Like many people who would still use Google calendar or time-management apps more or less, yet when it comes to keeping records of life events, daily thoughts or putting life all-in-all together, paper planners and calendars still do the best job for many.

I found myself still prefer writing on paper, even though I have so many mobile device around me and interestingly many people around the world still share the same old-fashion habit.
Call me an old-fashioned romantic soul, you might, but I found there’re plenty rational reasons for using paper planners & calendars.

1. Writing helps me clarify my thoughts, remember things better, and reach your goals more surely. There’s an interesting article why we learn more effectively by writing than typing. 

2. Paper planners serve creativity better because when my inspiration sparkles, the act of taking a planner out is a lot faster than taping out my apps and less rude to people around me.

3. I can see everything at once, even flipping through pages is a lot easier than a digital calendar.  I can see my schedule & tasks, appointments,  to-do-list, random notes, inspirational quotes, all on the same pages. I also get more inspirations and insights pondering through my written notes.

4. I don’t need to worry about battery out-of-charge, and pens are everywhere.

5. Writing on paper keeps my creativity abundant and makes me happy. Here in my country, we have so many washi tapes, deco stickers that people just use to write and draw a creative and cute daily event!

Hand-written & decorated planners of a Sanrio Fan

Hand-written & decorated planners of a Sanrio Fan

The reasons go on-and-on. Are you also a romantic & old-fashioned soul? What’s your reason for keeping a paper planner and calendar?

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